The Mill Springs - Mill Springs Homeowners Association



The Mill Springs - Mill Springs Homeowners Association
The Mill Springs
Issue 1, 2011
Board Business
Community Party - April 2nd
February 22, 2011 we elected the
officers for the Board of
Directors. They are as follows:
Carl Valaer - President
Thomas Cornell - Vice-President
Suzanne Thompson - Treasurer
Jill O'Lone - Secretary
Aminullah Aman -Director
Mike Green - Director
Beth Jaben -Director
Derek Washington - Director
The weather is getting nicer and now is a great time to meet your
neighbors at a mixer. Mill Springs HOA will provide hamburgers, hot
dogs, rolls, plates, plastic silverware, and soda. Please bring a dish to
pass and a chair to sit on.
Derek Washington has
volunteered to represent Mill
Springs at Citizens Planning
Advisory Committee (CPACs)
Jill O’Lone has volunteered to
create and maintain a new web
site (
and continue to publish the
newsletters. The newsletters will
be published 3 times a year
instead of 4 times.
Tom Cornell has volunteered to
coordinate Neighborhood Watch.
We have decided to have seasonal
flowers planted around our sign.
They will be replaced 3 times a
year. Volunteers will decorate
around the holidays.
There has been concerns raised
about covenant violations in our
neighborhood. Due to recent
changes to Florida law,
associations now have the ability
to fine members for violations.
There will be future discussions
as to how to proceed.
We will meet at Cumberland Trace Way (2nd road on the left off Mill
Springs Dr. when entering the subdivision) between 4 pm and 6 pm on
Saturday, April 2nd.
Free Market Analysis
Suzanne Thompson has offered to provide a free Market Analysis to
homeowners interested in knowing their home’s value. Included will be
tips to maximize your investment. One of the things that really helps is
“Curb Appeal.” If the home isn’t presentable on the outside, prospective
buyers may not want to see the inside.
This is why it is very important that our homes and lawns be maintained.
Ultimately it will help with the market value of all our homes. Suzanne
can be reached at [email protected] or 718-5895. This
brings us to our next subject....
Need Sod?
Kristi Green has called several companies that provide sod. The quotes
are as follows:
A1 Sod - Phone 262-8481
$125 plus tax plus $25 delivery fee per pallet of St. Augustine grass
$145 plus tax plus $25 deliver fee per pallet of St. Augustine grass for
shaded lawns.
Rountree - Phone 854-4002
$192.25 per pallet delivered (this includes tax) St. Augustine grass
$125 per pallet if 20 or more pallets are delivered
Charge $25 delivery charge if under 4 pallets are ordered and delivered.
Michael McDaniels, Sod Installer - Phone 894-9940
Will tear out old sod and install 2 or more pallets of grass for $125 per
For lawn care tips, visit
Looking for a way to get
neighborhood information
quickly? Visit our web site at
At the moment, we have it
organized into 4 sections:
• Home - general community
• Association Information general board information and
newsletter information. (There
is also a link to meeting
• Community Pages - provides
more personalized information
such as helpful numbers, event
information and a section for
listing things you may want to
sell, lost and found items, and
homes for sale or rent.
• Links - provide helpful
community and business links.
There has been some concern that
we are unable to connect well
with our non english speaking
residents. Our web site and future
newsletters can be easily
translated through a link provided
on each web page. There will be
some things lost in translation but
it’s a start in bridging the gap. For
Covenant Violations
There are several consistent violations in our community that need to
be addressed. If your home is in violation, please correct the issue.
• Garbage cans should not be visible from the streets except on
garbage pick up days.
• Homes are to be used for residential use only. We are not zoned for
business use.
• No commercial vehicles, boats or trailers are permitted to be placed
on any lot unless it’s placed or parked in a fenced side yard or
fenced rear yard of a lot and screened from view of passing
motorists and neighboring lots, but not placed in the side yard of a
corner lot on the side abutting a street. (3/4 ton or less truck being
used for transport to and from work is acceptable.)
• Lawns need to be maintained to present a pleasing appearance and
to prevent weed growth.
legal reasons, the covenants will
not be available for translation.
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