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educational news
catch-up lessons in English and Maths in 72 state schools
in two regions of Ghana. You can read more about this on
page 03.
September marks the start of the new academic
year in many countries. School curricula the
world over are evolving in order to keep pace
with the world’s best education systems. The
aim of the UK Government’s approach to the new
curriculum for state schools in England, launched
in September, was to combine best international
practices – including from the school systems
in Hong Kong, Singapore and Alberta, Canada –
with best practices from schools in England so
that pupils leave school with the knowledge and
skills they need to succeed in the real world.
Meanwhile the government in South Korea has announced
that middle school students will learn software development
skills from next year. Software education will also be included
in the curriculum for elementary schools in 2017 and for
high schools from 2018. No doubt other countries will soon
be placing equal importance on the introduction of similar
subjects for school children and will see the benefit of our
suite of Digi-Qualifications.
Dawn Postans
Managing Director
In Computing, pupils aged 5-7 years are now expected
to “understand what algorithms are” and to “create and
debug simple programmes”. By 11 years pupils have to
“design, use and evaluate computational abstracts that
model the state and behaviour of real-world problems and
physical systems”. At NCC Education we are continuing to
support the development of skills necessary for all people
to be active participants in the digital world. I am delighted
to announce the launch of our new Ofqual regulated NCC
Education Level 2 Award in Computing (VRQ), suitable for
students at Key Stage 4 (see page 04).
Globally, with each month that passes, new centres and
new countries are joining the NCC Education community
including Armenia and Sierra Leone.
New UK Secretary of State
for Education
Acting as a pilot project MGCubed will run until 2016 in 72 schools
and will look to improve access to education for mainly young girls
from deprived communities. It is hoped that MGCubed will help to
raise self-esteem, empower young girls and ultimately enable them
to catch up on lost learning and convince them to stay in school.
Nicky Morgan, the Minister for Women and Equalities and former
Financial Secretary to the Treasury, will now also be undertaking the
role of the Secretary of State for Education. Having been elected
to parliament in 2010 as the MP for Loughborough, Nicky Morgan
first served as the Conservative member of the Business, Innovation
and Skills Committee, but was soon promoted to the Parliamentary
Private Secretary to the Universities and Science Minister. In 2013
she was appointed as the Economic Secretary to the Treasury
and in 2014 she became the Minister for Women and Equalities.
Nicky Morgan will now be responsible for educational policy
across the United Kingdom. Preceded by Michael Gove, whose
reforms included the introduction of the New National Computing
Curriculum, Nicky Morgan will continue to address the ongoing
requirement for UK schools and colleges to provide relevant,
‘employer-centric’ qualifications and skills.
Ghana’s dedication to improving infrastructure and commitment
to enabling girls and boys from the more deprived communities
to enter, continue and progress their education, acts as a
commendable example for the region. Recently, Liberian president
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf argued that providing girls with, at the very
least, a primary level education would help boost the sub-Saharan
African agricultural market by 25%, aid in reducing child mortality
and help to quell the number of child marriages. In addition, she
stated that the length of education is not necessarily of utmost
importance, and that the commitment to providing children with
basic knowledge such as: reading, writing, critical thinking and
problem solving is of chief importance. She went on to mention
that resource needs to be spent wisely on the skills relevant to
enabling children and young people to progress and become
productive citizens. Ghana’s use of technology must once again
be commended, as they look to spend resource on technology to
guarantee young people will be receiving a high quality education,
from a well-trained teaching practitioner.
Ghana responds to growing
demand for education
To support our increasing range of centres we continue
to roll out our programme of teacher seminars and have
recently hosted events in Kenya, Myanmar and China. The
response from centres and teachers has been universally
positive and we are now investigating how to make this
support available to even more centres.
It is hoped that with these new initiatives and improved
infrastructure, many young people from across Ghana will be able to
receive a better level of education than previously offered, helping to
foster a more prosperous future than previously possible and acting
as a compelling example for the wider region.
