HP/Agilent Retirement Club of Northern Colorado


HP/Agilent Retirement Club of Northern Colorado
HP/Agilent Retirement Club of Northern Colorado
P. O. Box 270523, Fort Collins, Colorado 80527-0523
March 1, 2008
Mark your calendar!
HP Retiree Briefing Event: Monday, March 3
Join CEO Mark Hurd as he highlights the successes of 2007 and discusses
priorities for 2008. HP Fort Collins site will be hosting live satellite
broadcast of Mark’s presentation. It promises to be another exciting and
informative event, as Mark continues to be committed to reaching out to
retiree reaching out to retirees.
To participate, you must pre-register: http://www.hp.com/go/hpretiree
or call 1-800-460-2714
Fort Collins Satellite Broadcast:
Where: HP campus, 3404 E. Harmony Road
Time: 10:00 to 11:00 am - Meet and Greet/Continental breakfast
11:00 to 12:30 pm – Broadcast presentation/Q&A
If you have any hot topics related to HP benefits that you would like to bring up to Mark’s attention during the
CEO Retiree event please send Sue Thomas an email at [email protected] Sue will make sure to pass long the
NOTE: Agilent retirees are eligible to attend.
For those unable to attend the live event, a meeting summary and a web cast replay will be on the HP retiree communication website
at: http://www.hp.com/retiree
HP's Efforts to Communicate With Retirees
HP is putting quite a bit of effort into improving it's communication with retirees. They are making an effort to
reach out to retirees. Initiatives include innovation & growth, sales enablement through product advocacy,
community outreach, retiree pulse, and communication. As more specific details are formed, it will be included
in future newsletters. A new feature on the home page is an “Ask Mark Hurd” button. You can also send a
message to HR, or click on the General HP comments, questions, suggestions, ideas button.
What is a RSS feed?
It stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” the Technology used in creating feeds. It is a free subscription you
can sign up for to automatically receive news from HP directly. The link is on the www.hp.com/retiree home
page where you see this. Go to http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/rss.html which helps explain how an individual can
get free software if needed to receive any RSS feed they are interested in.
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2008 Board Member -- HP/Agilent Retired Employees Club - Northern Colorado
Club email address: [email protected]
Board Members and Officers
Bill Barton – President
Gordon Bretzing – Insurance Liaison
Darrell Coble – Co-Programs
Joseph Grim – Vice President, Co-Secretary, Co-Treasurer
Byron McKitrick – RAB Representative
Joyce Nelson – Treasurer
Joyce Payne – Secretary, Co-Membership
Kermit Schaller – Membership
Cathy Village - Programs
New Members
Stony Achziger
Linda Alvine
Carol Christensen
Dody Culver
Julia Kay Fawcett
Dan Felker
Marcie Fisher
Joe LaGrotta
Bill Martin
Keith Massey
Charlie Rock
Retiree Club Membership
You only need a minimum 10 years service with HP and/or Agilent to join the HP/Agilent Retired Employee’s
Club. See www.hp.com/retiree, select Retiree Clubs, then Northern Colorado, for more information on other
