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13TH Annual Business & Achievement Awards
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Submit your nomination in one of the following categories (Please Check One):
o Businessperson of the Year-Service/Retail
Local service and retail settings. Nominees can range from service staff to
business owners.
o Businessperson of the Year-Professional
Business professionals such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects
and bankers.
o Businessperson of the Year-Non-profit/Public Service
Hometown heroes (veterans, police, emergency responders, etc.),
government officials, and employees of churches, charities and social service agencies.
o Businessperson of the Year-Education, K-12 Category
School teachers, staff and administrators in K-12 education settings.
o Businessperson of the Year-Education, Higher Education Category
Professors, deans, staff and administrators in University or College settings.
o Volunteer of the Year
Good Samaritans who sacrifice their time and energy to make Southeast Idaho
a better place.
o Businessperson of the Year-Industry/Technology
Manufacturing, agriculture, communications or technology-related settings.
o Extraordinary Under 40
Successful and outstanding individuals who are under 40 years of age.
o Lifetime Achievement
Individuals who have shown tremendous achievement in business and community
Please provide the following information:
Name of Nominee:__________________________________________________________________
Address:______________________________________________ Phone:______________________
Description of Company/Organization __________________________________________________
Year Established in Idaho:_____________________________________________________________
How long has nominee been with company/organization:
Nominated by*: ___________________________________ Phone___________________________
IMPORTANT: Form must be filled out completely.
Incomplete forms will be ineligible.
*Awards Committee members ineligible. Self-nomination is not allowed. Nominations by the same
person cannot be made two years in a row. Please include answers to the following questions about
the nominee and their business or organization. Additional pages may be included if necessary.
Letters of recommendation are encouraged.
Business/Organization Growth: Please describe any growth or expansion experienced
by this company or organization within the last year. What role did the nominee play?
Response To Adversity: Please describe the nominee’s response to adversity.
What obstacles has he/she overcome to become successful?
Innovation: Please describe any innovation(s) the nominee has developed (in product, service,
staffing, etc.).
Customer Service: Please describe the customer service philosophy and practices of
the nominee and their company/organization.
Staff Development: Please describe any philosophies or programs the nominee
uses to foster staff development.
Community Development & Volunteerism: Please describe any community service
activities or organizations that the nominee is involved in.
Nomination forms must be received at the Idaho State Journal offices,
305 S. Arthur Avenue, or mailed to P.O. Box 431, Pocatello, ID. 83204 or via e-mail to
[email protected] no later than Sept. 10, 2012. Winners will be announced
at the October 17, 2012 awards dinner. For questions or more information,
please contact Kristi Bostic at the Idaho State Journal, 239-6007.