Jeff K.`s `M1917 Enfield`


Jeff K.`s `M1917 Enfield`
Jeff K.’s ‘M1917 Enfield’
A good friend of mine, Jeff Clegg, had wanted to
build a 1000 yard gun from a M1917 Enfield
receiver and a Douglas barrel. Upon his passing, I
inherited this project, consisting of a receiver,
stripped bolt, and threaded yet uncontoured &
partially chambered barrel. I decided to make a
dual purpose Tactical Hunting rifle in .300
Winchester Magnum.
With Derrick and Accuracy Speaks:
•I learned how to glass bed and paint a synthetic stock
• I learned how to use a Forster Scope Mounting Fixture, and how to drill and tap a
receiver on a Mill.
• I learned how to reshape End Mill cutters to make custom radiuses.
• I learned how to use a Boring Head to cut down a bolt handle, cut threads on a
bolt handle, install a custom knob, and finish it with proper filing techniques.
• I learned how to use a lathe to contour a barrel.
• I learned how to use a lathe to chamber and head space a barrel.
• I learned how to thread a barrel on a lathe and install a muzzle brake.
With Derrick and Accuracy Speaks:
• I learned how to use a mill to flute a barrel.
• I learned how to use a belt sander and fixture to polish a barrel.
• I learned how to fix cosmetic errors in metal and how to use an airbrush .
• I learned how to install a Cock-On-Open kit with safety , commercial trigger &
striker, and adjust them for safe operation.
• I learned how to silver solder and how to fabricate custom parts.
• I learned how to use a collimator to bore sight a scope.
• I learned how to load custom bullets for my rifle and how to find an accuracy
Cock-On-Open kit installed &
Striker hand fitted
Timney Trigger installed
and adjusted
Custom scope mount fabricated from
Picatinny stock with 20 MOA included
& custom radius to match receiver
Receiver Ejection Port lengthened
for .300 Win Mag cartridge
Barrel Fluted at 60 degree intervals
Metal painted with Cerakote
Receiver reshaped and contoured
Shrewd Muzzle Brake fitted
Receiver reshaped and contoured
Custom Bolt Stop spring fabricated
Custom Bolt Handle
Pits and tool marks were filed
and polished before bluing
Magazine front plate
extended 3/16” to accommodate
.300 Win Mag cartridge
M1917 Enfield completed
Synthetic stock full length Glass Bedded
& painted with Cerakote
Jeff Clegg Tribute Rifle, Mission Accomplished

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