Video Borescope RIGEL UF 4.0mm Brochure



Video Borescope RIGEL UF 4.0mm Brochure
Ri g el − U F
Porta ble V ideo Bo rescope with
4 mm Diam et er, 2−way tip
ar t i culat ion
small design
big opportunities
Main Features
• 4.0mm (0.16”) Diameter,
Waterproof Probe
• 2-Way Tip Articulation
• Compact Detachable Monitor
• Cross compatible with all Rigel,
Orion and Heron monitors.
• Image and Video Capture
• USB & AV out
• Cost effective
Rig el − U F
P o rta ble Video Bo rescope with
4 mm Diamet er, 2−way tip
ar ti culat ion
The Rigel - UF (Ultra Fine) is a new video borescope which features and extremely thin insertion probe with 2-way tip articulation in a compact design.
This means that the Rigel-UF is both more compact than more advanced models and more economical.
The Rigel - UF is equipped with a 4mm diameter insertion tube that can be detached from the handheld monitor in seconds if needed. The 350 degree
independently rotating probe has stainless steel braiding and two way articulation of 180 degrees in each direction with a built in micro camera and 3 bright LEDs.
The probe is water, oil, gas and diesel proof, being rugged enough for everyday inspections. With such a narrow diameter the distal end doesn't sacrifice on
bend radius.
Light intensity is controlled with one finger by a simple dial on the monitor, virtually eliminating over-lighting and glare when inspecting reflective or
metallic surfaces.
The bright, 3.5” monitor provides you with clear detailed images, making this multipurpose unit highly useful for a wide range of inspections. All live and stored
images are displayed in color on the integrated LCD screen with a resolution of 720x640 pixels.
Files are captured to an SD memory card (included), and captured images and video can be downloaded directly to a computer or laptop via a USB cable.
A video output jack can be used to transfer the live image to a larger TV monitor, to discuss repairs, and troubleshooting on the spot with customers, while
a rechargeable LI-polymer battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous video capture on a full charge, and requires only 2 hours to recharge.
Technical Specifications
Insertion probe
What's in the Box
Image Hub
4.0mm (0.16”)
3.5" LCD
1m (3.2ft)
USB 1.1/2.0 & AV out
Two way up to 110 degree
Video storage format
Video sensor
Image storage format
JPEG (720 x 640)
100,000 pixel
Field of View (FOV)
Portable battery
Direction of view
Focal range
Probe's covering
Metal Braided
IP 57
System Weight
0.7Kg (4Kg with carry case)
LED illumination
4 LEDs
White Balance
Li-ion battery
Case Dimensions
L. 70cm (27”) x W. 27cm (10.6”)
x H. 17cm (6.7”)
1. 4mm Articulated Video Borescope RIGEL - UF
2. Portable Monitor
3. Selected Insertion probe
4. AC power adapter 5V
5. SD Card
6. USB - miniUSB cable
7. User's manual

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