How To Master The ADA Revisions- Part I Customer Service


How To Master The ADA Revisions- Part I Customer Service
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Is Our
First Priority
November, 2010
A Message From Bernie
Our research revealed that the
new updates to the American
Disabilities Act (ADA) are a little
bit like an iceberg. There is a lot
more there than meets the eye.
The new ADA specifications will
affect just about any financial
institution that uses an ATM.
How To Master The ADA
Revisions- Part I
If you were thinking of putting the ADA
Revision projects on the back burner, you
better change gears. The new ADA Title III
Revised Standards were published September 15, 2010. That’s right. They are already
approved. The clock is ticking. The regulations take effect March 15, 2011. That’s early
spring. Thankfully, most NCR units will
only require minor upgrades. It is a different
story for financial institutions with non-NCR
ATMs. They may have to buy new units.
And with punitive fines of over
$100, 000 for non-compliance, we
felt that we better sound the warn- Penalties Are Big Money
ADA Standards carry
ing to help our customers steer
significant fines. They
around the risk.
range from $55,000 for
the first violation; and
Our consulting team and experts $110,000 for all subsefrom NCR have developed a
quent violations.
process that will help your
Penalties for non-comcompany assess, strategize and
pliance can be levied in
implement the changes required
March of 2012. Comby the law.
panies must provide a
financial hardship justiTime is critical. So we encourage
fication, or make a case
you to review the first of our two- for excessive burden in
part series and give us a call.
order to avoid penalties. Good luck with
that strategy.
Sincerely Yours,
Privacy for All
Handicapped users must be provided with
the same privacy protections as the nonhandicapped. The revisions require enhanced
“Blank Screen” privacy for ATM terminals.
This feature is available on NCR APTRA™
Advance models and will be available on
NCR APTRA™ Advantage models.
Audio Revisions are Significant
Speech-enabling all ATMs is one of the
most challenging revisions. Voice guidance
options must be provided that will direct
a vision-impaired user through transactions. The NCR APTRA™ Series is already
equipped with this capability.
It is clear that there is
a lot more to the ADA
revisions than just a few
minor tweaks. The Act
includes new specifications for function keys,
display screen visibility,
braille requirements,
input controls and numeric keys.
Team-up with a
Lawyer and a
Each institution should
consult its legal advisors
and an expert consultant
like BD&E. We have
developed a unique
process that streamlines
your ADA upgrade projects from start to finish.
Height and Reach
Revisions are Key
G. Bernie Barnhart
President & CEO
DCJS 11-2166
The new standards provide the handicapped
with more room to maneuver. All forward or
side access must be unobstructed. The new
high reach specification is 48 in. maximum;
and the low reach is 15 in. minimum above
the finish floor.
BD&E’s design team is uniquely qualified to
help you visualize the parameters for each of
your ATMs to ensure compliance.
Bank Design & Equipment, Inc.
The best place to start is with a BD&E ADA
Assessment Plan for each branch. Matt
Dugas will describe our approach in the next
Financial News Update. To get to work right
away, contact us at 1-800-671-7300. For
more information, visit us on the web at:
1401 Hopeman Parkway, Waynesboro, Va. 22980
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