1 General Information B


1 General Information B
Current Offers Dealer iframe Implementation
1 General Information
This is a rich interactive brochure designed to enhance your dealership website and consumers
experience within it, giving your staff and the consumer an additional tool to research the 2015 Fit.
It shows off the Fit in a more dynamic way than a printed brochure or PDF. The first page of the
experience will be personalized with your dealership name and hours of operation. The experience
includes animation and interactive elements that display the vehicle and its features in an engaging
way. Also, you can utilize this tool within your dealership’s showroom on an iPad or feel free to share
with your perspective leads by sending via social media tools with the experience or copying the link
in an email.
This experience is different from the Print on Demand brochures, which you can continue to order
through Primary Color (available via AdBuilder) to provide customers with a physical brochure.
2 Requirements
Dealers must have the ability to add a link or button to their web site. The button will allow an
AHM-hosted page (a.k.a. MY15 Fit eBrochure) to be displayed within a dealer's web site.
Dealers may open this eBrochure in an iframe or in a new window, it will be at the discretion of the
dealer utilizing the functionality.
This section describes the interface for retrieving MY15 Fit eBrochure. The URLs are invoked in the
iframe or new window, as launched from the dealers website. Dealers must pass in their AHM dealer
number when making this call.
MY15 Fit eBrochure
To obtain a customized eBrochure for your dealership, use the following URL:
http://automobiles.honda.com/e-brochure/2015-fit/?dealerid=[your AHM dealer number]
Sample only:
Confidential Property Of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
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Current Offers Dealer iframe Implementation
If you do not have available or know your AHM Dealer Number, please call the interactive Network
Support line at 1-800-245-4343. It may be necessary to update your dealership information within
the dealer locator tool if not displaying correctly within the eBrochure.
You will be provided multiple versions and sizes of buttons that your dealership may use on your
web site. Please note, you do NOT need to use this button for this functionality to work, but they
have been provided as a convenience. You may use your own button creative to invoke the
brochure should you desire.
Should you decide to utilize the provided buttons, please note you are required to upload the image
asset to your web site, embed the image in your web page using the programming language of your
web site and invoke the URL provided above.
There are a number of ways in which you can invoke this URL. The way your dealership does so will
depend on your webmaster that maintains your site. However, to use simple HTML to launch the
eBrochure using one of the provided buttons, you would use a line of code similar to:
Sample only:
<a href=”http://automobiles.honda.com/e-brochure/2015-fit/?dealerid=200500”
target=”_blank”><img style=”border:0;” src=”path/to/hosted/image/checkoutFit_large.png”
alt=”Check out the Fit”></a>
Sample image:
3 Considerations for this Approach
This approach allows a relatively fast and simple means of exposing the MY15 Fit Customized
eBrochure on dealer web sites. Little development is required other than the implementation of a
mechanism for launching the customized URL; i.e. button or module on dealer site.
Because the eBrochure is centrally hosted and shared, individual modifications to the page layout
are not supported. Similarly, content within the eBrochure cannot be altered, or removed in any
This URL can be used outside of a dealer web site as well, for example, in social media or email.
Confidential Property Of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
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