“... the performance achieves
what it is hardly seen after a
family show: audience claps
enthusiastically and shouts
El País
“Elegant, creative and
La Provence
“They are special, beautiful
and exquisite. The technical
execution of the contemporary
dance company Aracaladanza
is immaculate and the best one
can enjoy”
Cadena Ser
“An immaculate show! An
explosion of colour! Conceptual
Surrealism on stage! Light.
Colour. Light. Colour. Happiness.
It is not only you can not miss it.
You have to repeat”
Hoy en la city
Ikebanah Artes Escénicas. Ana Sala Montoro
Tel. +34 958 068 013
Móvil +34 619 951 791
[email protected]
Artistic Director Enrique Cabrera
Spanish National Children’s Theatre Award 2010
Nominee Max Awards 2014, Best Dressing Design
Nominee ADE Awards 2013, Best Lighting Design
Nominee Teatro Rojas de Toledo, Best Show for Family Audiences.
Concept and Direction: Enrique Cabrera
Original Music: Mariano Lozano P. Ramos / Luis Miguel Cobo
Costume Design: Elisa Sanz
Set Design: Elisa Sanz / Enrique Cabrera
Lighting Design: Pedro Yagüe
Video-scene Design: Álvaro Luna
Atrezo Design: Ricardo Vergne
With an outstanding and spectacular language and
a trade mark that makes Aracaladanza unique, the
company offers dreams to evoke fantasy.
Since 1995, Aracaladanza has been invited to
participate in the most prestigious festivals in Spain.
Audiences in France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Morocco,
Turkey, Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau and Australia have
enjoyed the productions of the Spanish company.
Among the institutions that have worked and
coproduced Aracaladanza’s shows: Mercat de les Flors
(Barcelona), Teatro de la Abadía (Madrid), el Auditorio
de Tenerife and Sadler’s Wells (London).
As a fatal attraction, impossible to avoid, the Mediterranean genius Joan Miró sneaked in our dreams,
expanding the imagination with an explosion of colour.
Constelaciones is a cocktail of feelings trying to recreate
its own universe in which everybody can live moments
of happiness and glimpses of joy.
Constelaciones is the final part of a trilogy encouraged
by A Slice of Paradise of Hieronymus Bosch and confirmed by the Clouds of Rene Magritte that Aracaladanza
has taken on stage with the hope of encouraging the
imagination of thousands of spectators all over the
world. We believe Imagination may help us all to start
an endless journey to change reality.