REALgirl New Jersey Camp 2013-1


REALgirl New Jersey Camp 2013-1
REALgirl® 5-Day Empowerment Camps
for Girls Ages 9-12
Summer 2013 in Lambertville!
real: re•al (adjective) –genuine: authentic; not imitation or artificial.
REALgirl: re•al girl (noun) – a tween or teen girl committed to the ongoing
mission of discovering, being and becoming her authentic self, mentally,
physically and emotionally. A ‘REALgirl’ is dedicated to consistently
developing and protecting her skills, knowledge, confidence and courage so
that she may make informed choices from a place of self-knowledge, selfrespect and strength. Most importantly, a ‘REALgirl’ recognizes that she is the
author of her own path and is defined only by herself - not by the media,
society or anyone else.
REALgirl® Empowerment Workshops and Camps are unique and innovative programs
dedicated to inspiring and guiding girls to discover their 'REAL' (authentic) selves. It is our
goal to provide essential life skills every girl/young woman needs for healthy maturation,
development, formation of healthy relationships and the opportunity to reach her own
unique and highest potential. Through art, movement (yoga and dance), discussion, writing,
theatre games, guest speakers and a variety of other fun and dynamic activities, participants
will be guided to develop tools to successfully navigate issues every girl faces today.
REALgirl® Camp Details:
Dates: August 26th – 30th
Hours: Monday through Friday 9am - 3pm
Location: Downtown Performing Arts Center
54 Mt. Airy Village Rd
Lambertville, NJ 08530
Tuition: $450 per week
Space is limited to 14 girls.
To enroll, please visit our website today!
For further information you may visit
Or contact (323) 580-7048 | [email protected]
REALgirl® Creator & Facilitator, Anea Bogue, M.A: A highly sought-­‐after contributor to various media outlets, Anea Bogue is an acclaimed self-­‐esteem expert who specializes in working with women of all ages, including adolescent girls. The mother of two daughters, Anea is absolutely passionate about the empowerment of girls and women and has dedicated more than half her life to this cause. She brings 20 years of experience to her work as an educator, certified life coach, consultant, writer and speaker. Whether through her upcoming television special, featured articles or speaking engagements, or as a highly-­‐credentialed coach, confidant and consultant, Anea is committed to helping each girl and woman discover her authentic self and reach her highest potential. REALgirl® Workshop Facilitator, Kirstin Hara, M.A., CHHC: Kirstin has worked with girls and women for 20
years, first as a dance educator and then as a certified life coach. After years of training as a ballet dancer, she spearheaded a contemporary dance curriculum that empowered her students to trust their own natural movement instincts
and creative expression in the dance studio and beyond. After graduating with a master’s degree in spiritual
psychology, she transitioned to life coaching. As a coach, she is passionate about helping girls and women connect to
the wisdom of their bodies, to the truth in their hearts, and to courageously embody their unique and powerful
expression of life. As the mother of two daughters, Kirstin is more passionate than ever about inspiring girls to live
authentic and empowered lives and is thrilled to be the ambassador of REALgirl® to the east coast. ⏐ Join us on Facebook!

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