Playtime Paris – more European finds!



Playtime Paris – more European finds!
Playtime Paris – more European finds!
Weʼve brought you the fashion from Playtime Paris and now hereʼs the best of the rest; a stunning assortment of hand-picked pieces which we just know
youʼll love!
First up from Playtime Paris ( are beautiful machines from Spainʼs Babyhome ( . We love the Emotion
Xtreet stroller, weighing in at just 6kg and looking mighty fine. Another highlight of this brand is the Onfour Rocker (below) and the Eat highchair.
This kind of custom-built furniture makes me giddy with bliss. The incredible work of Agnes and Agnes ( , itʼs perfect for
baby, toddler, tween, teen and adult. Who wouldnʼt this suit? Stunning!
These play rugs from Deuz ( are brimming with imagination and colour, just waiting for a child to be all over it with all
manner of vehicles. This would be such a favourite in my house!
The very rocking-est soft toys from Gabriela Pardo ( .
Could these hipster softies be any cuter? There are many more designs just as groovy as these from My Name is Simone ( .
Superb dress-up capes, inspiring soft toys and an incredible feel for colour by Bouille de Clown ( .
The childrenʼs shoes and accessories from Polder ( make our hearts melt. Itʼs colour and style perfection at every turn and exploring the
website is a must!
The shoes from Sonatina ( are just so exquisite!
This maternity collection from Imanimo ( had us riveted. Urban chic, flattering layers and the odd burst of colour in
amongst classic neutrals.
This is how I imagine being pregnant and French. Yes I tend to romanticise France after several wonderful trips, but the maternity clothing from 1 et 1 font 3
( really does epitomise the effortless style of a country famed for just that!
Fabulous maternity lingerie and comfort-wear from Made In Femmes ( .
That custom built furniture is awesome! And you are right, the Podler website is a must to explore. I love the look of the little green jacket with the pleated
Posted February 4, 2011. Link to this comment (#comment-36349)
awesome guitars. looooooove it. great
Posted February 15, 2011. Link to this comment (#comment-37916)

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