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The News in Carter Park
A CPNA Newsletter: May 2013
A Word from your
CPNA President
General Meeting:
May 2nd, 2013
What? CPNA General Meeting
When? May 2nd
Time? 7:00pm-8:30pm
Where? VHA Community Room
2500 Main Street
What’s on the Agenda?
 Vancouver Urban Forestry will give
a report on recent tree events
 Communication to Neighbors
 Discuss Future Events: Clean-up
Day, Neighborhood Garage Sale,
National Night Out and more!
Mark Your Calendar!
May 2:
General Meeting
May 4:
Downtown Spring Clean-up
June 14:
Urban Grower’s Market
July 12-13:
Neighborhood Garage Sale
July 17:
Newsletter Articles Due
July 20:
Cruisin’ the Gut
August 6:
National Night Out
September 28:
Fall Clean-Up
I think you will agree with me when I say that we
live in one of the best neighborhoods in Vancouver.
Recently I was contacted by LeeAnna Maguire of
Iron Gate Storage. She was working on a blog post
about the history of our neighborhood and
wondered if we would be interested in what she discovered. She put
together a fact-filled post that we have featured in this newsletter. It is
full of fun and interesting tidbits about our neighborhood’s past. It may
also answer the question: Why does Carter Park seems to attract so
many Home Brewers, of which I am one!
In her post, LeeAnna includes some history about Carter Park and its
trees. Today, the trees of Carter Park have their mighty Tree Steward,
Susan Sanders, to thank for their continued health and multiplication!
Susan has been a key player in winning grants for the purchase of trees
for our neighbors and the park. In fact, if you stroll up to Carter Park,
you will notice the addition of several deciduous trees in the park and
across the street. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped.
Our neighborhood is also home to Brickyard park, located at Lincoln
Ave between 31st St and 32nd Place. This park may be the site for a new
Kickball League. Will you represent for Carter Park?! I hope so.
If you agree with me and think Carter Park is a great place to live, I
would love to meet you at our next General Meeting, May 2nd. I know
you have a busy schedule to balance, but I’m a
strong believer that Carter Park will continue to
be a great neighborhood when we take the time
to get to know each other. See you soon!
Play Kickball for Carter Park!
A team is forming for Carter Park to play against neighboring ‘hoods:
Hough, Shumway, Arnada and Lincoln. Fun is the prime directive. We don’t
want to be too competitive - just enough to keep it interesting. There will be
5 games throughout the summer on Thursday nights. The top two winning
teams will play an extra game for the championship.
We want you to play for Carter Park. Yep, You! Minimum age is 12 to as
long as you can kick and catch a ball. If you are interested in representing
Carter Park, contact Jerrad at 503-310-8205. Join the team!
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The following are ways for you to
volunteer and show a bit of love for
your neighborhood!
Clean-Up Day Coordinator:
Do you lead a Scout Troop or know a
high school or college person who needs
a service project? Or is recycling a value
of yours that you’d like to learn more
about? This is a great project that has a
huge benefit to the neighborhood. Your
duties would include coordinating
volunteers and organizing a “reclaimed”
sale table on the day of the event. The
City, together with Waste Connections,
offers a class, The Recyclingest
Neighborhood Training, that will give
you lots of great ideas as well as earn
CPNA some $$$!
The trainings are offered on the
following dates:
 July 18: 6:00pm-8:00pm
at West Van
 September 17: 9:30am-11:30am
at West Van
If you are able to run this event, please
contact Susan Sanders at 360-314-4899
or [email protected]
Newsletter Editor:
It takes a village, or in our case, a
neighborhood, to maintain its livability,
diversity and character. And staying
connected through communication is
one of the keys.
If you enjoy reading this newsletter,
help keep it alive! CPNA needs help
maintaining this publication. This is a
great project for an aspiring writer or to
someone interested in honing their
graphic design skills. Or perhaps you
need a service project? You can
volunteer for as little as one edition a
year. Please contact Caitlyn at 503-2501902 or [email protected] with
questions today!
