Hydrangea macrophylla



Hydrangea macrophylla
A New Reblooming Lacecap
Hydrangea macrophylla
Promised Performance
Plant Introductions, Inc. (PII) believes this reblooming
rich rose-pink lacecap with sturdy pink-red stems,
dark green leaves that turn rose-pink-purple in fall,
and high mildew and Cercospora leaf spot resistance
is a significant introduction in the tradition of the
remontant flowering cultivars, Endless Summer™ and
‘Blushing Bride’. This introduction resulted from a
controlled cross between ‘Penny Mac’ and ‘Lady in
Red’ and incorporates
the best characteristics
of the parents.
Evaluated for four
years, it has yet to
miss a flowering beat,
fully expressed in May-June, then on new growth
into September-October (Athens, GA). The foliage
remained disease free at these late dates when
growing next to heavily infected cultivars. Fast to
root, extremely vigorous, it is a ’Good Doer’ in the
production phase.
New flowers regenerate in 6 to 8 (10)
weeks after pruning.
Cooler temperatures
in late summer-early
fall intensify the
stem pigmentation which is pink-rose-red compared
to the red-purple of ‘Lady in Red’ and green of ‘Penny
Mac’. The beautiful Autumn colors-yellow, pink,
rosy red, purple ~ enhance the allure and extend the
market window.
The presentation of the abundant, large, rich rosepink sepals, floating above the dark green foliage,
coupled with reblooming capabilities, ensure success
in the marketplace.
Foliage and developing
flower buds
Emerging inflorescences
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