Reuters photographers bear witness to events around the globe, pushing the
boundaries of what news photography is and can be. Millions of people see the
world through their eyes; a collective vision of events shaped by the splitsecond instant the photographer chose to record.
Our World Now 4 draws on this extraordinary resource, encompassing
the diversity of trends, moods and stories that defined 2010 - from the
devastation of the Haitian earthquake and Eyjafjallajokull’s eruption, to the
triumphs of human endeavour and spirit displayed in South Africa’s sports
arenas and in the mines of Chile.
The fourth volume in this collectors series offers dramatic breaking news,
Witness features presenting in-depth photo essays, photographer profiles and
moments of pure visual delight. An indispensable mirror of our times, here is a
glimpse of destinies unfolding across our world now.
• Launches April 2011
• Small format paperback with over 350 images
• Published in English and French
• Sixth book by Reuters with renowned publisher Thames & Hudson
I keenly remember people asking me for help
– food and water – and having nothing to
give them...
A woman raises her arms for products as people loot from a destroyed shop, four days after
a massive quake killed up to 200,000 people and destroyed most of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
16 January 2010. Carlos Barria
Seconds later the area exploded with gunfire as
snipers unloaded on the Marines...
A U.S. Marine from Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, gestures as he tries to
protect an Afghan man and his child after Taliban fighters open fire in the vicinity of Marjah,
in Nad Ali district, Helmand province, Afghanistan. 3 February 2010. Goran Tomasevic
White poverty in South Africa is not
new, but under apartheid whites
enjoyed protection and sheltered
Lukas Gouws, 29, smokes at a squatter camp for poor white South Africans at Coronation Park.
Krugersdorp, South Africa. 6 March 2010. Finbarr O’Reilly
Kathryn Bigelow (left), director of The Hurt Locker is congratulated by fellow director and
ex-husband James Cameron (right). Her film won six Oscars at the 82nd Academy Awards
in Hollywood, United States. 7 March 2010. Gary Hershorn
A child trains his racing pigeon in the Matraman district, Jakarta. Some things in the city’s
central region have barely changed since the late 1960s, when Barack Obama – now U.S.
president – lived and played there. Jakarta, Indonesia. 18 March 2010. Beawiharta
I left with the impression that the English are
sometimes glad to be given the opportunity to
display their famed stoicism in the face of
British passengers, stranded by flight cancellations, sit on a suitcase as they wait to board a
ferry. Santurce, Spain. 21 April 2010. Vincent West
To show vehicle-size chunks of lava exploding
out of the volcano I had to drive through
eight different rivers and up a mountain...
The Northern Lights are seen above the ash plume of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano in
the evening. Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland. 22 April 2010. Lucas Jackson
A child poses for her mother in front of the China Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo site.
Shanghai, China. 25 April 2010. Aly Song
Despite the near constant news coverage
and the presence of the tar, these women
were sitting in the sun, protected by hay
Beachgoers sunbathe behind a wall of hay bales, used to absorb any oil that might wash
ashore, on Dauphin Island. Alabama, United States. 11 May 2010. Brian Snyder
Even with experience of a number of conflicts I
was still shocked by the street battles I saw in
A Thai army soldier crouches behind a street sign near the body of a protester who was killed
during an operation to evict anti-government "red shirt" protesters from their encampment in
Bangkok. 19 May 2010. Damir Sagolj
Britain's Queen Elizabeth waits prior to a meeting with Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff at
Rideau Hall in Ottawa, Canada. 2 July 2010. Blair Gable
Looking back, I think of how much he enjoyed
watching Brazil’s World up games in the last
few months of his life...
Brazilian patient Jorge Cocer (R) and his daughter Carolina react during their national
soccer team's 2010 World Cup Group G soccer match against Portugal, at the Cancer
Institute Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 25 June 2010. Nacho Doce
Spain’s Andrés Iniesta celebrates scoring the winning goal during the 2010 World Cup final
soccer match against the Netherlands at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg, South
Africa. 11 July 2010. Jerry Lampen
It was the first time...he was allowing someone
to photograph inside the heart of the much
loved theatre...
Cinema goers watch Bollywood movie "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge" (The Big Hearted Will
Take the Bride), starring actor Shah Rukh Khan, inside Maratha Mandir theatre in Mumbai,
India. 11 July 2010. Danish Siddiqui
A boy dances in the rain during a heavy tropical shower in a street of Havana, Cuba. 19 July
2010. Desmond Boylan
Residents being evacuated through flood waters in Pakistan avoid an army truck carrying
relief supplies to flood victims in Punjab province, Pakistan. 11 August 2010. Adrees Latif
French police stand in an illegal camp of Roma in Villeneuve d'Ascq, France. President
Nicolas Sarkozy ordered 300 illegal camps dismantled as part of a crackdown targeting
immigrants the government blames for a rise in violent crime. 24 August 2010. Luc Moleux
My family lunch ended abruptly when
we saw the slip of torn paper on live
television: the miners were still alive...
A computer screen shows one of the miners trapped underground in a copper and gold mine,
inside the mine at Copiapo, some 725 km (450 miles) north of Santiago, Chile. 26 August 2010.
Ivan Alvarado
Security cameras are seen near a church cross in west London. Security costs for the pope’s
visit ran into millions of pounds. London, Britain. 6 September 2010. Toby Melville
This image came about purely because I didn’t
just walk away...
A reflection is visible on glass in the Top Of The Rock Observation Deck. In the distance the
Tribute in Light memorial marks the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the
World Trade Center in New York, United States. 11 September 2010. Lucas Jackson
The defining image of this election was
both everyday and extraordinary. A
donkey taking the burden of
democracy on its back...
A donkey transports ballot boxes to villages unreachable by vehicles in Panjshir province,
north of Kabul, Afghanistan. 17 September 2010. Ahmad Masood
A television reporter does a standup report outside the media center at the United Nations
headquarters in New York, United States. 21 September 2010. Mike Segar
Suddenly, the feelings of a generation became
evident in a single boy...
A French high school student faces anti-riot gendarmes during a student demonstration at
the Place de la Republique in Paris, France. 19 October 2010. Gonzalo Fuentes
People play tennis on a court surrounded by high-rise buildings in downtown Shanghai,
China. 4 November 2010. Carlos Barria
Graffiti left behind by Taliban fighters remains on the walls of a compound now used as a
command center for the U.S Marine Corps's First Battalion, Eighth Marines at Musa Qala in
Helmand province, Afghanistan. 10 November 2010. Finbarr O'Reilly
Demonstrators break windows of the Conservative Party headquarters building during a
protest in central London, Great Britain. 10 November 2010. Paul Hackett
A United States Border Patrol agent checks an area under a bridge crossing between the
United States and Mexico in El Paso, United States. 14 November 2010. Eric Thayer
People professing different religions attend a prayer for world peace as climate talks take
place in Cancún, Mexico. 30 November 2010. Gerardo Garcia
A figure of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stands in a Neapolitan Christmas crèche
made by Gennaro Di Virgilio. In recent decades, craftsmen who make nativities have used
them to portray signs of the times. Naples, Italy. 6 December 2010. Ciro De Luca