eligibility criteria and how to join
2008 Annual Dues: (Jan.-Dec.)
HP/Agilent Retired Employees Club of Northern Colorado
P. O. BOX 270523
FT. COLLINS, COLO. 80527-0523
Your dues are used for mailings and to help with costs of pot lucks, picnic and Christmas luncheon
To change your address contact
Kermit Schaller, Membership Chair 970 667-7515
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Other HP Topics (Articles from Mountain View, CA Newsletter By Carol Nakamoto)
Demo Days –HP is very excited that they’ve been able to receive approval to involve 28,000 U.S. HP
retirees looking for a way to reconnect with retired HP colleagues and to stay involved with the
company. This is a chance for HP’s loyal contingent of HP retirees to continue to evangelize the HP
Brand with its customers, to renew their knowledge of HP products and to reunite with former coworkers at an event “Own the Aisle” Demo Days program in local Best Buy, Staples and Circuit City
stores. “You can provide a friendly and helpful face of HP while communicating the innovation and
value of HP products,” writes Todd Bradley, EVP, Personal Systems Group. To make the Demo Days
registration process quicker and easier than ever, a new website was developed that offers improved
functionality and search capability. You’ll be able to find the store most convenient to you by searching
by store name, city or even your own zip or postal code. Plus, as a participant, you will receive access to
an online, self-paced training class to prepare you for your Demo Day event, a Demo Days kit that
includes a Demo Days shirt to wear to your event, and tools designed to make you successful in the
retail environment. Remember, you don’t need to be a product expert to participate — just an
enthusiastic HP representative in the store, willing to assist our customers as they make their buying
decisions. For more information go to www.myhpdemodays.com Watch for opportunities to volunteer
in 2008.
Vintage Lapel Pin – A few vintage HP logo lapel pins are still available if you did not get one at
last year’s event with Mark Hurd. Go to www.hp.com/retiree, click on Vintage Lapel Pin in left
navigation bar, and order the free pin.
Improvements/Issues with Gold Badge Process – HP has seen much improvement in the new
picture gold badge process. Currently, there is a form on the retiree website that allows retirees to
download a form and complete it to receive the badge. However, some retirees are reporting not
being able to download files with .PDF file attachments. HP Photo & ID have agreed that retirees
can do the following: Email to the HouPhoto/[email protected] address with: Name (and preferred
name for the badge), Mailing address, Phone number, and Employee ID#. Please include a
photo if you don't have one on file already.
Volunteer Matching Retirees should have received a letter from HP Global Philanthropy
inviting you to participate in the HP volunteer program. Retirees can find local volunteer
opportunities in their communities. Both HP and Agilent retirees may begin to browse the HP
Volunteer Match website at http://hp.volunteermatch.org and create a profile – a very simple
Lucile and David Packard
Valued Partners Exhibit
Los Altos History Museum January 17, 2008 through June 22, 2008
Lucile and David Packard: Valued Partners capture highlights of these extraordinary Los Altos Hills residents
who led by example in their business, personal, and philanthropic lives. The exhibit includes business and
personal artifacts, historical scrapbooks, rarely seen photographs, and an interactive section for children. A new
video, Memories of Lu and Dave, enlivens the exhibit with personal remembrances from 17 Packard friends,
business associates, and family members.
Lucile and David Packard: Valued Partners shows how the Packards’ beliefs in integrity, respect for all people,
individual leadership, commitment to effectiveness, and thinking big evolved into the HP Way, the Lucile
Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, engineering leadership at Stanford University, and the 226 million
dollar David and Lucile Packard Foundation. A replica of the historic Addison Avenue garage, populated with a
workbench, an assortment of tools, and one of the early audio oscillators gives visitors a front-row view of the
beginnings of Hewlett-Packard. A facsimile of the oven Lucile used in 1939 to bake the first oscillator panels
and her scrapbook of photos and memorabilia from the early HP years shed more light on this era. Photographs
of David cooking at company barbecues and stories about Lucile’s standard of commitment to HP employees
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imply the start of their unique business philosophy that became the HP Way. The video Origins further
illustrates the company’s evolution
The lasting legacy of Lucile and David Packard and their contributions should provide a strong motivational
message to Los Altos History Museum visitors. Exhibit organizers hope visitors will have a clearer picture of
the rise of Silicon Valley in very human terms, and will leave with a desire to think about what they can do for
todays and future generations.
HP retirees Bob Grimm, Al Bagely, Reid Cummer, and Nomi Trapnell are committee members who helped to
shape this exhibit.
Following are public programs that enhance the exhibit. Visit www.lsoaltoshistory.org/ Packard for more
January 20, 2008
Opening Reception
February 5, 2008
Michael S. Malone, author of Bill & Dave: How Hewlett and Packard Built the World’s Greatest Company.
