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Module 8: Body Scrubs
In this module we’re going to look at how to make a variety of different body scrubs. Body scrubs contain an exfolia=ng agent which removes dead skin cells on the outer surface of the skin revealing the smooth skin underneath. They open and clear the pores, remove dirt and debris and cleanse the skin of excess oil. Body scrubs also s=mulate and encourage local blood circula=on, bringing warmth to the surface area, helping the body to remove toxins and helping the blood to bring nutrients to nourish the skin cells. They can therefore be quite invigora=ng and leave you with a healthy glow!
Exfolia=ng agents can work on a physical level or chemical level. The exfolia=ng agents we’ll use in the module such as sugar and salt exfoliate on a physical level, they are abrasive grains which are rubbed gently on the skin to remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Some ingredients exfoliate on a chemical level by dissolving dead skin cells, for example alpha-­‐hydroxy acids (AHAs) or salicylic acid. Many natural ingredients such as milk, fruit and sugar contain natural acids which exfoliate on a chemical level. Fruit naturally contains AHAs, milk contains lac=c acid and sugar glycolic acid. Sugar therefore is a great scrub ingredient as it exfoliates on a physical and chemical level.
To Use: Rub the scrub gently onto the skin in circular mo=ons. These recipes are suitable for the body only. Different exfolia=ng agents are chosen for the delicate skin on the face so the recipes here are not suitable for facial use.
©Gail Francombe 2013
Shelf life: Most of the body scrub recipes below are anhydrous (they are oil based and do not contain water). We know from previous modules that anhydrous products do not require a preserva=ve. These body scrubs will have a shelf life of around 6 months or more without preserva=ve if they are stored and used very carefully ensuring water does not enter the product.
Of course as its a body scrub that will be used in the shower this may be difficult to do in prac=ce and so you can add a preserva=ve to the scrub if you wish. Check with your supplier that the preserva=ve is suitable for anhydrous products. Storage: As men=oned above if your scrub doesn't contain preserva=ve it’s very important not to get water into the scrub when you are using it. It would be best to remove a scoop from the jar with a spoon before ge\ng into the shower. if you have added a preserva=ve this is less of a concern however care should s=ll be taken to minimise the amount of water (and therefore bacteria) that you are introducing into the scrub when you use it.
Store in a cool, dark place. Ensure you have clean, dry hands when using the body bu]er or use a spoon or spatula to remove it from the jar
Exfolia=ng agents
Salt-­‐ Makes a great exfoliant for the body or feet because of its abrasive texture
Sugar -­‐ (white or brown, caster or granulated) Makes a great exfoliant because of its abrasive texture and because it contains glycolic acid it also exfoliates on a chemical level too. Do not use of the face, on sensi=ve or damaged skin. Choose caster for a finer, so_er scrub and granulated for a coarser scrub. You can also use white or brown sugar. I tend to use brown as its more unrefined but white works equally as well.
Jojoba beads -­‐ these are made from jojoba oil and are smooth grains useful for exfolia=ng. They can be added to creams, lo=ons, gels and face masks to add an exfolia=ng func=on. Bamboo powder -­‐ made from bamboo, this is an exfolia=ng powder which you can add to creams, lo=ons, gels, and face masks for an exfolia=ng ac=on.
Pumice (for use on feet only) -­‐ A very powerful exfolia=ng agent best suited for use on the feet. Pumice rock is formed by the lava from volcanoes. Use at around 10% of your recipe. Ground rice -­‐ good in fresh face or body treatments (doesn’t keep very well). An excellent exfoliator for the face when applied with gentle circular mo=ons. Can be bought inexpensively from most supermarkets.
©Gail Francombe 2013
Simple Body Scrub Recipes
This is a collec=on of wonderfully effec=ve and simple to make body scrubs that are a combina=on of sugar or salt, vegetable oils and essen=al oils. The sugar or salt are the abrasive exfolia=ng agent and the vegetable oil is so_ening for the skin. You’ll step out of the shower smooth and glowing!
To Make: Mix all the ingredients together and spoon into your container.
Simple Salt Scrub
This is a very simple recipe and its likely you have all of the ingredients already at home! Sea Salt
Vegetable Oil (such as olive oil, sunflower oil or similar)
Fill your container with sea salt and drizzle with oil un=l the salt is just covered. Mix well.
Grapefruit and Geranium Circula=on Boos=ng Scrub
This contains oils that are beneficial for cellulite and is wonderful used together with the Grapefruit and Geranium Cellulite Oil. Body scrubs [email protected] and encourage local blood [email protected], helping the body to remove toxins and helping the blood to bring nutrients to nourish the skin cells. They can therefore be quite [email protected] and leave you with a healthy glow!
Grapefruit and Geranium are both [email protected] [email protected] that help the removal of toxins in the body. Remember that diet and exercise are very important too in [email protected] and [email protected] cellulite.
100g Sea Salt
25 -­‐ 30ml Apricot Kernel Oil (or vegetable oil of your choice)
15 drops grapefruit essen=al oil
15 drops geranium essen=al oil
Op=onal : 20 drops preserva=ve (or according to manufacturers instruc=ons) ©Gail Francombe 2013
Rise and Shine Morning Shower Scrub
This upliEing body scrub uses refreshing peppermint [email protected] oil for a zingy morning shower. This would also work very well as a foot scrub.
