Tiramisú all’amaretto 6
mascarpone mousse, lady fingers dipped in espresso coffee and amaretto liquor
Torta della Nonna 7
traditional “grand mother” tart, filled with vanilla lemon custard, toasted pine nuts
and chocolate sauce
Budino al Cioccolato e Fragole 6
strawberry chocolate shortcake, whipping cream and amarena cherry
Crema al Caramello 6
vanilla custard with a loose caramel sauce
Cannoli alla Siciliana 7
traditional sicilian style cannoli, filled with fresh ricotta, chocolate chips, candied fruits, amarena
Tortino al Cioccolato 8
flourless chocolate hazelnut cake, pistachio biscotti cookie
Crostata di Frutti d Bosco 7
warm berry tart, almond frangipane, vanilla frangelico cream
Gelato e Sorbetti 6
Assortement of Fior di Latte Italian ice cream and sorbets
AMARI — Italian Bitter Herbal Liquor
Amaro Averna 7
born in 1868 from a sicilian recipe by don salvatore amera
Amaro Nonino 10
made from grappa infused with herbs such as caramelized sugar, bitter orange, cinchona, galenga, gentian, liquorice, quassia wood, rhubarb, saffron, sweet orange and
Amaro Meletti 6
a unique blend of herbs and botanicals with hints of violet, saffron, and caramel
Cardamaro 9
based on giovanni Bosca,’s original recipe, who infused Moscato wine with cardoon
and blessed thistle
Amaro Montenegro 9
created in 1885 by stanislao cobianchi and Italian poet gabriele d`annunzio’s favorite
drink, which he named liquore delle virtudi, or “liquor of virtues”
Nardini Amaro 8
distinctive digestif infused with bitter orange, peppermint, and alpine yellow gentian
Fernet Branca 8
the purpose of this higher proof amaro, created in Milan in 1845, was medicinal.
made from 40 different types of herbs (suggested also in espresso)
Amaro Ramazzotti 7
medium style amaro made with 33 different herbs
ade by distilling the skins, pulp, seeds and stems left over after pressing the
Marolo (winemaker)
Brunello 16
Jacopo Poli: (winemaker)
Poli Barrique 11
Arzente 15 Mirtillo 8
Miele 8
Pera 10
Ciliegia 8
Barolo 15
Camomilla 13
Nardini (winemaker)
Nardini Classica 9
Nardini Mandorle 9
Porti —Vinho do Porto
Tawny (aged in wooden barrels)
Barros 10 years 8
Barros 20 years 11
Taylor Fladgate 40 years 25
Cockburn n/v 7
Espresso 3
Macchiato 3
Cappuccino 4
Coffee 2 Americano 3
Doppio 5
Caffe Latte 3
Hot Tea 2
Cockburn n/v 8
Sandeman n/v 7

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