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The Five Fastest Four Wheelers
Most Expensive ATVs
The five fastest ATV's have got to be the Yamaha
Banshee, Honda 250r, Can Am Renegade 1000, Honda
700xx and the Yamaha Raptor 800. The Yamaha
Banshee is the fastest of them all. It can reach speeds
up to 90 mph! It’s so fast that the word banshee is
considered a bad word. The Honda 250r is the next in
line. It can reach speeds up to 83.5 mph. They are a
very rare find because they were only manufactured
from 1986 to 1989. Next, is the Can am Renegade.
This quad is both utility and sport. It reaches the
speed of 78 mph. Next is the Honda 700xx. This is
Honda’s race quad because it’s very light and quick. It
tops out at 75 mph. Lastly is the Yamaha Raptor 700.
It gets up to 70 mph.
The five most expensive quads include the Can am
Renegade, Arctic cat EFI 1000, Honda Renicon 680,
Kawasaki Brute and a Can am Outlander. Let’s start
off with the Can Am Renegade. A Can Am Renegade
brand new is $12,999. The next most expensive is
the Arctic Cat EFI 1000. This quad brand new is
$11,999. The third is the Honda Renicon. It rings in
at $9,250. Next is the Kawasaki Brute. This atv was
meant for going through very deep mud. This quad
costs $8,999 brand new. Lastly is the Can Am
Outlander. This quad is also known to be able to go
through very deep mud. This atv costs $7,999.
The Five Most Purchased ATVs
The five most bought ATVs were the Honda
400 EX, Yamaha Blaster, Yamaha Warrior,
Honda TRX500 and the Honda TRX350. To
start off, the most bought of them all
is the Honda 400 EX. They sold so many
because they are a perfect size for
adult riders and very quick. Also, they
are known for being very reliable. Next
is the Yamaha Warrior. They sold many
because they’ve been making them for 24
years. Third in line is the Yamaha
Blaster. The Blaster is popular because
they are cheap and quick. Next is the
Honda TRX350. They were sold a lot
because they’re the cheapest 4X4 you can
get. Lastly is the Honda TRX500. They
had many that got sold because it’s a
perfect size for an experienced rider.
Other Interesting ATV Information
The first ATV dates back to 1970. This
was a 70 cc 3 wheeler. They are now
very hard to find because they are so
old. The fastest ATV ever made went 250
km/h. The most expensive quad is called
a “GG Quadster”. It has a BMW motor in
it. ATVs can float across water. The
rarest quad now is the Kawasaki CK-250.
They do not make 3 wheelers anymore
because they were very dangerous
because they are very easy to flip.
They stopped making them in 1985.