dl-100 black box - Milwaukee Instruments


dl-100 black box - Milwaukee Instruments
A New Dawn
Digital Instruments
Capturing pH Like Never Before
For over 40 years, there have been virtually no improvements in the
design and function of pH meters, pH monitors and testers.
That all changes when you turn this page.
Comprehensive Design Includes
All the Most Popular Features
Large LCD readout
High resolution white type on blue background
is easy to read even in bright light. Shows most
recent log value, date, time and current
reading simultaneously.
Easy Menu Navigation
Create your own data log project
names. No keyboard required.
Snapshot feature takes
“real-time” reading
Manual click of Snapshot
button displays pH reading
and enters into log without
interfering with the
selected sampling rate.
Automatic Defective
Probe Detection
When probe validation
software detects inaccurate
reading, display indicates
“Defective Probe or
Calibration Standard.”
Includes power cord
with 110VAC plug
Optional converter kit
is available for 220VAC
international use, and a
9VDC battery-powered
docking station is available
for portable use.
Automatic calibration,
menu-driven, with 1-point,
2-point, or 3-point calibration
Smaller target areas work best with
1- and 2-point calibration to assure
greater accuracy; use 3-point when
broader range calculations
are expected.
Utilizes any capacity SD card;
full (standard), mini
and micro with adapters
If power supply is interrupted,
SD card retains all logged data.
Logger connects between any manufacturer’s probe and meter,
monitor, or controller that uses standard BNC probe connector.
Also available as a wifi unit
(#DL-100-WF) utilizing the new
Texas Instruments CC3100
SimpleLink Wi-Fi Network
Processor technology.
Shown actual size
6” x 4.25” x 2.5”
When interfaced with PC, all data
can stream directly to PC as logger
continues to store data on card.
Connect your existing probe to the logger, then use supplied jumper cable to
connect to the measuring device. Unique pass-through arrangement allows you to
easily add data logging. The DL-100 can also be used as a stand-alone unit.
Manufactured/Assembled in the USA

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