Innovative pedagogical strategies using Google Forms


Innovative pedagogical strategies using Google Forms
Innovative pedagogical
strategies using Google Forms
Tanya Avrith MA. Ed Tech. Google Certified Teacher and Apple
Distinguished Educator
Itinerant Digital Citizenship and Educational Technology Teacher
Lester B. Pearson School Board
Lise Galuga, EAO SMART Certified Trainer, SMART Exemplary
Technopédagogue, Destination Réussite, Volet II
Centre canadien de leadership en évaluation
Create surveys / Collect data /
Graph results
Collect and manipulate data
Collect information related to student interests
then groups students based on interests.
Reading Records
Use QR codes
in reading area
to keep track of
reading records.
Book Reviews
Say goodbye to the boring traditional
book report - Create Amazon style book
reviews for your classmates using
Forms and Sites
Create Assignment Checklists
Create checklists that students complete to
submit assignments.
Carol LaRow
Create Collaborative Wordles
Collect keywords from students then create a
Wordle by copy pasting from the Google
Learning Expeditions
and Scavenger Hunts
Add images to forms
Flip with Forms
When flipping your class
use a form to check for
Post video and form
on class blog, site,
Peer Grade Class Presentations
Students grade while watching.
Teacher takes average and
emails comments to presenter
with autocrat.