September 15, 2006
Steering Committee Members Present
Sujata Bansal
Alisa Burton
Joya Chavarin
Tedi Crawford
Vicki Fall
Donnamarie Fuller
Rosa Elaine Garcia
Charles Go
Becky Hopkins
Judy Kriege
Michelle McMillan-Wilson Paul Miller
Rosemary Obeid
Dawn Paxson
George Philipp
Graciela Spreitz
Barbara Terrell
Jeannie Virgilio
Janet Zamudio
Ada Lillie
General Members Present:
Aisha Brown
Supervisor Carson’s Office
Valentina Torres
The Link to Children
Laura Keeley-Saldana
Erin Coppin
Erin Hill-Freschi
Every Child Counts
Darlene Johnston
Sandra Weese
Tahereh Ghorabani
Michelle Leving
Laura Otero
Child Care Planning Council Staff Present:
Angie Garliing
Ellen Dektar
Steering Committee Members Absent
Mary Ann Alam
Catherine Atkin
Claire Bainer
Barbara Garcia
Adrienne Hodsdon
Barbara Kraybill
Raelene Billie Okoh Margie Gutierrez-Padilla
Jackie Fox Ruby
Rebecca Silva
Carol Singer
Stacy Thompson
Kay Paasche
Pamm Shaw
Eric Peterson
Alice Bedinger
Cynthia Leahy
Janet Dubois Mars
Carla Woodworth
Kelly Dotson
Krishen Laetsch
Nadiyah Taylor
YMCA Head Start
Step One
Davis Street
CA Montessori
Assm. Wilma Chan
Michael Panori
I. Call to Order
Rosemary Obeid, Chair of the Planning Council, convened the meeting at 9:15 AM at Every Child
Counts, 1100 San Leandro Blvd., San Leandro, CA. Attendees introduced themselves and made
Angie Garling, Planning Council Coordinator, announced that Rory Darrah of Every Child Counts will
be retiring on December 7, 2006. Elizabeth Ford is the new Director of Early Care and Education.
Angie also announced that the December meeting would include a networking lunch based on
previous suggestions of the Steering Committee.
Angie reminded the Council that there were still spaces open for the “Facilitation: The Art of Group
Dialogue” workshop with Odin Zackman of Dig In Design and Consulting. The training is set for
Thursday, September 21, from 9:30am-3:30pm at ECC.
Rosemary Obeid announced that Tenna Land-Moore would be resigning from her position as
Executive Director at Alameda County 4C’s and form the Planning Council Steering Committee due
to health concerns.
II. Consent Calendar-Action
• Approve Agenda and July 2006 Meeting Minutes
• Approve 2007 Planning Council Meeting Calendar
• Approve Planning Council Support of the Third Annual Family Child Care Awareness
Motion: Rosemary Obeid called for a vote. Motion was passed. Tedi Crawford/Jeanne Virgilio
III. Planning Council Business
• Approve Steering Committee Member Recommendations
Motion: Motion was passed with the exception of Janelle Bolte, whose residence and work is in
San Francisco and with the amendment that attendance records be considered on returning
members who apply for a second term. Paul Miller/Becky Hopkins
• Review Strategic Planning Objectives and Strategies to Address What’s Not Working Well
The Council reviewed the objectives and their status. Paul Miller suggested that the name and of
the document “What’s Not Working Well” be changed to “What Can Be Improved.”
IV. Planning Council Correspondence
Angie Garling brought to the Council’s attention an article (“Whoa! Children!”) quoting Ellen
Dektar, LINCC Project Coordinator, in the East Bay Express and an article (“Padilla Johnson Made
Center into Child Care Powerhouse”) about Rose Padilla Johnson, Executive Director at the
Davis Street Family Resource Center, in the East Bay Business Times.
Copies distributed.
Erin Hill-Freschi called attention to an article on First Five Alameda County’s summer bridge
program entitled “Parents and Kids Prepare for Kindergarten” that appeared in the Friday, June
30, 2006, Berkeley Daily Planet.
Copies distributed.
V. Committee Reports (verbal and/or written)
A. CEL/UASCC Advisory Committee
Nadiyah Taylor reported on this Committee’s activities and announced that this group will
henceforth be called the CEL Collaborative.
B. Family Child Care Coalition
Barbara Terrell reported on this Committee’s activities and spoke of the upcoming Visibility tour.
C. Early Care and Education Committee
Joya Chavarin reported on this Committee’s activities. Paul Miller spoke on the Kidango grant
from the Packard Foundation.
D. ECMH Systems Group
Sujata Bansal reported on this Committee’s activities.
E. Local Investment in Child Care (LINCC)
Ellen Dektar reported on this Committee’s activities and announced upcoming Informational
Meetings in Castro Valley and San Lorenzo about a potential child care impact fee in
Unincorporated County. Copies of details distributed.
For more information please contact Ellen Dektar at (510) 208-9578.
F. Public Policy Committee
Jacki Fox Ruby reported on this Committee’s activities. The responses from the ECE candidates
questionnaire will be published on the web and emailed to the General membership. There have
been a series of voter registration informational emails.
G. School-Age Care/After School Workgroup
Judy Kriege reported on this Committee’s activities and the expansion of Afterschool funding
through SB638.
H. Committee on Special Needs
Erin Hill-Freschi reported on this Committee’s activities. For now, the Committee will meet every
other month with the next meeting in October.
I. Executive Committee
Rosemary Obeid reported on this Committee’s activities and referred to the “What’s Not Going as
Well as You Would Like With the Planning Council?” sheet.
J. Ad Hoc Outreach Committee
George Philipp reported on this Committee’s activities.
For a current update on any of the committees, please refer to written report included in the packet, contact
Angie Garling at (510) 208-9675, or visit the Planning Council’s website at
V. Community and Staff Reports (verbal and/or written)
Krishen Laetsch of Assemblywoman Wilma Chan’s Office. Krishen reported on the preschool
expansion funding available through AB172, authored by Assemblywoman Wilma Chan.
Angie provided a Powerpoint presentation of New State Legislation: Implications for Child Care in
Alameda County. There was a Public Policy Committee overview, descriptions of Child Care
Provisions in Budget Bill, and a rundown of Legislative Bill Status on AB2403 (DeVore), AB 1282
(Mullin), SB 638 (Torlakson), AB 172 (Chan), AB 1246 (Wolk), AB1095 (Mullin), AB 1601 (Laird),
AB 2865 (Torrico), SB 697 (Kuehl).
Rosemary Obeid provided an update on Early Care and Education For All. She noted that there
was still work to be done, and that the final plan would be rolled out in early November.
Janet DuBois Mars of the California Preschool Instructional Network provided an overview of
their services and future meeting schedule.
Public Comment
There was no public comment.
Angie took a moment to express appreciation for Child Care Planning Council staff members Ellen
Dektar and Nadiyah Taylor, who have completed five years and one year with the Planning Council
The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Child Care Planning Council staff, Angie Garling.
Alameda County Child Care Planning Council Steering Committee Meeting
Friday, December 1, 2007
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Every Child Counts
1100 San Leandro Blvd., Conference Room A, San Leandro, CA

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