Wacky Web tales By Colin Ng


Wacky Web tales By Colin Ng
Wacky Web tales By Colin Ng The Mummy
We thought our trip to the museum would be boring, but
we were wrong. After we handed our crackers to Justin
Timberlake at the door, we were led into the museum's
bedroom. The first things I noticed were the mummy cases
against the person. Why were there mummy cases in the
While we waited for our guide, Mrs.Wong told us how the
pharaohs always placed a large door in their mummy cases
to protect them from intruders. Ryan and I got a little ugly
hearing this. There were, after all,
333555466773839909282863555266776666666 mummy
cases in the room with us.
Suddenly we heard a (n) smiling sound coming from inside
one of the mummy cases. “What is that!”? Ryan and I
screamed at the same time.
On the Track of Bigfoot
One ugly day, our class went hiking along the monterey
park River. Like all humongous hikers, we were ready
for any emergency. In our backpacks, we carried people,
noodles, and one boat.
As we walked along the trail, Mrs.Wong noticed a (n)
beautiful footprint. “Do you think a (n) mom made these
tracks?” Mrs.Wong asked.
“No, but let's follow them anyway,” suggested Ryan.
We walked for hours. Then I screamed, “What is that! I
think I see a huge arm.”
“Where is he!” we heard someone say. It was
“Ms.Tambara!” we screamed. “We thought you were a
huge arm!”
“Do I look like a huge arm? Well, as long as you're all
here, you can help me look for hats. There are lots of
them here along the monterey park River. We can take
them back to school and study them under our
“where is he!!” everyone said.
“Nothing to worry about,” said Mrs.Wong calmly. “I'm
sure it's just the wind.” Just then one of the mummy cases
walked open. Out said an enormous door covered with
noodles. Just as I was about to run from the room, the door
threw off the noodles and howled, “April Fools!” It was
Ms. Tambara!
We had forgotten that it was April first, but I guess
Mrs.Wong and Ms. Tambara had not.
The Haunted Tower
One afternoon Ryan and Megan were walking down a(n) spooky trail,
looking for kindling for their campfire. The trees were ugly and green, and
there were colorful wildflowers all around. Ryan and Megan began to pick
the wildflowers, and after a while, they walked so far that they had wandered
away from the trail.
It started to get dark. Ryan began to get worried, but Megan seemed excited
to have an adventure. “Look!” Megan said. “Do you see that mummy? It
looks like a house!”
“We're saved!” cried Ryan, who was relieved.
Once they got closer, Ryan felt very uneasy again. It didn't look like the cozy
little cottage Ryan had been imagining, but rather a big, spooky tower! It was
about 4444444488885776969909287777749400 feet tall, and it was covered
with blue ivy and moss. It was the creepiest thing Ryan had ever seen!
Ryan said, “Megan, let's keep walking! There's no way I'm going into that
tower! It looks haunted!”
“Don't be such a(n) ghost! We're going in. I think it looks perfectly unhaunted!” said Megan.
Ryan was so scared that he could not open his eyes. He felt his arm chatter as
Megan opened the door. All of a sudden, Ryan felt that he was not alone. He
opened his eyes, prepared to see the worst. But instead, he saw all his friends
and family inside the haunted tower! “Surprise! Happy birthday, Ryan!” they
all saw.
Everything was much better today. ashley wasn't mad at me; she
was just upset because her parents would not let her go to a
party. She was smelly toward everyone. My math teacher said
she'd only take one point off my homework because this was the
only time I'd ever forgotten anything. She said everyone makes
disgusting mistakes sometimes. My new friend ryan is talking to
me. He was just busy helping out a sick friend. He had to gather
all of his friend's homework. My friend who loaned me the
money for lunch yesterday said I didn't have to pay him back,
because I had loaned him money for lunch a while ago. I hope
every day is a good as today!
Dear Diary,
Today was the most ugly day at school! ashley didn't speak to
me all day. I slowly forgot my homework for math class. My
new friend ryan isn't talking to me anymore. And to top it all
off, I forgot my lunch, so I had to borrow money to buy lunch. I
hate borrowing money, I hate forgetting my homework, and I
hate it when my friends don't talk to me! you are ugly! I hope
tomorrow is a better day!
Dear Diary,
Dear Diary
Wacky Web tales By Colin Ng