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Human Resources Sectorial Committee of the Maritime Industry
(CSMOIM) newsletter
Vol. 9 –newsletter nº 79
February 2013
Marine Pavilion at the
Job Fair
The 15th Job Fair will take
place on April 5-6, 2013 at the
Centre de foires de Québec,
and we would encourage you
to join our marine pavilion.
This major grouping of marine industry organizations
enables us to benefit from the
effects of synergy, thereby
helping to increase the marine
industry’s visibility tenfold
where job hunters are concerned.
The more we are, the greater
our chance of being seen…
and of maximizing hiring!
CSMOIM workshops and
training sessions
In the coming weeks, CSMOIM will officially
begin its training “season”. Among the activities
scheduled for February, the first in the brandnew series of HRM workshops will get the ball
rolling. Focussing on attracting and retaining
human resources, this workshop will run on
February 7 at the Hôtel Clarion in Québec City.
Another must-attend workshop is the one
on marine personnel regulations offered in
conjunction with Transport Canada. It will take
place on February 19 at the Hôtel Québec
which, one week later (February 26), will host a
training session on general marine knowledge.
Invitations to these activities were sent to you
a while back, but you can still sign up!
Watch our upcoming mailings for further invitations, notably for ship environmental management training (offered in English), the HRM
workshop on strategic human resources positioning and the workshop on performance evaluation. Hope to see you all there!
To consult the training sessions and activities
offered by CSMOIM, the IMQ and other establishments, go to the Training section of our
website and download our 2013 activities calendar, which you also received by e-mail before
the holiday period.
If you have jobs to offer and
wish to join our marine pavilion, please contact Dany Audet immediately at (418) 6949059 or [email protected]
New HRM tools available
The deadline for signing up
as an exhibitor is March 15,
2013. We would love to have
you join us!
Specially designed for marine personnel
(navigating personnel in particular), these
tools will enable you to optimize your HR
management practices. They include job
descriptions, a program for welcoming and
integrating new seaman and a performance
evaluation program accompanied by evaluation sheets for four categories of on-board
Resulting from work done in 2012 in the
context of a CSMOIM pilot project, two
groups of human resources management
tools are now completed and available to
you. We would invite you to consult and,
especially, use them, adapting them to your
organization’s situation and requirements.
To benefit from the advantages of CSMOIM
membership, contact us or go to our website
All are available for consultation and downloading in the Publications section of our
Occupational analysis – deckhand
In conjunction with the firm RH and the
Commission des partenaires du marché du
travail, since 2012, CSMOIM has been coordinating a study analyzing the deckhand
occupation. This analysis includes a comprehensive overview of the conditions involved
in working as a deckhand and includes a
review of the related risks and health and
safety-related prevention measures. But
mainly, it offers an in-depth description of
the tasks and the operations carried out by
those exercising this occupation.
Now that the analysis is finished, you can
access it and, better yet, use it for job description and training outline preparation, for
skills recognition and for developing strategies to valorize this trade. You will find it on
the Publications section of our website or by
clicking here. Happy reading!
Start-up of marine human
resources sectorial study
On January 29 in Québec City, the CSMOIM
Board of Directors approved the recommendation of a working group composed
of individuals from our industry to mandate
Zins Beauchesne et associés to conduct a
sectorial study on marine human resources
in Québec. The goal of this project is to
develop a comprehensive portrait of our
sector’s human resources (numbers, trends
and issues). Work is scheduled to begin the
first week of February and continue until
late May. The results will be presented at
CSMOIM’s AGM on June 13.
IMQ promotional campaign
Again this year, CSMOIM is a partner of
the marine careers promotional campaign
coordinated by the IMQ. From January 21 to
February 10, the promotional TV message
is being aired on Astral Télévision’s specialized channels (Canal D, Ztélé and VRAK)
as well as on Québecor’s AddikTV. The campaign also has an online component. As col-
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lege registrations approach, the context
surrounding these promotional efforts is
particularly favourable for recruitment—
one of the reasons we have supported the
initiative year after year.
General seamanship and
helmsman training
Vol. 9 –newsletter nº 79
february 2013
CSMOIM has received a positive response
from Emploi-Québec, Capitale-Nationale
region, to a request for funding for a gene-
ral seamanship group and helmsman group.
Both training sessions will be offered at the
Centre de formation aux mesures d’urgence
in Saint-Romuald. The general seamanship
course will run 6 weeks (February 25 to
April 5, 2013) and helmsman training will
run 4 weeks (March 11 to April 5). For candidates who are accepted, the cost of training
is paid entirely by Emploi-Québec. However, candidates must meet Emploi-Québec
and Transport Canada requirements for the
helmsman course. Contact CSMOIM for further details.
Marine industry photo contest
December 31, 2012 marked the end of the 3rd edition of the photo contest reserved for
marine industry personnel. Once again, we were very impressed by the quality of the photos
submitted and the talent of our amateur photographers.
IMQ Internships Fair
For the third year in a row, the
Institut maritime du Québec
in Rimouski has organized its
internships fair, a key event for
marine companies wishing to
hire personnel.
As usual, students were well
served as they talked with employers from the sector while
trying to sell themselves as
candidates for potential future
We are pleased to announce the long-awaited results of our deliberations. Our warmest
congratulations go to contest winners Sylvain Desgagnés and Jean Cloutier in the categories
“Marine transport” and “Marine personnel in action” respectively! These superb photographs
have won them this distinction as well as our grand prize, that is, two Tanguay Électronique
gift certificates worth $300 each. Thank you to all participants!
Sylvain Desgagnés, Marine Transport
Jean Cloutier, Marine personnel in action
On January 29 and 30, CSMOIM
took this unique opportunity to
meet with these future industry
workers to tell them about our
activities and the services we
To benefit from the advantages of CSMOIM
membership, contact us or go to our website

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