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additional infomation, photos and online booking for Jungle Huts & Mix Club:
Jungle Huts & Mix Club
Jungle Huts & Mix Club is situated in Tanote Bay Road (hill side)
Price Range:
250 - 250 Baht per night
Resort Facilities:
Jungle Huts & Mix Club is situated on Tanote Bay Road just passed the turn off for Aow Leuk Bay;
it has a new concrete road all the way to the resort and beyond. The resort has great views from
the restaurant, bar and bungalows of Aow Leuk Bay and Shark Island and both only a short 10
minute walk away. The restaurant, bar, and bungalows are all placed in the hill side, the
bungalows are well spread out so you get a bit of privacy.
In the bar area there are lots of hammocks to just chill, have a drink and read a book or snooze
the day away. Every now and again the hold small parties with guest DJ’s making an
appearance, the dance and viewing areas are covered with cyadelic paintings and various
sculptures made from luminous string of various colours and when it’s dark and they turn on
the black lights, it gives a great trancy feel and look about the place.
A nice friendly resort and a good place to stay if you’re a long term visitor or diver to Koh Tao
looking for cheap clean accommodation.
Price Seasons:
all year price
1.Jan - 31.Dec
Room Types:
Jungle Hut
They Also offer weekly rates at 1500 Baht and monthly rates of 5000 Baht.
all year price 250 Baht