The News in Carter Park
A History of Carter Park
By LeeAnna Maguire,
Iron Gate Storage
Vancouver WA has a very long and varied history, being born from
a military and English trading background. While our beautiful city
began with fur trading and a major military fort, it was bricks,
prunes, and beer that put us on the map.
The story of the Hidden Brothers is one that has focused on bricks
and beautiful buildings, but extends far beyond just bricks. Lowell
Hidden started the Hidden Brick Company, eventually located in the
Carter Park Area, when Mother Joseph approached him about the
bricks she needed to build what would become The Mother Joseph
Providence Academy; which was later purchased by a Hidden son to
save it from the wrecking ball. The Hidden Brick Company also
provided the bricks for St. James Church, the First Masonic Temple,
St Joseph’s Hospital, and the Carnegie Library. However did you
know that the Hidden family was also responsible for Vancouver’s
first Prune Orchard?
Lowell’s elder brother Aurthur Hidden planted the first Prune
Orchard, also in the Carter Park area, starting a boom in the prune
business that led to Vancouver becoming “The Prune Capital of the
World”. The Hidden Brothers, also including younger brother Oliver,
also ran flour and feed mills and opened and ran Hotel Columbia.
In addition to the Hidden Brothers’ small business successes,
Henry Weinhard began his successful endeavors here in Vancouver
as well. Henry began working for John Meunch at Meunch’s
brewery; he left there to start his own brewery in Portland and
failed. After his own brewery did not grow fast enough he sold it off
and went back to work for Meunch and eventually bought his
mentor’s brewery and renamed it Vancouver Brewery. Henry ran
Vancouver Brewery for 3 years and then sold it to Star Brewery Co.
Henry went on to try his luck in Portland and found success his
second time there.
Vancouver was a bustling little city in the late 19th century and
early 20th century, full of entrepreneurs, mystery, and gossip. One
of the city’s best known mysteries of the time was the story of
Joseph Fletcher. Mr. Fletcher was a well-respected attorney in
Vancouver, the Senior Warden of St. Lukes Church, and the Master
of the Masonic Lodge three times between the 1860’s and 1880’s.
On March 14th, 1882 Mr. Fletcher went for a stroll down Main
Street toward the river front, caught up with a few friends and
business acquaintances before vanishing without a trace. The
Masonic Lodge offered a hefty $60 reward for information;
Continued on next page
A CPNA Newsletter: May 2013
Page 3
A History of Cater Park Continued...
Missing Something?
authorities searched relentlessly even dragging the Columbia River
to no avail. After weeks of searching for Mr. Fletcher his remains
were found on the Lewisville River, and no explanation for what
happened to him was ever found.
With all this gossip and mystery the town needed a gathering
place, a hub for hush if you will, and they found one at Joseph
“Dode” Carter’s Cigar and Billiards shop, during the 1880’s and
1890’s . Dode was not just the proprietor of the town’s gossip hub
but also the town’s telegrapher, providing national and
international news to his shop patrons. Mr. Carter was not just the
town’s source for news and gossip; he also owned a Jewelry store
on Main St., became a respected Elk leader, and was eventually
elected to the Vancouver City Council. After so much success in
the city he loved so much he donated the land for Carter Park,
located at W 32nd and Washington Streets. Carter Park is the
center of the Carter Park Neighborhood and is home to some of
the city’s largest evergreen trees.
Having been the home of the Hidden Brick Co, the first Prune
Orchard, and a gift from the city’s most interesting attorney,
Carter Park Neighborhood Association takes pride in their small
business roots and looks to small business to help shape their
Iron Gate Storage -West Side, located at W. 1200 Fourth Plain, is
exceptionally grateful to be a part of the long history and bright
future of this distinguished corner of Vancouver, WA. In the late
1880’s the Scott family built a farm house, prune orchard, and
filbert nut operation. This farm was active well into the 20 th
century and was eventually sold to Glen Aaronson of Iron Gate
Storage in 2001. While converting the land to a self-storage
facility, Glen took great care in breathing new life into the historic
farm house, which is now the office and manager’s quarters for
Iron Gate Storage-West Side.