Recent plans outlined by the Ghanaian government
highlight their continuing commitment to improving the
standards and accessibility of education, as it looks
to spend around £90 million on new initiatives and
There has been much international attention on the lack of
school places in sub-Saharan Africa with more than 30m
without access to primary school. The project funded by the
UK government’s Department for International Development
“Making Ghanaian Girls Great” is a pilot project testing daily
The Ghanaian government, backed by the International Development
Association, has set aside roughly £58 million for the construction
of 23 new Senior High Schools (SHS) and upgrading 75 existing
SHS. Part of the budget will also be allocated to a further 50 SHS
to allow them to increase capacity and absorb more students. The
project is expected to be implemented over five years, commencing
in October 2014 and running until November 2019.
03 Educational Developments
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05 Academic News and Events
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06 Guaranteed university progression
11 Digi Launch Event
Orbit October 2014
Educational Developments
The new initiatives will provide in the region of £9 million worth of
scholarships to children from low income families, aiding them in
financing anything from rulers to school uniforms. The initiatives will
look to provide scholarships to 10,400 students with an emphasis
on making it easier for girls from low income families to pursue
senior higher education. Promoting female education across the
continent is of prime importance to the “Africa rising” initiative
as statistically this has been highlighted as being one of the core
factors in driving people out of poverty.
To complement this commitment Ghana recently rolled out its
first interactive distance learning project – ‘Making Ghanaian
Girls Great’ (MGCubed). Working with the British Department for
International Development, the Ghanaian government has pledged
its commitment to providing young people with the opportunity
to have a good quality education. To combat challenges such as
teacher quality, teacher absenteeism and poor student learning,
the Ghanaian government are implementing the scheme across
Prampram (the greater Accra region) and will equip two classrooms
with solar powered computers and projectors, allowing for real time,
interactive distance learning to take place. The goal of this project
will be to use technology to achieve simple educational goals,
attracting both girls and boys to the classroom where they will be
exposed to engaging and relevant material guided by a well-trained
teacher from a television studio in Accra.
academic news and events
Product Development News
NCC Education Award Level
2 Award in Computing (VRQ)
colleges looking to provide relevant and respected Computing
qualifications anywhere in the world.
Centres are invited to apply to become approved to deliver this
qualification and the wider Digi-Qualifications suite by filling in
a simple Centre Approval application form found on the NCC
Education website here: www.nccedu.com/become-a-centre
Following the successful launch of NCC Education’s
Key Stage 1-3 computing qualifications, the DigiQualifications suite will be expanded to include a
new Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ). The
NCC Education Level 2 Award in Computing (VRQ) is
mapped directly to the English Computing Curriculum
and can be studied directly or as a progression from
the Key Stage 1-3 qualifications.
Digi Award Key Stage 4
Main Topics
The syllabus contains key topics which are broken down into specific
sections in order to cover the following key learning objectives:
The NCC Education Level 2 Award in Computing (VRQ) is divided
into a series of syllabus sections designed to cover a range of key
Computing areas. The selection of topics include challenging coding
and programming units designed to extend students’ skill levels
and demand the necessary capabilities to further study or gain
employment within the Computing industry.
1. Understand the components of a computer system and its input devices
2. Use principles of computational thinking to solve problems
3. Be able to collaborate and communicate online
4. Know how to minimise risk to privacy and security when using
the Internet
The qualification’s Ofqual regulated assessment structure consists
of examinations and controlled assignments based on a minimum
of 60 guided learning hours. NCC Education’s new Level 2 Award in
Computing (VRQ) is mapped directly to the Computing curriculum at
Key Stage 4 and following completion of the qualification students
should be in a position to engage in higher level study or achieve
vocational progression using their skills in the workplace.
5. Be able to structure, manipulate and represent data
6. Be able to develop, test and debug program code
Key features
Centres running this qualification will be provided with a
comprehensive Teacher Guide outlining learning objectives, key
concepts, suggested activities and directions to an array of free
resources to supplement lessons for each topic. Teachers will also
benefit from sections guiding them through the curriculum, giving
them the confidence to teach more advanced elements of coding
and digital citizenship.
