TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2014
Straight Answers
Q: We have a neighbor
I live in Davidson County.
who seems to be having yard
sales every weekend. Are there
any laws regarding how often
someone can have a yard sale?
— B.W.
Answer: Guy Cornman, planning director and zoning administrator for Davidson County,
said that no more than four
yard sales would be allowed in a
given year.
If an individual is having too
many yard sales in rapid succession, he said that under their current ordinances they would meet
the definition of a commercial
flea market, which is allowed only
in a commercial zoning district.
Anyone in Davidson County
who sees a problem like this in
their neighborhood should contact the Davidson County Planning and Zoning office at (336)
242-2220. The staff there will
get in touch with the individual
holding the sales.
In Winston-Salem and Forsyth
County, people are allowed to
have no more than two yard sales
a year. As with Davidson, the reason for the rule is because of zoning regulations. Selling things at
one’s home every weekend of the
year is basically running a business in a residential area, which is
a violation of zoning ordinances.
The city-county zoning office
enforces zoning regulations. The
phone number is (336) 727-2628.
Q: that “a child goes missing
A recent editorial
every 40 seconds in the U.S. according to authorities.” Multiply that out and I get 788,400
such incidents yearly. I cannot
find a satisfactory explanation or citation to authority for
that incredibly large number.
— J.M.
Answer: That frequently-cited
number, which comes from
studies by the U.S. Department
of Justice, may sound high to
you. But that’s because it lists
how many children go missing, not how many stay missing.
While the vast majority of those
children are found, according
to an ABC report, those who are
not “represent 5,000 to 10,000
children; children who are out
there, somewhere, perhaps waiting to be rescued.”
As an article at news site Slate.
com that analyzed the numbers
explained, “It’s true that 797,500
people under 18 were reported
missing in a one-year period,
according to a 2002 study. But
of those cases, 203,900 were
family abductions, 58,200 were
nonfamily abductions, and only
115 were ‘stereotypical kidnappings’.” And in most cases,
though sadly not all, those children are found. Some may also
get entered into the database
multiple times after disappearing on different occasions, “resulting in potentially misleading
numbers,” according to the
report. “But in other ways, the
NCIC (National Criminal Information Center) may understate
the figures. Many missing persons aren’t reported at all.”
How can I write to
Steve Coburn, the
co-owner of the race horse
California Chrome?
Today in History
In 1692, the first official execution resulting
from the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts
took place as Bridget Bishop was hanged.
In 1985, socialite Claus von Bulow was
acquitted by a jury in Providence, R.I., at
In 1864, the Confederate Congress authorized his retrial on charges he tried to murder his
military service for men between 17 and 70.
heiress wife, Martha “Sunny” von Bulow.
In 1934, English composer Frederick Delius, 72,
— The Associated Press
On June 10, 1964, the Senate voted to limit
debate on a proposed civil rights bill, shutting
off a filibuster by Southern senators. The Civil
Rights Act of 1964 won congressional approval
and was signed by President Lyndon Johnson.
Microsoft teases new‘Crackdown,’ ‘Halo’at E3
The Associated Press
LOS ANGELES — It’s all about
the games for Microsoft at E3.
Microsoft focused exclusively on hyping titles coming to its
Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles during its presentation
Monday ahead of the Electronic
Entertainment Expo, the game
industry’s annual trade show.
The new Xbox One games included a fresh installment of the
open-world romp “Crackdown”;
a reboot of the Xbox action
game “Phantom Dust”; the original dragon-centric adventure
“Scalebound” from developer
Platinum Games; a sequel to the
2013 “Tomb Raider” reboot titled “Rise of the Tomb Raider”;
and a “Halo” collection that will
bring four prior installments of
the sci-fi shooter to Microsoft’s
latest console.
Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, began the
90-minute presentation by noting that Microsoft changed features of the Xbox One, which
launched last November, after listening to consumer feedback.