Have you ever
awakened after a long day
gardening to
realize you have
misplaced your gloves or
all of a sudden your garage rags have
disappeared from their normal location?
Chances are you’re not crazy but have
fallen victim to the neighborhood kleptocat, Maxers. He catches various items including: garden gloves, shop rags, socks,
undergarments (yeah I know), washcloths, small child's toys, as well as the
occasional bird or mouse. He knows no
limits as to where he may try to capture
these items. He has collected items from
out of open car windows, tops of
benches, open garage doors or through
neighborhood cat doors possibly, though
there is no actual proof of that last example. He safely places them in the garden
area or inside of his home near 29th and
Columbia to remind his owner just how
good of a cat he is. She washes and
keeps the items in a safe place waiting for
the lost to be found for a year before donating the lost goods to make room for
the next “hunting season”.
If you think you have fallen victim to this
type of “cat-napping” please email
[email protected] to reach Cathy and
describe your lost article so she can get
your possessions back to you. Despite his
fetish he is
harmless and
is just showing love to his
owner as
much as he
the birds and
mice for
To view the resources for this article, go to LeeAnna’s blog post at:
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The News in Carter Park
Healthy Living in
the Hood
By Donna
Carter Park Resident
The Branches of Carter Park
By Susan Sanders
Neighborhood Tree Steward
Spring is here and there is lots of activity to share!
New Flowering Trees in Carter Park
On a recent morning stroll through
Carter Park, while taking in the sights of
the alleys and backyards, I came upon a
lovely raised-bed brimming with kale and
brussels sprouts. Seeing these beautiful
plants reminded me that kale is being
touted as a super-food; lucky for us, it is
easy to grow right here in lovely
Kale can be planted either in the spring
or the fall and will generally thrive in any
sunny garden spot with healthy soil. The
health benefits are impressive and the
plants themselves are quite handsome.
Some folks even plant kale in their flower
gardens. You can look for starter plants at
nurseries or sow seed.
Kale’s health benefits are primarily
linked to the high concentration of
antioxidant vitamins A, C and K. It is
teeming with carotenoids and flavonoids,
which are known to have anti-cancer
properties. Foods that are high in fiber
binds bile acids and helps lower blood
cholesterol levels, which may reduce the
risk of heart disease. Good-looking, good
for you, tasty... what’s not to like?
If you are shopping for kale at the
grocery store, you might want to try baby
kale. The leaves are more tender and
milder in flavor than the larger variety.
The center stems of the larger leaves can
be tough so are best cut out and
discarded. You can enjoy this “rock star
of the greens” raw or cooked, warm or
cold. Give it a try and be prepared for a
Check out Donna’s delicious recipe for
Kale Salad with Fruit & Nuts
on page 7!
April is Arbor Month, and to celebrate there were 9 street trees planted
around Carter Park, as well as 5 flowering Dogwoods, a Gingko and two
native Red Current shrubs planted within the park boundaries. The street
trees are Rocky Mountain Glow Maples, Persian Ironwood, and Black
Tupelos which will provide some fall color for the neighborhood to enjoy.
The planting was done by volunteers, including a group of Lincoln
Elementary School fifth grade students. This improvement was made
possible by the City of Vancouver and Urban Forestry who has followed
up on suggestions made during our fall CPNA meeting. A special thanks to
the staff at Urban Forestry for being so responsive. Be sure to check out
the new plantings the next time you are in the park or during our annual
National Night Out event, August 6th, 2013.
