Winter 2012 - Indian River County, Supervisor of Elections


Winter 2012 - Indian River County, Supervisor of Elections
Closed primary: 50 total delegates (reduced from 99 delegates due to RNC
penalty) Winning candidate received all 50 Florida delegates.
River Mitt Romney 11,936 54%
County Newt Gingrich 6,050 27%
Rick Santorum 2,657 12%
Ron Paul
1,213 5%
Indian River County had the 5th
highest voter turnout out of 67
counties in the state of Florida
for the Presidential Preference
Primary Election. Voters turned
out in full force on January 31st,
bringing the county’s turnout
percentage to 50.95! The total
number of ballots cast in Indian
River County was roughly
22,000. Just over half of the
ballots were cast on Election
reporting Turnout Election Day Ballots 11,625 27%
Absentee Ballots
4,567 11%
Early Voting Ballots 5,949 14%
Total Ballots
22,141 51%
Day, with the remaining 48%
cast by way of absentee ballot
and early voting.
Among the mid-size population
counties, which are counties
with 75,001 – 200,000 registered voters, Indian River
Indian River County had a recCounty ranked third in voter
ord turnout for early voting
turnout behind Collier which
with 5,949 Republican voters in
had 57.33% and Citrus County
only eight days! In the 2008
with 51.75%.
Presidential Preference Primary Election, 4741 Republican
voters took advantage of early
voting which lasted 14 days.
The Elections Office is dedicated to serving the community & educating citizens about the elections process & new
election laws affecting voters in Indian River County. Call our office to book a guest speaker for your next event.
2011 Vero Beach Christmas Parade
Receiving Team for the 2012 PPP
Vista Plantation Coffee Break
Feb. 29th Candidate Workshop
Move the Vote!
Rivers Anderson, 92, Proud Voter!
Sarah Allen, 19, New Voter!
It’s that time of year again. Students all over
Indian River County will have the opportunity to
vote on their favorite books with the help of the
Supervisor of Elections office touch-screen voting
machines and trusted staff. Each year students in
grades K-9 are given a list of books to read. At the
end of the allotted time, those students who read
the books, have a chance to experience what it is
like to vote by choosing their favorite book! This
is a great way to encourage children to read &
what it is like to participate in an election.
The Elections Office is
introducing a new, fun way to
educate teens about the election
process with “Democracy
Days”. Our staff is touring the
county, giving a 45-minute
presentation, infused with pop
culture, a mock debate, and lots
of class participation. During
the program all eligible students
are encouraged to register to vote with the Elections Office.
Leslie Rossway Swan met with the Board of County
Commissioners on Tuesday, March 6 & was granted
approval to continue with plans to consolidate &
renumber polling places. Once the plans are final the
Elections Office will begin mailing new voter information
cards to all voters. Voters can expect to receive a new
card in plenty of time before the August 14th Primary
NEW Internship Program- Supervisor of Elections Leslie
Rossway Swan introduced a new "Internship Program". It is a terrific
opportunity for college and high school students to learn what is
involved in conducting elections. Jennifer Davis, a Political Science and
Public Administration major at the
University of Central Florida, spent
her spring break volunteering at the
Elections Office. Any student who
is interested in applying for our
internship program should contact
the Elections Office. Students are
eligible to receive volunteer hours
and will gain real-life work
Audit Report = A+
Audit reporting for the 20102011 fiscal year is complete.
Harris, Cotherman, Jones, Price
& Associates conducted an audit
of the Elections Office finances in
accordance with Government
Auditing Standards & found the
office to be in excellent standing,
with no findings to speak of!
Leslie Rossway Swan
Indian River County Supervisor of Elections
4375 43rd Avenue
Vero Beach, FL 32966
P: (772) 226-3440 F: (772) 770-5367
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Indian River County
Registered Voters
Help us make a difference by bringing in non perishable
food items for the Emergency Food Pantry. Donations
will be accepted at our office until April 13th.
(As of 3/15/2012)
Jan. 19-22 Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival
Primary Election
August 14, 2012
Feb. 7 VBHS Voter Registration Drive
Mar. 23-Apr. 27 Sunshine State Young
Readers Award Program
Feb. 14 Post Election Audit
Mar. 28,29 Democracy Days @ IRCHS
Feb. 28 Candidate Workshop
Apr. 3 VBHS Voter Registration Drive
Feb. 29 Ballad of America
Apr. 14 Harvest Food & Outreach
Shopping Cart Parade
Mar. 7 Sheriff’s B-B-Q
General Election
November 6, 2012
Mar. 8 US Coast Guard Academy Idlers
Concert at SRHS
Mar. 9 Democracy Days @ VBHS
Mar. 9-18 Firefighter’s Fair
Mar. 20 VBHS Voter Registration Drive
Apr. 21 Youth Guidance County vs. City
Kickball Game
Apr. 17, 24 St. Edward’s Student Elections
May 1 VBHS Voter Registration Drive
June 16 Elections Office Community Day

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