“You are shaping the future
of Xbox, and we are better for
it,” Spencer told the crowd and
cameras broadcasting the event.
“Today, we are dedicating our
entire briefing to games.”
When the company initially
unveiled the Xbox One last year
at its Redmond, Wash., headquarters, Microsoft billed the
$499 console as an “all-in-one”
entertainment hub for the living
Following criticism, Microsoft
backtracked on several requirements for the console, including that it must be connected to
both the Internet every 24 hours
and to its motion-detecting Kinect sensor.
The company began selling a
Electronic Arts is testing its “Battlefield Hardline ” game at E3.
Kinect-free version of the Xbox
One on Monday for $399.
Microsoft Corp. has lagged
behind Sony Corp. since both
companies began selling their
latest consoles last November.
Microsoft has sold 5 million
Xbox units.
One consoles to Sony’s 7 million PlayStation 4 units. However, both companies have
outpaced the sales of their predecessor consoles — the Xbox
360 and PlayStation 3 — during
the same time period.
“We will continue to listen to
you, our community, and will
to 6:30 p.m. today in Room 201, Central Branch
Library, 660 W. Fifth St. Includes tips for recording, saving and managing files. Bring a recording
device. Registration is required; call (336) 7033070.
The Winston-Salem Journal is
committed to accuracy and fairness.
You can report an error by calling
(336) 727-7287 or by emailing
[email protected].
did not reference the entertainment apps or other original programming coming to the popular Xbox Live online service,
Spencer said.
“I wanted to use the 90 minutes we’re on broadcast TV, here
in front of thousands of fans and
on the Web, so people can see
all of the content, all of the great
games they’re going to get to play
on their Xbox,” he said backstage
after the presentation.
“I think that’s why people buy
the consoles, and it’s important
for us to deliver the goods when
we’re on stage here at E3.”
OPEN MIC NIGHT: 8 to 11 p.m. today at JP Looneys
Sports Bar and Grill, 1022 J S. Main St., Kernersville.
Play or sing along with the Tyler Millard Band. Free.
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FAMILY FRIDAY NIGHT: 4 to 8 p.m. Friday at SciWorks,
400 W. Hanes Mill Road. Visit the museum, outdoor
parks and planetarium for $3 a person. For more
information, call (336) 767-6730 or visit www.sciworks.org.
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Over the weekend
our Facebook fans
commented on the
story about Rep.
Virginia Foxx’s
grandson, who was
arrested last month for a drug offense. Here’s what
two people had to say:
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“Maybe she needs to work more on our government’s
involvement in drug treatment and rehabilitation, because it
afects every family.”
Ronald Jackson
Liz Kiger tears into
a rib as a judge in
the ribs contest
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“I’m not a fan of Virginia Foxx, but this is a tragedy for any
Bob Vorbroker
— A.G.
◆ An article Sunday on Page A14
about Forsyth Tech opening two
computer labs listed the wrong
day. The labs in the Tech Building
on Forsyth Tech’s campus off Silas
Creek Parkway will open Wednesday.
◆ In an article Monday on Page
A3, the name of one of the two
rock climbers who fell Saturday
at Stone Mountain State Park
was incorrect. Brian Sakofsky
was one of the two people
injured. He and Lisa Bacon were
hospitalized with multiple injuries.
continue to make Xbox for you,”
Spencer told the crowd at the
conclusion of Monday’s event.
“That’s not just my personal
commitment, but the commitment of the entire Xbox team.”
teased during the event included the futuristic “Call of Duty:
Advanced Warfare,” driving sequel “Forza Horizon 2,” original
cartoony shoot-’em-up “Sunset
Overdrive,” cooperative fantasy
“Fable Legends,” and downloadable choreography game “Dance
Central Spotlight.”
The company intentionally
Go, See, Do
Answer: Your best bet is to
post a message on California
Chrome’s official Facebook page,
which you can find by doing
a search on Facebook. As of
Monday afternoon, it had about
120,000 “Likes.”
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