Topic: The people who created Hewlett Packard.
Reservations are required.
March 12, 2008
Lucile Salter Packard, Woman of Grace. Moderator: Linda Meier; Panelists: Charles Anderson, Dr. Harvey
Cohen, Susan Packard Orr, Frank Roberts, Dr. Irving Schulman, and Cole Wilbur.
Reservations are require
March 15, 2008
Children’s activities: Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Healing HeARTS, Children’s Health Council
April 9, 2008
Panel discussion about David Packard. Moderator: Chuck House; Panelists: Al Bagley, Art Fong, Dave Kirby,
Jack Petrak, and Cort Van Rensselaer. Reservations are required
June 18, 2008
Julie Packard, Monterey Bay Aquarium Executive Director
Topic: History of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute), and the
role her parents played in shaping these two institutions. Reservations are required
Los Altos History Museum, 51 S. San Antonio Road, Los Altos. Museum hours: Thursday – Sunday, noon – 4
Admission is free
User Name & Password to SECURE areas of website
Access to the secure areas of the
www.hp.com/retiree website:
User Name:
These are available in the paper version of the
newsletter only, and will not be available online
in order to protect the secure areas from being
accessed by non-club members and retirees
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www.hp.com/retiree HP Hosted Website for HP and Agilent Retirees.
Here’s a refresher on what HP and Agilent retirees are eligible for:
User Name & Password to SECURE areas
of website
User Name:
Benefits include having access to
News from HP (updated weekly) and seeing what other clubs are doing
Employee Purchase Program (EPP) for HP product discounts (local and national), movies, products, lots
of retailers offering retiree discounts negotiated by HP – look for the “R” next to the vendor (R = retiree),
travel event information (select HP Pavilion shows, etc.),and how to buy HP logo merchandise (retiree
Contact Information to HP or Agilent - how to change your address where to claim the Retiree Survivor
Benefit (5K insurance policy for surviving spouse of a retiree, no cost)
Ads Online – (place your wanted or for sale ads)
Addison Avenue Credit Union – services and insurance programs (Dental, Life, Pet, Homeowners,
Site Map (lower left corner of home page) lists all topics and services available to both HP and Agilent
retirees. There are password protected areas of the website, and you will only get the access information in
your paper newsletter (or HP retirees only can email [email protected] to request password
info). The password info is not in the online email newsletter for security reasons NOTE: Both HP and
Agilent retirees can browse the HP News, Discounts, and other password protected areas as a club member
…..but, again, you must be a “designated retiree” in the eyes of HP to benefit from the negotiated discounts.
Agilent retirees, can try to obtain a vendor/retailer discount
HP Home & Home Office
To receive the HP retiree discount (equal to what HP employees receive), you must fit into 1) or 2):
Be a “designated retiree” from HP (example: min 55 yrs old/15 yrs service or whatever qualifying
program rules you left HP under).
2. Have retired from HP, and at the time of the Agilent split you were “assigned” to Agilent as a retiree,
but never actually went on Agilent payroll.
To review the retiree discounts available on HP products, go to www.hp.com/retiree, click on EPP (left nav
bar), click in U.S. flag, and that will display the EPP discounts. Make sure you see the HP/EPP logo. If you
are an Agilent retiree, and access the website using the Company Code 248, you will see an EPP logo. If you
don’t have access to a computer, you can call 1-888 345-5409, identify yourself as either an HP or Agilent
retiree, and make sure the rep quotes you a retiree discount. If they cannot locate you in a database, ask that
you be connected to a specialist or supervisor who will follow-up to ensure you receive what you are entitled
to. We provide the user name and password to the secure areas of the site in the paper version of the
newsletter only; it is deleted from the online newsletter on our website for security reasons. This means, you
can browse the HP News, Discounts, and other password protected areas as a club member…..but, again,
you must be a “designated retiree” in the eyes of HP to benefit from the negotiated * If you transferred to
Agilent, then retired, review the Agilent discounts (equal to a “corporate” discount) on HP products by
going to www.hpshopping.com/epp, register, and enter Company Code 248, or call 1-866-433-2018.
