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RY Express VolVIissue1indd.indd
Isle of Capri Waterloo Casino Hotel
Architect: SOSH Architects
locations requires carefully coordinated
communication and organization.
From Ryan’s Chicago office, Jeff Smith,
President; Bob Goodpaster, Chief
Operations Officer; and Bob Wehner,
Senior Project Manager, developed a
unique team approach to manage the
Isle of Capri projects.
“By focusing on our customer’s need
for a single point of contact and local
resources,” explained Goodpaster,
“we were able to leverage the depth
of resources we have in Chicago,
Davenport and Cedar Rapids to deliver
great customer service.”
Regional teamwork
builds big success
Nancy Donovan, Regional Vice
President for Isle of Capri, agreed.
“The entire experience has been
tremendous,” said Donovan. “Ryan’s
project leaders have deployed their
best resources from each regional office
where our projects are located. It’s
been a huge benefit to have the regional
offices at work in each location, and
In 1998, Ryan built the Lady Luck
Hotel (now named Isle of Capri
Bettendorf) in Bettendorf, Iowa.
Impressed by Ryan’s performance on
that project, Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc.
sought to partner with Ryan again
on three new projects: Waterloo,
Bettendorf and Rhythm City. The Isle
of Capri projects mark one of Ryan’s
most in-depth collaborations among
regional offices.
know Ryan has a Building Services
department. Please give Express some
background on your department.
JR: Ryan began self-performing
maintenance in 1980 at the then
Ryan-owned One Corporate Center
in Edina, Minnesota. As Ryan grew
and built its real estate portfolio, the
maintenance group grew as well. In
2000, as a part of a strategic plan to
develop a third-party maintenance
business, the maintenance group
became Ryan Building Services. Today,
in addition to Ryan-managed office,
industrial and retail facilities, Building
Volume VI • Issue 1
Rhythm City Casino Hotel
Architect: ESG Architects, Inc.
Services also services over 30 thirdparty maintenance customers from our
Minnesota, Iowa and Arizona offices.
ensure the safety and comfort of their
employees and customers. They also
want to keep their operating costs
low. Ultimately, our customers want
a facility that operates trouble-free so
they can conduct their business. They
trust us to deliver that for them.
EXPRESS: What services does your
EXPRESS: How does Ryan meet those
team provide?
needs? What makes Ryan different?
JR: Our primary focus is to provide a
comprehensive preventive maintenance
program for all types of building
JR: Ryan has developed, built, owned,
managed and maintained buildings for
over 67 years. This experience allows
JR: That depends on the customer.
Generally, they want to protect their
asset, prevent equipment failures and
Jeff Royce, Director of Building Services
embody the Ryan values of honesty
and integrity.
EXPRESS: What is next for Building
Services at Ryan?
Pegasus Solutions, Arizona
Maintained by Ryan Building Services
EXPRESS: What are your customers’
major concerns?
The third project, “Rhythm City”
in Davenport, Iowa utilizes Ryan’s
capabilities on a wider scope, including
total development negotiations with the
city of Davenport, as well as extensive
Corps of Engineer permitting for a
flood control system. Ryan is currently
taking the project through regulatory
approvals and anticipates breaking
ground in May 2006.
Executing multiple projects with varied
systems, customized for the building
and the customer. We also provide
repair services, consulting, building
assessments and energy management
Joel Hemmesch, Lead Engineer, troubleshooting
a roof-top unit electrical system
On October 2, 2005, Ryan broke
ground on Isle of Capri’s new Waterloo,
Iowa casino, a $67-million designbuild project that includes associated
restaurants and entertainment space
and a 194-room hotel. Construction
also recently began on a second
Bettendorf project. Ryan is designing
and constructing an additional level on
the existing Bettendorf casino’s parking
ramp as well as a new 258-room hotel.
Isle of Capri owns and operates 15
casinos throughout the country. Their
wide geographical range of projects and
future projects made Ryan a natural fit.
With offices throughout the Midwest,
Ryan offered not only the capabilities,
but the local staff and relationships to
facilitate each project with efficiency
and expediency.
EXPRESS: Many people may not
the leadership out of the Chicago office
has been fantastic as well. The effort
has been seamless.”
us to be proactive in our approach. We
implement programs and procedures
to maintain properties with the overall
goal of reducing the need for demand
service, after-hour emergency calls
and this allows us to maintain the
highest standards of tenant/customer
satisfaction. The Ryan difference is our
people. Our staff has a strong sense
of ownership and fiscal responsibility
for our customers’ properties. They
JR: We will continue to partner with
our customers, innovating to meet
and anticipate their needs. We will
service their facilities in a manner
above industry standards. We will
focus on our customers’, tenants’
and owners’ needs and exceed their
expectations. We will stay abreast
of the latest trends and technology.
As an example, because of our
construction department’s commitment
to LEED (Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design), we have
learned to maintain LEED-certified
buildings and are more cognizant of
operating our existing buildings using
environmentally-friendly methods.
We will build our business by offering
our services to customers familiar
with Ryan. Building Services is an
extension of our Property Management
group and closes the circle of the
complete range of services Ryan offers
their customers.