Syllabus Section: National Curriculum Learning Descriptors
translated into key topics
Full support is offered to centres running any of NCC Education’s
qualifications including access to our dedicated Connect Web
Portal. With flexible assessment times and certification provided
to successful candidates, the NCC Education Level 2 Award in
Computing (VRQ) provides a universal solution to schools and
Flexible resources: Suggested resources are widely available for
free allowing teachers a choice of tried and tested freeware to
deliver activities
Orbit October 2014
Key Terminology: To guide teachers through the syllabus
Warm-up Activities: Designed to provide teachers with engaging
ways to kick-start learning
Core Activities: Specifically mapped to each learning outcome
• Bev O’Donovan, Senior Academic Support Manager, with the attendees
Teacher Standardisation
Anniversary Plaques
Following the first successful Teacher Standardisation
event held last December in London, NCC Education
has expanded this training initiative to include key
regional areas. The Kenyan capital city of Nairobi
played host to the most recent event on 15 August.
NCC Education awards anniversary plaques to centres upon each
five year anniversary. In the past year the following centres have
each received a plaque to commemorate a key milestone in their
ongoing partnership with us.
Held at the Panafric hotel in Nairobi, the one day event drew a
number of delegates from across the region. Comprising of tutors
from the Computer Pride Training Centre, Multimedia University
College of Kenya and Timeless College, all based in Nairobi, as
well as delegates from the National College of IT Skills Centre in
Malawi, the attendees were invited to engage in workshop sessions
covering a range of teaching and marking practices.
5 Year Anniversary
• Gateway Graduate School, Sri Lanka
• Media Marketing Services, Saudi Arabia
• Jiangyin No 1 Middle School, China
The event covered marking standardisation, managing malpractice
and plagiarism, the specific marking of Introduction to Programming
assignments and the Dynamic Websites and Designing and
Developing Object-Oriented Computer Programs units.
• Guangzhou Institute of Technology, China
The event aims to ensure a standardised approach is present
throughout NCC Education centres globally, with centres and
tutors employing the same marking practices across regions and
• IPMC – Takoradi, Ghana
• Zhejiang Strong International Training School, China
• IPMC – Tema, Ghana
10 Year Anniversary
• Institute of Advanced Technology, Kenya
Through several 90 minute sessions attendees were provided with
useful information and resources designed to aid the universal
application of NCC Education standards globally. Markers were
directed in the practical methods of marking, accounting for the
factors of Learning Objectives, Grade Descriptors as well as the
Marking Scheme, while the session covering malpractice and
plagiarism covered the interpretation of Originality Scores and the
appropriate actions to take.
• New Zealand Institute of Science and Technology, New Zealand
• School of Accounting and Management (SAM), Trinidad/Tobago
• Ma’had Al-Zaytun, Indonesia
• BTEC, United Arab Emirates
• Kemuda Institute, Brunei
The workshop also provided a chance for delegates to network and
share best practice during the refreshment breaks. Further teacher
standardisation events took place in China on 20 August and
Myanmar on 15 September.
15 Year Anniversary
• Myanmar Computer Company (MCC), Malaysia
Guaranteed university
progression now secured
New agreements secured by NCC Education will
allow degree pathways to British universities from
September, providing guaranteed university places
for international students.
“ With guaranteed progression
routes students have peace
of mind that their place at a
UK university is assured ”
Students that complete NCC Education’s International Foundation
Year (IFY) qualification internationally at their local centre or within
the UK are guaranteed entry to a selection of university courses
at Birmingham City University or University Centre Croydon,
validated by the University of Sussex.
The International Foundation Year (IFY) qualification covers
English, Culture Studies, Mathematics and optional units in either
Business or Computing. Upon successful completion those
students meeting the entry requirements can gain access to
courses including Business, Finance, Computing, Games Design,
Engineering, Law and Filmmaking.
About Birmingham City University
About University Centre Croydon
Housing over 22,000 of Birmingham’s student population,
Birmingham City University is a large, diverse and increasingly
popular place to study. With an enviable reputation for providing
quality, student-focused education, Birmingham City University
annually produces some of the country’s most employable
University Centre Croydon is one of the largest providers of
Higher Education between London and Brighton. The centre has
a strategic partnership with the University of Sussex, which is
ranked as one of the top universities in the UK. It offers students
a number of high quality courses and fosters a dynamic and
challenging learning environment.