Friends of Trees Planting
On Feb 23rd Friends of Trees planted 25 street trees in the Carter Park
Neighborhood. A grant to the CPNA from the Watershed Alliance
reduced the cost of trees and assisted families in adding trees to the
neighborhood. As you are walking, you may notice the Friends of Trees
signs hanging from strings. Stop and take a look at the name of the type
of tree planted. A few the trees added to the street trees are: Black
Tupelos, Wildfire Black Tupelo, Ginkgo, Emerald Sunshine Elm, Japanese
Hornbeam, Starlight Dogwood, Purple Ash, Washington Hawthorn and
Goldenrain Crabapple. Soon, ooze tubes will appear to help with summer
watering for the newly planted trees. This is also thanks to the Watershed
Alliance grant.
In completing the Watershed Alliance grant, CPNA noted that since 2009
over 115 trees have been planted in the Carter Park Neighborhood
through Friends of Trees. Thanks to all of you who contributed to make
our community a healthier, more livable
Tree Watering
Speaking of spring activities, it is now
time to start watering your trees each
week. In the Vancouver-Portland area,
rainfall slows down just when young trees
need water most. For the first three year
or longer, your new tree needs at least 510 gallons of water twice a week. Please
start watering immediately, even if it
rains. Spring rains usually aren’t enough
for young trees. Watering needs to
continue until the fall rains arrive in
A CPNA Newsletter: May 2013
Page 5
Tree Planting at Carter Park
Pruning Workshop
Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in the tree
planting in and around Carter Park on Friday, April 19th. We
appreciate all your efforts to beautify our neighborhood. We look
forward to enjoying their beauty for many years to come!
Submitted by Dean Patterson
Cascade Consulting Building
30th and Washington
What a great way to spend a Saturday
morning: meeting neighbors and
enhancing the beauty and health of the
street trees in our neighborhood!
Jessica Antoine with Vancouver Urban
Forestry and John Buttrell, owner of
ArborScape, were our guides on this
adventure. Together they demonstrated
pruning techniques for cultivating shape
and maintaining health on many varieties
of young trees planted three years ago in
Carter Park in a coordinated effort of
Friend of Trees.
John Buttrell is a certified Arborist and his
unique sense of humor was very
entertaining as he described the various
characteristics of each variety of tree and
demonstrated why certain pruning
techniques were used for specific
Several years ago I purchased an old
office building on the corner of 30th and
Washington. After I finished remodeling, it
was very apparent that the property
desperately needed some trees. That’s
where Susan, my neighbor whom I
affectionately refer to as the “Tree Lady”,
came into the picture. Susan reached out
to me and made some great
recommendations on tree selection from
the Friends of Trees planning campaign in
I have always loved trees and the
magnificent way they enrich our property
and the quality of our environment in the
community. If you or your neighbors have
an opportunity to join with Friends of
Trees on a project, I can’t speak highly
enough of the quality of resources that are
available to you in this organization and
Plant a tree: it will warm your heart,
cool your space and beautify your home.
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Upcoming City Events
Saturday, May 11, 1pm-3pm
Second Saturday at the Water Center:
Kids and families are invited to enjoy and
explore the wet, spongy soil with us!
Swamps, marshes and bogs are valuable
wetlands. Learn about these low-lying
areas and their natural wildlife habitats.
The Water Resources Education Center is
located at 4600 SE Columbia Way. For
more information call 360-487-7111 or
Friday, May 17, 6pm-9:30 pm
A Night Under the Stars:
24th Annual Sr. Citizen Prom
At Luepke Community Center
1009 East McLoughlin Blvd.
Cost: $13 per person includes a special
evening of food, dancing and fun. Live
Music Featuring: Charles Sungia and
Friends. This event co-sponsored by:
Courtyard Village Vancouver,The
Messenger and KISN Real Oldies Radio.
Registration: Marshall/Luepke Community
Centers, or call 487-7100 to register by
phone. For more information contact Kelly
Lund at 487-7055.