100g Sea Salt
25 -­‐ 30ml Apricot Kernel Oil (or vegetable oil of your choice)
15 drops lavender essen=al oil
10 drops peppermint essen=al oil
Op=onal : 20 drops preserva=ve (or according to manufacturers instruc=ons)
Detoxifying Mud Scrub
This scrub uses clay for its cleansing and detoxifying [email protected] There are a number of clays you could choose from including green clay, bentonite clay or rhassoul clay. Rhassoul is a specialist clay from Morocco used in hammams (the moroccan version of a Turkish Bath). So whip up this simple body scrub and imagine yourself in a whisked away to Morocco! Lemongrass is helpful in the [email protected] of toxins and has a wonderful upliEing aroma.
100g sea salt
10g clay of your choice (green clay, rhassoul clay, bentonite clay)
25ml vegetable oil of your choice
10 drops Lemongrass essen=al oil
©Gail Francombe 2013
SoKening Scrubs with BuLers
These scrubs use wonderful bu]ers to leave your skin really so_ and smooth. As bu]ers have a solid or semi-­‐solid consistency they need to be so_ened first before adding your exfolia=ng agent. The easiest way to do this is to use your bu]ers at room temperature and use an electric hand whisk to whip them up a li]le. Read back over Module 6: Whipped Body Bu]ers for more informa=on on this. Cocoa bu]er is not suitable as its too hard but shea bu]er, mango bu]er and solid coconut oil work well. To make: So_en your bu]ers first by hand (for coconut oil) or with an electric whisk (for bu]ers). Add your sugar or salt and essen=al oils and mix well. Put into your container.
SoKening & Sensual Shea Sugar scrub
The shea buLer in this recipe leaves your skin so silky and soE! The [email protected] of Lime, Ylang Ylang and Lavender creates an [email protected], sensual and refreshing aroma that is simply gorgeous.
25g Shea Bu]er 10ml solid coconut oil (some=mes called Coconut bu]er)
15ml sunflower oil
60g sugar
10 drops Lime essen=al oil
4 drops Lavender essen=al oil
4 drops Ylang Ylang
©Gail Francombe 2013
Sweet & Refreshing Shea Sugar scrub
Benzoin [email protected] oil has a lovely vanilla like smell that adds a sweet scent to this soEening body scrub. Lemongrass and Mandarin add a lovely fruity, upliEing zing. The sugar and shea buLer will leave your skin silky and soE.
25g Shea Bu]er 10ml solid coconut oil (some=mes called Coconut bu]er)
15ml sunflower oil
60g sugar
10 drops Lemongrass essen=al oil
10 drops Mandarin essen=al oil
5 drops Benzoin
Tropical Coconut Scrub
(Makes a 60g jar)
This is simple to whip up and the coconut, sugar and lime or lemongrass oils combine to create a smell that resembles an [email protected] Caribbean cocktail! Wonderful to use to brighten up dull winter mornings, revive your spirits and refresh and revive your skin.
30g coconut oil
55g unrefined brown sugar
Op=onal: 20 drops of essen=al oil such as 10 drops Lime, 6 drops Lavender and 4 drops Ylang Ylang or 10 drops Lemongrass and 10 drops Lavender essen=al oil
©Gail Francombe 2013
Exfolia=ng Creams and Lo=ons
If you have delicate or sensi=ve skin and would like a much gentler exfoliator you can make an exfolia=ng lo=on to use in the shower and then rinse off. To make an exfolia=ng lo=on follow the same method as that used to make a regular lo=on in Module 7: Creams and Lo=ons and add gentle exfolia=ng agent such as bamboo powder or jojoba beads in the cooling phase.
Gentle Lavender and Mandarin Exfolia=ng Lo=on
Lavender and mandarin [email protected] oils are gently [email protected]@c and [email protected] I like using this [email protected] in the evening as its also a relaxing, calming blend.
Oil phase
22ml sweet almond oil
5g emulsifying wax
Water Phase
70ml boiled spring water
2.5ml glycerine
Cooling phase
0.5ml Vitamin E
20 drops of preserva=ve
10 drops lavender 10 drops mandarin or orange essen=al oil 3g/ 1tsp exfolia=ng ingredient (jojoba beads, bamboo powder)
To make: Please follow the instruc=ons found in Module 7: Creams and Lo=ons. Store in a pump dispenser for easy use.
To use: Smooth onto the body rubbing gently in circular mo=ons and then rinse off.
SoKening Pumice Foot Scrub
This foot scrub is packed full of soothing, healing and nourishing ingredients perfect for feet that need some TLC! The pumice will remove hard skin, shea buLer is wonderfully soEening and Lavender and Rosemary are both highly [email protected]@c and promote healing. Combine with Peppermint too for a refreshing and reviving foot treatment. This recipe is also based on a cream recipe so make up as you would any other cream and add the pumice in the cooling phase. Oil phase
15g shea bu]er
5ml avocado oil
5ml sweet almond oil
7g emulsifying wax
©Gail Francombe 2013
Water Phase
55ml calendula infusion (or boiled spring water)
2.5ml glycerine
Cooling phase
10g ground pumice
20 drops of preserva=ve (or according to manufacturers instruc=ons)
15 drops Rosemary essen=al oil
18 drops Lavender essen=al oil
7 drops Peppermint essen=al oil (op=onal)
To make: Please follow the instruc=ons found in Module 7: Creams and Lo=ons. Add the pumice to the cooling phase and mix in well before placing in your container.
To use: Smooth onto the feet rubbing gently in circular mo=ons and then rinse off.
Please note: the School of Natural Skincare, has taken all reasonable care in sourcing and presen=ng accurate informa=on in this eCourse but no responsibility is accepted for any inaccuracies or mistakes in the informa=on, or loss or damage that may result from its use.
Copyright © 2013 Gail Francombe
All rights reserved. All recipes and informa=on are for personal use only by students who have purchased the course. This eCourse or any por=on thereof may not be shared or reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express wri]en permission of the author.
©Gail Francombe 2013

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