Burj al Arab


Burj al Arab
Case Study No. 018
Burj al Arab
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Bin Dasmal Trad. Est.
Dubai UAE – Dubai-City
Year of Installation:
In the space of a very short time, the Burj al Arab, the
world’s tallest and only 7-star hotel, has become the landmark of Dubai, the second largest Arab Emirate with the
highest per capita income in the world. The idea of Sheik
Mohammed bin Raschid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of
Dubai, to build a superlative hotel tower in the inhospitable
climate of the desert metropolis, presented one of the
greatest architectural challenges of the present day. Over a
total height of 321 m, there are 28 double-height stories (56
floors) each with a floor-to-floor height of 7 m. A helicopter
landing pad was built at a height of 212 m and on the 27
floor of the building there is a restaurant suspended above
the sea. Following Dubai’s history as a power in maritime
trade, the building is in the shape of a billowing sail.
In order to protect the chilled-water pipes of the airconditioning system against condensation and thus keep
energy losses to a minimum, pipes were insulated with
Armaflex tubes and sheets from Armacell. In the Burj al
Arab, a total of approximately 15 000 m of Armaflex tubes
with wall thicknesses of 19, 25 and 32 mm and 5 000 m² of
Armaflex sheets in a thickness of 25 mm were installed.
The elastomeric insulation material was chosen because,
in comparison to other insulation materials, it not only has
excellent technical properties (resistance to water vapor
transmission and thermal conductivity), but is also very
easy to install. The material was supplied by the builders’
merchant Bin Dasmal Trad. Est. - the sole agent for Armacell products in the United Arab Emirates and the dealer
for the Middle East. Kishore Deotorase, Sales Manager at
Bin Dasmal: “Only the best materials were used in the Burj
al Arab, so of course Armaflex was the only possible choice
for the technical insulation. We are very proud of having
made a contribution to the most beautiful hotel in the