Sunday, May 19, 11am-4pm
Connections 50+ Expo
At Vancouver Hilton: 301 W 6th Street
130 + interactive and informative exhibits,
FREE health screenings, Music, Fashion
Show. For more information contact RSVP
at 360-735.7683
Saturday, May 25, 3pm
Sunday, May 26, 7pm
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Concert
The Vancouver Symphony ends its 34th
season with a concert that combines the
wonder of three winners of its 19th
Annual Young Artists Competition with
Prokokiev’s majestic Alexander Nevsky.
Skyview Concert Hall, 1300 NW 139th
Street, Vancouver, WA 98685
The News in Carter Park
The Season is the Reason
for Yard Debris Service!
Did you know that about 25% of the solid waste stream is compostable
materials like leaves, grass and yard waste? For about the price of one
matinee movie ticket, you can have up to 96 gallons of yard debris picked
up every-other-week …right at your curb!
Yard debris that is placed in your garbage container is not pulled out at
the processing facility; it ends up in the landfill as garbage. Waste
Connections’ yard debris service is a sanitary way to locally recycle yard
waste that you cannot compost yourself. All yard debris from Clark
County is processed within the region and is available locally for purchase
as compost! Waste Connections’ curbside yard debris service is a
convenient alternative to self-hauling yard debris, saving you time.
If you’ve hesitated to sign up because you don’t think that you would
utilize the service year around, you don’t have to! Waste Connections
offers an “on-call” service option that you can switch to during the
months when you do not need the service as often. On-call service allows
you to keep the cart until you decide it needs to be picked up! Find out
more about curbside Yard Debris service at our web site . Starting service today will divert weight from your
garbage and possibly help to lower your garbage bill. When you call or
email Waste Connections to start service a container will be delivered to
you and will be picked up on the next service day in your area!
Article Courtesy of Waste Connections Inc. 360.448.6971
Upcoming GREEN Events
Saturday, May 4, 8am
Vancouver's Downtown Spring Cleanup
Join your fellow neighbors during Vancouver’s
Downtown Spring Cleanup, on May 4th at 8 am at
Turtle Place: 7th and Main in Downtown
Vancouver. Volunteers will be disposing of trash,
weeding and more. To learn more, contact Lee Rafferty at 360.258.1129.
Saturday, May 11, 8:45am – 1pm
StreamTeam: Garlic Mustard Pull at Salmon Creek
Help us restore our watershed by removing invasive garlic mustard!
Bring work/weather appropriate attire, gloves, and a reusable mug.
To register for any of these events, email [email protected] or call 360992-8585.
Clark County Shred Events:
Saturday, May 18, 10am-1pm
CRC-West Van Transfer, 6601 NW Old Lower River Rd., 98660. Suggested
$3 donations go to Empower Up.
Saturday, June 1, 10am-1pm
8700 NE Vancouver Mall Drive, at the Westfield Mall parking lot between
Macy’s and Red Robin.
A CPNA Newsletter: May 2013
Composting Workshops:
A Rind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Get ready for gardening season with a Master Composter/Recycler
composting workshop! These workshops teach how to be earthfriendly and save money by turning organic yard and kitchen waste into
a rich garden amendment. Registration is required for all workshops
and is available at Those
without internet access may call 360.882-0936 x 224 to register.
Backyard Composting Workshops - FREE
Have questions about composting? Want to learn how to get your
compost cooking? Wonder how to tell when your compost is finished,
or what type of bin is best? Then this free workshop is for you. Class
includes classroom introduction to basic composting science, and a visit
to a composting demonstration site.
