Callistemon Green John - Tuffy Plant Collection



Callistemon Green John - Tuffy Plant Collection
Design Solutions:
Callistemon GREEN JOHN
C. viminalis ‘LJ23’ Green John
Plant Patent Pending
• Broad lanceolate leaves arranged
in whorls along branches; dense
foliage canopy. New growth is light
green and matures to a dark emerald
green; smooth texture.
A seedling selection of C. ‘Little John’, this dwarf bottlebrush shrub has
roughly the same size and habit of ‘Little John’ yet is proving to be
more vigorous (i.e. easier to produce and more resillient in the landscape) and has emerald green foliage as opposed to gray-green or
blue-green foliage like its parent or our ‘Better John’. Simply put: it’s
like a tougher and easier to grow ‘Little John’ with green leaves.
• 3 ft H x 3 ft W ( +/- ); if left unpruned,
plants may grow larger
• Dwarf habit; responds well to pruning
• Zone 9 -11; foliage will remain un-
harmed to temps in mid to low 20’s
• Water-wise Home Gardens
• Low Maintenance Streetscapes,
Commercial Landscapes.
• Flowering Groundcover Shrub
• Red
bottlebrush inflorescenses,
very similar to those of C. ‘Little
John’, cover the plant from spring
through summer.
Better John
Green John
Protected by a US Plant Patents. Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited.
Plant in well-drained soils with full to filtered sun. FEATURES: dwarf habit, beautiful flowers, In mild climates, use as a low-growing
Irrigate deep and infrequently for best results.
drought & salt tolerant, frost tolerant
evergreen groundcover, hedge or foundation plant.
Available From:
DIG Plant Company
P.O. Box 2108 | Mt Pleasant, SC 29465
T: (843) 849-1272 E: [email protected]

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