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Document 6447537
Wheelwright Lane Primary School Newsletter
Issue 4: 4.10.11
Schools across Warwickshire are taking part in a world
record to try and serve the most roast dinners in a
The Food for Life Roast Dinner Day will take place on
Wednesday 12th October.
The choice is Roast Pork Loin or a cheesy courgette
sausage. If you would like your child to participate in
this please send £1.85 to school.
Teacher Training Days set for 2012 are: Friday 10th February Friday 1st June Our Harvest Assembly is due to take place on Thursday
13th October at 9.10am. Each Class will contribute in
some way and Parents are very welcome to attend.
We will be collecting tinned and packet produce to
donate to a local cause. If you would like to send in a
donation please feel free to do so from this point on or
indeed on the day if you would prefer. Thankyou in
advance for your kind donations.
Next Friday 14th October we will be coming together
with Exhall Grange for our joint Science Day.
The day will be a fun learning day focusing on Science
Investigation based around the theme of Pirates.
Diary dates for the Autumn Term are shown below and
will be included and updated on every newsletter.
Harvest Festival
Super Science Day
Parents Evening
Parents Evening
Finish for Half term
Children return to school
Governors meeting
Enterprise Week
Christmas Concert 1.30
Christmas Concert 1.30
Church Nativity
Teacher Training Day
Children return to school
The children will be investigating many things including;
What is the Best shape for a Pirates sail? What would
a Pirate wear in a storm? and how to make periscopes.
The day will follow the same format as our previous
enrichment days where the children choose which
workshop to attend and we group the children
vertically (a few from every year group)
We also have a visiting Planetarium for the day and all
the activities are offered free of charge to all
What we would like though please, is for the children
to dress up as Pirates. Ripped t-shirts, shorts, scars
and eye patches are a good starting point! We would
also like the children to bring a picnic lunch for that
day so we can keep the planetarium set up in the hall
enabling all the children to access it. If children have
free school meals we will gladly supply a packed lunch.
The teachers too will be dressing up (even me!) as we
look forward to enriching the children’s investigative
skills in Science.
Speeches and elections have taken place and votes
have been counted and verified! This years House
Captains are:
Antony Harris
Lauren Cox
Katrina Hands
Fion Watson
Kessia Garfield
Tayla Wilkinson
Harshiran Hayer
Bradley Chilton
School Council Elections have also taken place and our
new representatives are:
Amber Class
Amethyst Class
Turquoise Class
Quartz Class
Topaz Class
Jet Class
Bethany Barnes
Shaw Strang
Jack Conroy
Olivia Burrows
Sam Morgan
Charley Pearson
Natasha Neale
Dillon Swarm
Charlotte Summers
George Makings
Sajidha Jaman
Jessica Turfey
Hopefully your children will have spoken to you about
the changes to lunchtime that have taken place.
We no longer have sandwiches in the classroom and all
children eat their lunch together in the hall. It is a
nice social time for the children and they have been
very well behaved.
On Thursday which is Reading Buddy Day we are
trialing having an Active Playground for those that like
to run around, play football and basketball etc and a
quiet playground for those that prefer to play board
games, read, draw or have construction equipment. The
children will choose which playground they would like to
go on and we are hoping this will stop children feeling
anxious about playtime.
If this is successful we are planning to roll this out at
lunchtime. Children can change their minds each day
and are not restricted to the same playground forever!
Next Parent Clinic is Friday 21st October at 2.45pm
with Mrs Browne our Deputy Head Teacher.
Children who have an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P)
at School Action will have their I.E.P’s reviewed during
Parent/Teacher Consultations.
Children who have an I.E.P at School Action plus or a
statement of Special Education Needs will have their
targets reviewed with me either the week before half
term or the week after. Look out for letters coming
home directly to parents.
We have been having a real push on movement around
the school during lesson change, break time and
lunchtime and I have to say I’m really impressed with
the orderly and sensible way the children are moving
around the school.
We are now working on improving children’s behaviour
at lunchtime which is the time they really let off
We are providing lots of activities for them to do and
have eliminated hotspots such as prolonged lining up
What we are noticing is that some children do not have
the same regard for the lunchtime staff as they do
other school staff. Please could you help support us in
this by reminding your children to be as polite and
courteous to our lunch staff as they are to us during
the school day.
Any suggestions you may have to improve lunchtimes
will be gratefully received! We have a phased plan in
place, watch this space for more developments……..

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