Workshop dates and locations:
 Saturday, May 18th, 10am-NOON, Held at CASEE, Room 202, 11104
NE 149th St. Brush Prairie, WA 98606
 Saturday, June 15th, 10am-NOON, Held at Columbia Springs, 12208
SE Evergreen Highway, Vancouver, WA, 98683
Introduction to Vermicomposting - $35 per bin
This class covers the basics of vermicomposting- using redworms to
turn kitchen food scraps into black gold for the garden. Participants will
receive worms and a wormbin and will learn how to prepare bedding
for their new redworm friends' home.
 Thursday, May 23, 6 - 8 pm Held at Columbia Springs, 12208 SE
Evergreen Highway, Vancouver, WA, 98683
Master Gardener Plant Sale
Master Gardener Foundation Plant Sale on Mother’s Day Weekend
Need a great gift for Mother’s Day? Looking for unique garden items
and plants? Then head over to the Master Gardener Foundation Plant
Sale on Mother’s Day weekend, May 11-12. This HUGE plant sale
includes: perennials, annuals, vegetables, trees and shrubs,
houseplants, hanging baskets and flower bowls and the Vancouver
‘Mum Society. Great Selection! Fabulous prices! And best of all, your
purchases support gardening and healthy food growing activities in
Clark County. Master Gardener Foundation is a non-profit organization.
Bring your own carts or wagons for hauling these Exceptional Deals.
Master Gardeners will be on hand to answer all your questions.
Saturday, May 11, 9 am - 4 pm, Sunday, May 12, 10 am - 3 pm
at the 78th Street Heritage Farm, 1919 NE 78th Street
Cash/Checks/Visa/Master Card accepted
For more Information, contact 360-397-6060 x 5706 or
[email protected] or visit
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Kale Salad Recipe
Submitted by Donna
Carter Park Resident
Kale Salad with Fruit and Nuts
-1 bunch kale, chopped
-1/4 head red cabbage, finely shredded
-1 cup roasted cashews without salt
-1/2 cup dried cranberries
-1 & 1/2 apple, diced
-1/4 cup raisins (optional)
-1/2 apple, cored and chopped
-1 &1/2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
-2 tsp honey
-1 clove garlic
-1 tsp curry powder
-1/4 tsp salt
-1/4 cup good olive oil
To make dressing, blend all ingredients
in a blender or food processor until wellblended. Toss with salad ingredients.
May be prepared ahead of time and
served either chilled or at room
Recipe adapted from The Joy of Mindful
The News in Carter Park
Page 8
A Note from
Corporal Drue Russell
We are been experiencing a number of
stolen vehicles being left in the Carter Park
neighborhood. Neighbors are encouraged
to call to report any suspicious vehicles
being left on their street.
If you have been the victim of a low-level
crime, you can report them online at: Low-level crimes include: Harassing Phone Calls, Theft,
Vehicle Prowl, Identity Theft, Malicious Mischief, Vehicle Prowl,
Lost Property and Graffiti.
Corporal Drue Russell is the West Precinct District 1 Neighborhood
Police Officer, or NPO. His district includes the Arnada, Carter Park,
Esther Short, Fruit Valley, Hough, Lincoln, Northwest, Rose Village,
Shumway and West Minnehaha neighborhoods.
Contact him at: 360-487-7359 or [email protected]
Graffiti Seminar
As posted on the City of Vancouver’s website:
City of Portland Hosts Community Graffiti Training Seminar
Are you concerned about graffiti in your neighborhood? Consider
attending the City of Portland's5th Annual Community Graffiti
Abatement Summit on May, 23, 2013.
Portland police officers will be discussing local graffiti issues; deputy
district attorney's will talk about prosecution of offenders in Portland;
new and easy methods of reporting in Portland; and tons of
information about graffiti removal and volunteer coordination. Free
food will also be provided. City of Portland Graffiti Investigators and a
Deputy DA will also be available to answer any graffiti related
questions. Space is limited, so early registration is encouraged.
To register for the seminar or for more information contact Dennis
LoGiudice, City of Portland Graffiti Abatement; 503-823-9666, or
email: [email protected]
Check us out!
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