Spread across multiple campuses and locations, Birmingham City
University has excellent learning resources and facilities. The Doug
Ellis Sports Centre offers students a variety of sporting facilities,
while the Kendrick Library provides students with a 24-hour Open
Access IT Suite.
The University Centre Croydon offers students excellent facilities
and learning resources. The library is open for student’s 24-hours
a day, while the campus also provides students with access to
state-of-the-art IT facilities.
Benefitting from its proximity to London, University Centre
Croydon offers students the chance to live and study in the
capital city of England. London is home to all the best restaurants,
museums and leisure activities, offering students an unrivalled
shopping experience.
The UK’s second city after London, Birmingham is an exciting
place to live and study offering students an array of leisure,
sporting, shopping and restaurant choices. The Bullring provides
students with an excellent shopping experience, while the city’s
sporting and leisure facilities accommodate for all interests.
NCC Education’s Managing Director, Dawn Postans, believes the
agreement will allow international students to plan more securely
for their university future: “With guaranteed progression routes
students have peace of mind that their place at a UK university is
Why choose Birmingham City University
Why choose University Centre Croydon
• Secure a guaranteed place at Birmingham City University
• Secure a guaranteed place at University Centre Croydon
Recent market research has highlighted the demand, particularly
in Asia, for qualifications with guaranteed university progression
routes. The agreements with Birmingham City and Croydon come
as part of a set of agreements NCC Education has with over 40
universities worldwide. University destinations include established
institutions in Australia, Canada and The United States which
recognise a number of our Level 4 and Level 5 Diplomas in
Business and IT as well as the International Foundation Year.
• Peace of mind with direct entry on to a degree programme at a British University
• Working in partnership with the University of Sussex, a world leading research university
• Decide on your chosen qualification with a wide range of degree programmes available
• Peace of mind with direct entry on to a degree programme at a British University
• Join a very popular student community; Birmingham attracts over 65,000 students every year
• Decide on your chosen qualification with a wide range of degree programmes available
In addition to the guaranteed entry agreements with Birmingham
City and Croydon, NCC Education’s progression routes
extend to a large network of institutions which recognise these
qualifications. Students can enter directly on to the second and
final years of undergraduate study and where eligible can apply
for Master’s study with Birmingham City University.
• Birmingham City University graduates hold a strong employment record helping you to secure a career easily
• Dedicated Employability Hub, helping students prepare for their future career
• Winner of the 2010 Times Higher Education award for ‘Outstanding Student Support’
• On the outskirts of England’s capital city London, where you can find the best restaurants, museums, shopping and leisure activities
Orbit October 2014
centre spotlight: Hua Luogeng Middle School
Quality assured
by First-Class
Dineema Haputhanthri is one of her school’s first
graduates of the University of Central Lancashire
accredited BSC (Hons) Business Computing and
Information Systems degree. Studying at the
Gateway Graduate School in Sri Lanka, Dineema
completed her studies solely within Sri Lanka,
securing a first class honours degree from an
established British university.
New Centre: Hua Luogeng Middle School
into another region and making productive new relationships, it
was really good to hear the questions from parents so that we can
be sure, first-hand, that their concerns are being addressed. Many
companies can become detached from the people they are trying
to provide for so it is right to engage with those students and their
families whose futures we are hoping to improve”.
NCC Education was proud to assist in the launch of a
new partner centre in Huizhou, China. The event took
place at Hua Luogeng Middle School on 26 June and
attracted numerous parents and students, as well as
teaching staff and senior school leaders.
Allowing the centre to outline the benefits of studying the NCC
Education International Foundation Year programme (IFY) the event
also provided parents, students and teaching staff the opportunity to
engage in a question and answer session.
Following her graduation Dineema now works as an Associate
Quality Assurance Engineer. Using skills learnt through studying her
degree online, Dineema ensures that important software products
meet client requirements and are of a high standard. Dineema
explains how “deploying quality assurance processes over these
products involves system testing in order to ensure that they are
defect free and meet the client’s specifications”.
Although all her study was completed within her home country
Dineema now works for a company operating globally, with offices
in the United States, India, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Working at the
reputed software development company hSenid Business Solutions,
Dineema is continuing to learn and develop. Building on the solid
foundations of degree level study, she is now benefitting from onthe-job training and gaining further experience in the process.