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Roland H. Burger, 65, passed away Feb. 1, 2008. Roland
was a police officer briefly in Mountain View, California
before he transferred with Hewlett-Packard to Loveland
working 34 years as an engineer, retiring in 1998. Roland
is survived by his wife, Karen, of Loveland.
Ann Dassow, wife of HP retiree Larry Dassow passed
away December 13, 2006 after a cardiac arrest December
12th. Ann was 74.
Bob Gile, 70, passed away April 24, 2007, after a short
battle with brain cancer. Bob retired from Hewlett Packard
after 18 years. Bob is survived by his wife, Dorothy, of
Drake, CO.
Carl Koppenhauer, 69, passed away November 27, 2006, after a short battle with brain cancer. Carl was a
HPREC Officer and Board Member. He retired from Hewlett Packard, Loveland working 32 years as an in
circuit test programmer and system administrator. Carl is survived by his wife, Gail, of Loveland.
Victor Bernhard, 83, husband of HP retiree Leona Bernhardt passed away August 24, 2007.
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Periodically visit your HP/Agilent credit union’s website at www.addisonavenue.com. It offers savings and
checking specials, occasional used car sales, financial counseling, and click on Insure & Protect to view their
insurance offerings to retirees and employees (dental, auto, home, rental, etc).If you are not a current CU
member, you can become one by being a Retiree Club member.
The winner of the HP32” LCD TV given away in
December was Annette Gilmore
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Annual Picnic - July 5, 2007
For the 92 people who attended the annual HPREC Picnic, the day turned out to be just what the doctor
ordered! The weather was perfect, the food was good, the location was terrific, parking was plentiful, and the
fellowship was the best.
We assembled at the Avago/HP site recreation pavilion. Name tags were distributed, coffee was percolating and
a tub of ice kept both soft drinks and water at optimum drinking pleasure temperature and food was abundant.
After lunch we enjoyed a rousing afternoon of BINGO.
The Board is investigating options for an appropriate venue for next year’s function. We will let everyone
knows the location as soon as it is finalized
Retirees were really super about returning the name tags at the end of the day, so that we can use them again.
(We want to have a “green” picnic and recycle and reuse what we can.)
Christmas Luncheon – December 6, 2007
HP/Agilent REC Holiday Luncheon on December 6th was a great success with a wonderful turnout of 84
friends and coworkers, at Johnson’s Corner in Loveland.
The program was a hand bell choir lead by Debbie Fracken. Following the entertainment was the traditional
door prize drawing and a gift provided by the Addison Avenue Credit Union...
All in all, the event was upbeat and very well received.
Debbie Fracken, left) leader of the Hand Bell Choir
(Front Table)Don & Ruth Stinson, Betty & Don Faatz; (Back row) Byron McKitrick, Carol & Bob Seidl, Fred Payne, Jan Achziger,
John Uhas
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Betty Sheneman, Betty Baker, Betty Moritz, Dottie Whitmer, Wilf Reed, Betty Rothe, Dora Ziems
Bob & Carol Seidl, Byron & Rachel McKitrick, Joe Grim, Gail Koppenhaur, Kermit & Sandra Schaller
Carolyn & Keith Massey, Dorothy & Gerald Hauser
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HP/Agilent Retired Employees Club of Northern CO
P. O. Box 270523
Fort Collins, CO 80527-0523
Forwarding Service Requested
Dated Material – Time Value
First Class Mail
HP/Agilent REC Newsletter. Issue March 2008
Published Quarterly
Editor: Joyce Payne & Joe Grim
To submit Articles: [email protected]
For copies of newsletters
See www.hp.com/retiree
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