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Registration Information: Payment Information:
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2013 Conference Registration Form (Girls Grades 8-12)
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circumstances, GFAC reserves the right to deny enrollment to a student.
Pennmont FoundaƟon, Inc.
Homer & Mildred ScoƩ FoundaƟon
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Workshop #1
Think Tank– Honoring My Strengths
Ever wonder what your strengths are or how to use
what you’re good at to determine what careers might be
a good fit? Work in small groups with some incredible
women who thrive because of what they found out
about themselves.
Workshop #12
Think Tank– Innovation and Creativity
Are you a creator? What do you like to create? How can
you take your creations to the next level? While working
in small groups, learn from local women artists about
how they have succeeded in turning their creations into
Workshop #23
Think Tank– My Dreams, My Future
Where do I want to be in the future? How would I do
things in a new way and make an impact on my world?
Join an incredible group of local women entrepreneurs
and business professionals to work in small groups to
hear what they learned at your age and beyond that
shaped their career choices. Discover your dreams and
get insight into how to make them a reality.
Workshop #34
Pure Barre
Barre is an upbeat workout that uses
yoga, pilates and ballet moves to improve
health and increase strength. No tutus
required! Presented by Pure Barre.
Workshop #2
Empowerment Based Decisions
This empowering workshop will give you the tools to
make the best choices. Led by high school Peer Educators, every topic from health options to healthy relationships will be covered using fun, interactive activities!
Presented by Nora Olsgaard.
Workshop #13
Workshop #24
The (Wilderness) Medicine Woman
Alpen Girls Yoga
Interested in wilderness medicine? Learn the skills to
Practice mindfulness and learn valuable techniques for
assist victims of first aid emergencies in backcountry
self-care in this workshop based off of yoga practices.
areas through partner activities. Sponsored by The North
Presented by Lauren Caselli.
Face. Presented by Anne Hansen.
Workshop #35
Protect Yo’self
Empowering and exciting, this workshop
teaches participants the basic moves of
self-defense through small group work.
You will learn the skills needed to protect
yourself while still being active and having
Workshop #3
Workshop #14
Machine Manufacturer
From roving on Mars to performing brain surgery, robots
are masters of innovation. Come learn about the
fascinating world of robotics by building a basic robot of
your own. Presented by Rachel White.
Workshop #25
Becoming a Warrior for Innovation
Learn the ancient Korean skills of Taekwon-do as
self-defense. Basic sparring methods, fighting patterns
and even board breaking will all be covered in this
workshop. Presented by Natalie Philips.
Workshop #36
Bollywood Dancing
Ever notice how catchy the soundtrack to
“Slumdog Millionaire” is? Join Indian
exchange students in learning fun dance
moves from India. Presented by Priyanka
Workshop #4
Workshop #15
Workshop #26
Workshop #37
Yoga-Always Tapping Into YOUR
Experience the 5,000 year old practice of
yoga in a workshop that will reduce
stress, increase strength and improve
inner balance. Presented by Debby
Workshop #5
“Hangout” with Women in Technology
Are you on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Come
“Hangout” (via Google) with professional women with
careers in the world of technology. This workshop is a
great way to learn more about being a techie from the
women who do it for a living. Presented by Cali
Workshop #27
Workshop #16
Women’s Literature Liberation
Could That Tweet Cost You
Emily Dickinson, Virginia Wolfe and Harper Lee are all
Do you use Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr? Today
there are so many ways to connect with others. But have examples of talented female writers. This workshop will
celebrate great female writers of the past and will allow
you ever wondered how those connections impact other
you time to write an amazing work of your own.
areas of your life? Join this workshop to learn more
Presented by James Lewis.
about what you can do to protect yourself and your
future, online. Presented by Cali Morrison.
Workshop #38
Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes
Hear stories from women in other cultures
and learn how to better understand
peoples’ experiences. Participate in
cultural awareness activities and learn
about ideas for cultural
outreach projects. Presented by Nancy
Workshop #6
Workshop #17
The Meaning of Green
Do you stress about money? Do you want to know how
to manage your money? Empower yourself with the tools
you need to be financially successful through fun games.
Presented by Lindy Hockenbary.
Workshop #28
Understanding Wind Energy
Learn how to convert wind into energy by building your
own wind turbine. Test your turbine in MSU Wind
Application Center to experience renewable energy
sources at work. Sponsored by NorthWestern Energy.
Presented by Robb Larson.
Workshop #39
Kaia! Taiko Drumming
Learn the Japanese art form of Taiko
drumming in this fun and hands-on
workshop. Channel your own rhythm as a
way to show your personality and
innovation. Presented by Melissa Dulin.
Workshop #7
Workshop #18
Workshop #29
Workshop #40
Musical Innovation
Curious about how a song is written? In
this interactive workshop centered around
Improvisation, and learn how to make it
into a song and a live performance.
