Ryan Cabrera


Ryan Cabrera
Ryan Cabrera
In the mid-2000s there was a slew of young musicians climbing their way to the top of the music charts. Some were studio-created
products, but others were serious musicians who penned their own songs, played their own instruments and helped produce their own
albums. In the latter category, one young man in particular emerged from the pack in 2005 and was on the verge of hitting it big in
the industry. Ryan Cabrera, the personable singer-songwriter known for his halo of spiky, bleached-blonde hair, released his debut
album in late 2004 and then hit the road on a whirlwind concert tour. Along the way he connected with fans who responded by
snatching up his CD and firmly entrenching it on Billboard's Top 100.
Ryan Frank Cabrera was born
on July 18, 1982, in Dallas,
Texas. Guitarist, songwriter
and singer Cabrera never
planned on a career in music.
His hobby turned into a
passion after hearing Dave
Matthews, causing him to turn
his back on the noisy punk
rock of his high-school band,
Caine, and pick up an acoustic
guitar for the newly minted
Rubic's Groove.
The group found popularity in
the Dallas area, sharing stages
w i t h C h e a p Tr i c k , B e n
Harper, and Third Eye Blind,
before Cabrera's departure.
Making the most of a block of
studio time--a birthday present
from his brother--the highschool dropout cut three
original songs that impressed
the engineer enough to offer
the opportunity to do a fulllength--for free. Elm Street was a self-released success, selling out locally and garnering favorable reviews and a deluge of internet
In 2001, Cabrera was signed to Atlantic Records, which scheduled the long-player Take It All Away for release in 2004. Johnny
Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls) was the co-producer on Take It All Away. You Stand Watching arrived in 2005, followed by The Moon
Under Water in 2008.
Ryan is currently in the studio working on his fourth record.