Obtaining more than just the knowledge and skills that come from
studying a degree, Dineema feels that she has gained a great
amount on a personal level, “My NCC Education study was a
memorable experience throughout, which not only meant I achieved
a first-class honours degree but also made some great friends with
whom it was an enjoyable journey rather than just another study
Support was also offered in clarifying the university application
process for students wishing to study at an overseas university and
the progression routes available through NCC Education on the
completion of their studies at the centre.
Accessing study materials and engaging in forums and chats online,
Dineema is thankful to both the UK based lecturers and those in her
native centre who combined to provide her with the resources to
achieve an overall First Class mark and a Roll of Honour Award for
her first and second years also.
The centre is a joint venture with the Dahua Training Centre, which
provides English education to students from a wide range of age
groups, while Hua Luogeng Middle School is regarded within
Huizhou as offering a high standard of education. It is situated
around two hours from the major city of Shenzhen in the southern
province of Guangdong and is located in the city of Huizhou on the
Dong River.
“ My NCC Education study
was a memorable experience
throughout, which not only
meant I achieved a first class
honours degree but also made
some great friends with whom
it was an enjoyable journey
rather than just another study
“I am grateful not only the wonderful lecture panel with whom I
worked in the final year but also the dedicated lecturers at my
partner centre had been a great help throughout the entire three
year journey, without whom my achievements would not have been
a possibility.
The centre, named after the famous Chinese mathematician Hua
Luogeng, boasts excellent, brand new facilities and residential
space for its majority of boarding students. NCC Education’s
Academic Support Manager, Anthony Allen was full of praise for the
environment created by the centre, “the school really does create an
atmosphere where students can live and learn together”.
“It was not easy, but the encouragement I received from my family
was tremendous and their support held me up in the tiring but
rewarding study times”.
Accredited to run NCC Education’s IFY programme over a two-year
cycle, the centre will teach the IFY programme modules alongside
the conventional lessons expected of Chinese students attending
the latter years of high school education. Students will graduate
with both their high school leaver’s certificate and International
Foundation Year certificate at the same time.
Dineema has set her sights high for the future, “I am planning on
embarking on further studies. Perhaps getting into the study of Bio
Informatics and doing a Master’s within that field. My ambition is to
do research on software and advanced micro systems and become
a next generation inventor”.
The launch event’s multiple successes were outlined by Anthony
Allen, “Besides the obvious benefits in promoting our programmes
Orbit October 2014
Out and About
Digi Jakarta Launch
NCC Education launches
first Digi Centre in Asia
NCC Education can confirm the resounding success
of the AoC International 2014 Conference which took
place on 11 June at London’s International Inmarsat
Conference Centre. The NCC Education sponsored
event proved extremely productive as delegates and
key note speakers explored International Education
issues and key overseas markets.
NCC Education travelled to Indonesia to continue the
global roll-out of the Digi-Qualifications suite. Hosted
at The Kempinski Hotel, Jakarta on 28 August the
event drew an audience of delegates from across the
The break out session on Latin America run by Ayesha Williams,
International Charter and Policy Officer at AoC, and Sue Sharkey,
Director of International and Teacher Training at Bournemouth and
Poole College drew unanimous praise for its refreshingly hands-on
approach to market research, establishing contacts, trade missions,
cost sharing and student recruitment.
NCC Education Product Manager, Martin Buck delivered a
presentation with Beelee Chua, Business Development Manager
for Asia and conducted a subsequent question and answer session.
Attendees were keen to find out more about the existing DigiQualification suite and showed a particular interest in the upcoming
Key Stage 4, NCC Education Level 2 Award in Computing.
NCC Education’s Regional Manager for the UK, Europe and South
America, Steve Smith, attended the event and noted the useful
platform it provided in “offering content relevant to NCC Education
as a business”. The event also offered excellent networking
opportunities, Steve Smith continued, “As a business we feel
strongly that we can work with colleges in developing their portfolio
to attract international students”.
Martin Buck described the success of the event, “The event in
Jakarta was a great opportunity to introduce our new suite of
Computing qualifications to the Indonesian market and as always it
was a pleasure to speak with representatives from the many different
types of organisations interested in our new Digi-Qualifications”.