Presented by Basement Jazz.
Workshop #8
Time to Put Down the Books
“I change myself, I change the world.” (Gloria Ansuldua)
Are you interested in learning how to protect your
environment? Experience a day in the life of a trail
builder with hands-on activities and discuss ways to
reduce our carbon footprint.
Presented by Gia Petito.
Workshop #30
Workshop #19
Farm to School
Sow What’s Your Foodprint?
Find out just how local your ‘local’ food providers really
Do you know where your food really comes from? Trace
the journey of everything from carrots to Cheetos starting are in this interesting workshop that will shed light on the
inner workings of the food system that provides food for
at your plate and going back to where it was grown to
schools. Presented by Jill McIntyre.
understand just how large of an impact the food you eat
has. Presented by Kelli Stanley.
Workshop #9
Workshop #20
Amigos, Cara, Friends
“Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things.”
Explore the complicated world of friendship in this
workshop and learn how to make the most of your
Friendships. Presented by Heather Nitz.
Workshop #31
What do you know about who?
Do you love learning about other cultures? In this
workshop girls learn how to become active and engaged
in learning about other people. With writing, humor and
interview skills, this workshop has it all. Presented by
Nancy Nelson.
Workshop #10
Reduce, Reuse, Re-FASHION
Bored of your clothes but can’t afford a new
wardrobe? Sign up for this hands-on workshop to learn
innovative ways to change the clothing you already
have into something new and unique. Presented by
Shaina Chepulis and Brett Schomer.
Workshop #21
Reduce, Reuse, Re-FASHION
Bored of your clothes but can’t afford a new wardrobe?
Sign up for this hands-on workshop to learn innovative
ways to change the clothing you already have into
something new and unique. Presented by Shaina
Chepulis and Brett Schomer.
Workshop #32
What About What I Want?
Learn how to get what you need in relationships in a
positive and effective way. This workshop will cover all
the skills needed to be assertive, such as being able to
say and hear ‘no’ and accepting what can be changed in
your life. Presented by Flora McCormick.
From Surfing to Safari
From the beaches of Mexico to forests of
Madagascar, there’s a big world to explore. If you’re
interested in traveling, this workshop will cover all of the
information you’ll need to know. Sponsored by Traveling
School. Presented by Gennifre Hartman.
Roadmap to College
Getting ready for college can often feel like driving with
a blindfold on. With the help of this
workshop, you will learn to avoid financial potholes,
while speeding along to the right college for you.
Sponsored by Student Assistance Foundation
Presented by Emily Flemming.
YOUth Philanthrophy
You and a partner will learn about giving back by
brainstorming and creating a project for your community
that will be funded by First Interstate Bank Youth
Community Impact grants. Be sure to register with a
friend from your community for this session.
Flip Your Future
The average teenager watches 40,000
commercials every year. What impact does this have on
us? Use flip cameras to create your own commercials
that will reflect the impact that you would like to make.
Presented by Haven.
Yes-That’s Me
How many times have you been told “Just be yourself!”?
In this workshop, we will explore who we truly are
through a variety of interactive and fun activities.
Presented by Eva Skidmore.
Green Your School
Learn how to create a ‘Green Team’ that will make an
impact at your school. This workshop discusses
sustainable events and activities that make recycling
possible for all. Presented by Wendy Weaver.
Spice Up Your Life
From spicing up spaghetti with a pinch of oregano to
improving memory with a dash of rosemary, herbs are
the most diverse plants on the planet. Learn how to use
herbs in your kitchen to make any meal “Top Chef”
worthy. Presented by Kathy Stark.
Workshop #11
Workshop #22
Surviving in a Stressed Out World
Girl Drama
Between school, homework, friends, boyfriends and
Ever feel like you’re living in the movie ‘Mean Girls’? Girl
sports, clubs stress seems unavoidable. Learn how to drama can be avoided and you can learn how by joining
manage the stress in your life with relaxation techniques this interactive and interesting workshop. Presented by
that can be done anytime. Presented by Joyce
Becca Stevens.
Ready, Set, Spar!
Tap into your inner girl power with this fun and exciting
workshop that will teach you all of the basics of boxing.
Meet a local amateur boxer as she shares her
experience and what she has learned in this sport.
Presented by Amy Sowers.
Women Matter
2014 marks the 100 year anniversary of Women’s
Suffrage. Use Flip Cameras to capture an oral history of
women throughout Montana that celebrates this date.
Sponsored by PBS. Presented by Chris Seifert.
Workshop #33
Girl Drama
Ever feel like you’re living in the movie ‘Mean Girls’? Girl
drama can be avoided and you can learn how by joining
this interactive and interesting workshop.
Presented by Becca Stevens.

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