How To Start Making More Money Tomorrow into your dream career


How To Start Making More Money Tomorrow into your dream career
How To Start Making
More Money Tomorrow
4 ways to side hustle your way
into your dream career
You may have heard of this mystical, magical creature called the side hustle.
It’s a fantastical unicorn that is guaranteed to make you more money, while you learn new
skills, get you ready for a new job, or just get the creative outlet you deserve.
But what does a side hustle look like in reality, and how do you get a slice of that side
hustlin’ pie?
Today I am going to talk about the four common types of side hustle and how you can
cash in!
Before I help you to figure out which type of side hustler you are, I want to define why you
would want a side hustle:
Side hustles are perfect if..
You need to supplement your income & diversify your income streams
You are super bored at work and needed something to feed your soul
You want to keep learning new skills
You want to make the world a better place, while still paying your rent
Now, let’s define what makes a great side hustle so that you will know what to look for
and what to avoid:
1. First, you will want the work to be paid, sounds obvious, but believe me there are
plenty of people who would love for you to work for them for free
2. Second, flexibility is KEY. Now, picking a waitressing gig is a form of side hustle, but
that’s not what we are talking about here. Today I am focusing on side hustles that
you can do whenever you want and that you can pick up when you have time and
drop when you don’t
3. And lastly, ideally, you will get something out of your side hustle beyond just
Alright, now let’s talk about the four different types of side hustle and figure out which one
meets YOUR side hustlin’ needs.
“I Need Extra Ca$h”
Side Hustle
For those of you who just need some extra cash, the key here is to start by brainstorming
all of the different things you could offer as a service.
Remember, nothing is too humble!
For example, you could...
Clean houses
Tutor a middle-school student
Consider signing up with a service like TaskRabbit to connect with people in need of
your help.
● Do you have a hobby, like playing music? You can turn that into a side hustle! Do
you play guitar? Teach lessons! Are you great at knitting or a fantastic artist? You
could teach classes!
● Or do you just love to make mixed cocktails? You would amazed at what crazy skills
other people want to learn and are willing to pay to learn.
What you need to do is do a little research and see if there is a community center in your
area who would host your class or explore the plethora of online platforms, like Skillshare
or Udemy.
And of course, if money is what you want, direct sales is always a really great and really
flexible, nowadays its also called “social selling.”
Check out companies like Stella & Dot, The Pampered Chef, or BeautyCounter to learn
The key to the “I need extra ca$h” side hustle is just to think creatively about what
skills you have that (even if it’s just a great work ethic) that you can parlay into a new
income stream.
Side Hustle
If you are ok to forgo money for the satisfaction of helping someone, then there are no
lack of places that would LOVE for you to volunteer for them. And there is actually an
awesome company called Catch A Fire that is all about matching talented professionals
with non-profits that need their help.
So you might be thinking, why are you talking about working for charities in a video about
side hustle?
I can’t work for free!
I think volunteering is awesome. And if you can do it, power to you.
But I also think that sometimes when money is being transacted, both parties - the person
paying for the service and the person providing the service - take the project a little more
I can say for myself that I am MUCH less likely to drop the ball on a project if you are
paying me to complete it.
And the truth is that most non-profits have SOME budget, they just might not have a lot of
So, the angelic side hustle is perfect for those of you who are looking for a little bit of extra
CA$H but would also (and probably, more importantly) like to feel like you are
contributing to making the world a better place.
Now finding this kind of side hustle can be a little tricky, because oftentime charities are
not the best at marketing their needs.
You have three options for finding your angelic side hustle:
1. You can take the passive approach, which is that you can start following a charity
you like and see if they are looking for help.
2. You can take the active approach and directly pitch them your services (you could
even put together a proposal for them about some ways they could improve their
social media strategy / website, or some other aspect of their organization, etc.)
3. You can check out websites like to find a charity who is actively looking
for help.
The key to the “Angelic” side hustle is identifying a charity whose mission you believe
in and then figuring out what skills you have to help them accomplish it.
“I Dream of Startup”
Side Hustle
This type of side hustle is perfect for someone who just needs a creative outlet or
something to stave off the immense boredom that can come from some 9-5s, and wants
to enjoy the thrill of working for a new company without all the associated risk.
For the I Dream of Startup Side Hustlers, the motivation isn’t primarily money (although
money is great) but a general desire to do something creative, interesting, or a little bit off
the beaten path, and be a part of creating something NEW.
If this is you…
Since you have the luxury of being picky, shoot for the stars.
Figure out exactly what it is you want to do or who it is you want to work for, and
take your time to identify and strategize on HOW you can make it happen.
Is there a startup or small business that you LOVE and are dying to be a part of? Begin by
forming a relationship with them. As a startup founder myself, I can tell you that I love
getting friendly emails from my fans and I do my best to answer them all.
Then give it some time. Make it known that you want to work with them, make it clear that
you are willing to do it at a price that would work for both of you, and then just make
yourself so helpful and friendly that they can’t help but hire you!
The key to the “I dream of startup” side hustle is to find a startup company that you
love and then impress them with your skills and passion until they beg you to join their
“I Get Paid to Learn”
Side Hustle
Alright so since this is Skillcrush, after all, you knew there was going to be a education /
tech angle.
The get paid to learn side hustle is my personal favorite and it was:
a) the way that I got my start in tech and
b) was a fantastic source of extra income for me for many years.
The idea here is that if there is a specific skill you are actively learning and want to get
better at, you go out and get hired to do small projects to practice that skill.
Now, of course, be reasonable in what you take on. If you just learned HTML and CSS it is
not appropriate for you to say you will build a mobile application.
But it would be appropriate for you to say you could build a Wordpress blog, especially if
you are taking a class on how to do so.
How to get paid to learn with integrity
Don’t bill by the hour (or if that’s how your client wants to pay you, seriously
discount the hours). When you are starting out things can take FOREVER. It can
easily take a beginner 10x as long to complete a task as a more experience person.
That is a-ok! But you shouldn’t be penalizing your client for the fact that you are
● Make sure you have back up, whether that is a friend you can ask for help, or a
subscription to a library of content where you know you can get answers to your
questions, or a meetup group where you can meet with more experienced people,
you just need to have some place where you can go to get help should you hit a
● Then work your buns off! As they say necessity is the mother of invention. Or as I
like to say, the need to get paid is the mother of figuring it out.
In my experience, getting paid to learn is an awesome way to actually stick to your
learning goals because you will have a client who is depending on you to figure it out and
make it happen.
Now, to find this kind of work...the good news is that this kind of work is super easy to
find online.
The best places to look are sites like Odesk, Craigslist,, 99Designs, Coroflot,
and Elance.
The key to the “I Get Paid to Learn” side hustle is finding a project that is just outside
your current skill set, so you can be pushed to learn while still providing the client with a
valuable work product.
Not sure how to take
your first step into a side
Then you need to get yourself over to and sign up for our class, Skillcrush
101: How to Get Started in Tech.
You will learn super marketable tech skills, build your portfolio, and learn from experts
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