“We are really looking forward to building strong partnerships with
many of the educationalists who attended the event and indeed
bringing the significant benefits and value of our new
Digi-Qualifications to this part of Asia”.
Business Development Project Consultant at Belfast Metropolitan
College, Glen McMahon described the day as a “great networking
event, useful for identifying new opportunities and learning about
new products and services, particularly with the helpful and
informative NCC Education team”.
NCC Education’s aim is to extend the reach of the Digi-Qualifications
across Indonesia to include the areas of Bali, Surabaya, Balikpapan,
Batam and Sulawesi.
NCC Education also attended the international student recruitment
event StudyWorld 2014 in September.
ICT 2014 conference
NCC Education was proud to exhibit at the Education
ICT 2014 conference on 10 June.
• Sanjeev Ganeshan, Business Development Manager, South Asia, with the attendees
In addition to the informative elements of the event there was a host
of engaging activities organised for the students in attendance. An
interactive session with a Digi lecturer gave students a flavour of
what to expect if they were to enrol on a Digi-Qualification, while a
mini cinema provided entertainment with face painting, basketball,
skittles, and a remote-controlled car track also proving popular. An
eye clinic from Sri Lanka Vision Care was also on hand to provide
free eye testing.
NCC Education has launched its first Digi Centre in
Asia. The Lifeway Center for Computing in Nuwara
Eliya, Sri Lanka, becomes the first institution in the
region to be approved to run NCC Education’s
Located in Nuwara Eliya, a city in the hill country of the Central
Province, the launch event took place on 10 May and was attended
by students, parents, teachers and local community leaders.
Attendees were provided with the opportunity to witness first-hand
the innovative features of the new Computing and Digital Literacy
“ I am delighted to be
introducing the DigiQualifications to Sri
Lanka and the region
as a whole ”
NCC Education’s Business Development Manager for South Asia,
Sanjeev Ganeshan, presented on the features of the qualifications
and the importance of digital literacy in global education. While a
presentation on Child Rights was also given by Mr.Subramaniyam
Ravindran, Partnership Facilitator of the Sri Lankan NGO
Compassion International Lanka.
active producers and ambassadors for fresh and innovative software
and programming, and being able to spread knowledge and
awareness of Computer Science, even in the first years of primary
In its second year, the Education ICT event at London’s QEII
Conference Centre brought together key members from education
and the private sector to consider the key themes in ICT education
A selection of keynote speakers provided different perspectives
around computing in education, including co-author of the crucial
Next Gen report Ian Livingstone and Digital Leadership champion
Dawn Hallybone.
NCC Education Product Manager, Martin Buck attended the
informative seminar sessions, “The Digital Leaders projects specifically
proved inspirational and chimed with the spirit underpinning NCC
Education’s own Digi-Qualifications; that is inspiring students to be
Orbit October 2014
event highlights
Mr.Thisara Dhammika, Director of the Lifeway Center, speaking to
the attendees, praised the high quality of the qualifications, saying
that he was “confident that the Digi-Qualifications will become the
leading assessments in Sri Lanka”.
Of further interest was the seminar session by Mike Gunn on BYOD
(bring your own devices) which provided an insight into how schools
are now using this new approach to teaching and learning. Martin
Buck continued: “BYOD will be key in the changing face of the
classroom and the way in which teaching materials are delivered and
designed. As an Awarding Organisation of IT and, in particular,
Digi-Qualifications, it is important that we are aware of and embrace
the latest trends and advances in education and technology”.
Sanjeev Ganeshan spoke after the event of the significance of
bringing digital literacy qualifications to the region, “I am delighted
to be introducing the Digi-Qualifications to Sri Lanka and the region
as a whole. The qualifications are perfect for the requirements
of an emerging region with a growing IT sector. We are ensuring
that students and education providers are able to work with our
qualifications to develop the next generation of computer savvy
individuals for the future”.
The event was also attended by Managing Director, Dawn Postans,
Marketing Manager, Lucy Nixon and Regional Manager for the UK,
Europe and South America, Steve Smith.
Shaping the future
of Computing
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