May 2012
Updates on the RER Community
• 59 RERs have been invited to the program
this month. There are now 684 RERs mapping worldwide!
• Mappers and RERs in 4 countries (Morocco,
Burkina Faso, Georgia, Reunion) are now
the proud stewards of their pending edits.
• The first Map-Up in Sri Lanka was organized
by Charith on Saturday May 12, 2012. The
event attracted 15 participants!
• RER Guides Tasha and Luke have begun
doing Q&A sessions in Spanish! Keep an eye
on the RER Calendar here for the next one:
• All the US / Canada / Latin America RER
Guides are now on Google +, making it
easier than ever for you to get the help you
need with tough edits! Check out the forum post here for links to their G+ profiles:
Bách Lê organized a MapUp at the Francophone Institute for Computer Science,
Hanoi, Vietnam, with support from the
Union of Youth from University of Technology - Photo Album
• The auto-denial feature, which gives you
the option of auto-denying a questionable
edit if a request for details goes unresponded to, is coming soon! Check out Chaitanya’s forum post about it here:
• Summer is coming, and now you can tour
zoos and other famous landmarks without
risking a sunburn! More info on the Google
Lat Long blog here:
Edition 5
Marc-André B. has helped
develop the Canada and
France Map Maker community by creating a French
Twitter page that translates
and re-tweets the main
Twitter feed, edits and
reviews changes across all
of Canada, and frequently
posts to the forums.
Thanks Marc-André!
CNR crosses 150,000 edits.
May 2012
Great Reviews
Gary helps a new mapper add in their local park with correct boundaries:
Andrew Sawyer helps a mapper fix their bosses’ house on
the map, and encourages their boss to contribute to Map
Maker :)
Yemen explains address / plot features in detail - http://
Cătălin Strătilă walks a new contributor through an edit
Eltaf Hussain coordinating
with Afghanistan Mappers
and resolving the misalignment issue of the imagery
in Afghanistan Cities.
Sergey explains how to create proper intersections - http://
Matt Oliver gets a write-up
about his take on Mapmaker:
Allan Paolo Medrano guides a newbie -
Randy questions some possibly incorrect attributes in sequence -
Siva shares his knowhow, with comments and action!
JPF is back with some exhaustive reviews -
Dante Varias shapes an edit -
• Romania MapUp: Contest (how to promote Romanian Tourism with help of Map Maker)
On June 2 there will be 2 separate events, one in Onesti and one in Targu-Ocna. There will be 30-40 participants
at each event. Most of the participants will be local high school students (new mappers) and 5-10 experienced
mappers from the rest of the country.
• Morocco MapUp
The MapUp Maroc event will be held in Mohammadia, Morocco, June 9, 2012 (directly after g|maroc conferences). The Moroccan GMM Advocates (Serhane, Zohir and Med Amine) will be present, with participation of
Evans Arabu and Noé Diakubama (GMM Advocate from Central Africa). The expected turnout for the Map up is
over 200. The Map-Up will also be used as a forum to launch a two-week-long contest centered around cafes and
• Another MapUp event will be held in Dubai in the last week of June