Non-toxic, Play tips


Non-toxic, Play tips
• As small parts can become a choking hazard if swallowed, do not let your children
play with LUMI DOUGH™ in their mouth.
• Even though silicone dough is not harmful to humans, please instruct your children
not to eat, and to wash hands after the activity. If swallowed, wash out mouth with
water and seek immediate medical advice.
• Special adult attention should be given to those children who have
allergic conditions, unique medical conditions, and/or diseases.
• Do not place near flammable objects due to potential fire hazards.
• Please use caution when using oven due to the risks of fires and burns.
• Oven baking should always be done by an adult.
• Baked creations will be hot right out of the oven. Please allow them
to cool before use or playing.
• The manufacturer is not responsible for accident caused by careless misuse
of the product.
Play tips
• You can stick the creations and also reuse and remold unless you bake it.
• Non-baked creations also stick to window or glass.
• Step 1. Cut out shapes with shape cutters and make creations.
• Step 2. Stick the shapes and creations to most surfaces, except
on clothing and carpet.
• Step 3. Turn off lights and enjoy the beautiful glow-in-the-dark world!
& washable
Oven baking instructions
Keep your creations:
• You can also bake and keep the creations forever for your custom
toys and decorations.
• Make sure to use the baking sheet included in the packaging,
as baking without the sheet may damage your oven pan.
How to make your creations permanent:
• Lay the baking sheet over an oven pan.
• Place the creation on the baking sheet.
• Bake the creation at 380°F for 10 minutes, then cool in a safe place
away from children.
• Silicone is a material used in producing various safe and sanitary products such as baby bottles,
toys, cookware and medical materials. The material is non-toxic, heat-resistant and non-allergic,
so rest assured your children will be able to play with LUMI DOUGH™ in a safe manner.
• Keep out of direct sunlight as the color may change.
• Place the leftover LUMI DOUGH in the zipper pack and store at room temperature, as it may
slightly harden when exposed to air for long periods. LUMI DOUGH will gradually harden 3 months
after opening the zipper pack.
• Please instruct children to do the LUMI DOUGH activities on the play mat (coated paper) provided.
• Instruct children not to play with LUMI DOUGH or created objects in a violent manner, including
throwing at or hitting other people.
• Baked creations can be sterilized in microwave or boiling water.
• Silicone contains oil used in products such as baby lotion. Due to the nature of the material,
it can make surfaces slippery, so please instruct children not to play with LUMI DOUGH
on the floor without a play mat.
Cleaning instructions
• Please note if clothes are stained with LUMI DOUGH, it may not come off and may leave
stains on clothing.
• When dough sticks to clothes or carpets, remove and clean immediately
before colorant sets. Do not clean with water.
• If floor gets slippery, dampen cloth with mild soapy water
and wipe away. If these cleaning instructions are not followed,
injury to self and/or damage to clothing can occur.
• Use again and again! Reusable as it does not harden even
when exposed to air for short periods and
stored properly in its plastic packaging.
• Spectacular and unique colors that only LUMI DOUGH
can provide and glow-in-the-dark colors.
• Antibacterial solutions are added
to prevent the spread of germs.