Email How To For Hotmail



Email How To For Hotmail
Email How To For Hotmail
Create a Hotmail Account
 Go to the Hotmail homepage. (Type: into the address bar.)
 Click the Sign Up button that’s located on the left side of the Hotmail homepage.
 Enter your personal information in the fields provided. (To protect yourself, you may use
another name, but if you will be using this e-mail address for professional purposes, you
should use your real name and information.)
Choose Your Hotmail Address and Password
Create a Hotmail Address (username) that you will be comfortable using for a long time and will
identify you to your email recipients. Remember that you can use numbers and letters and even
a single dot.
Type the username you choose in the field provided. Check the availability of your
username by clicking the Check Availability button underneath.
 If the username is available, you will see a confirmation in Green.
 If the username isn’t available, you will see an error in Red. And then a list of other
options you may choose. You do NOT have to choose one of those options.
 In addition to, you can choose The default option is, if you wish to change it, chose the alternate option from the dropdown option.
Type your password when you have successfully entered a unique username. Passwords
must be at least 6 characters long and keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive.
You will be asked to type your password twice to ensure accuracy.
 When the password is typed it will appear as asterisks asterisks (*******).
 You will see to the right the words Password Strength. To increase its security,
try using lower and upper case letters, numbers and characters.
 Example: Say you choose the word library. That’s going to be a Weak choice,
so instead try [email protected] (first letter capitalized and the character @ exchanged
for the letter a). That will bump it up to Medium. If you want to make the
password Strong, try [email protected] (first letter capitalized, the letter i replaced
with the number 1 and the letter a is changed into the character @).
Use different words and numbers for ID and password. Do NOT use your Social Security
Number, phone number or any other personal important information as your password.
Be sure to write down your ID and password somewhere only you can find.
Select Your Security Question and Verify Your Registration
 Click the Or choose a security question for password reset link.
 Select a question from the drop-down menu. You be will asked this question if you should
forget your password in the future, in order to verify that you are the correct user.
 Be sure to check your spelling when typing in your answer to the security question.
If you spell it wrong during account setup, you may be denied access later on.
 Type in your answer to the question in the field below.
 Verify your registration by typing the characters/words in the image you are shown in the
last section of the registration page into the field provided.
Complete the Process
 Read the Terms of Service thoroughly.
 Click the I Accept button.
 If you’ve made any errors or haven’t filled in all the fields, your account will not be
created. You’ll be given instructions written in RED, under the field that’s in error or
missing information. All fields MUST be filled in, in order to complete your registration.
After making required changes, click the I Accept button again.
 If you receive no other errors, congratulations! You have successfully set up your Hotmail
e-mail account.
Set up a signature
Tired of retyping your name at the end of every e-mail (remember, you should “sign” your email)? Setting up your signature will save you this step by inserting your signature automatically
when you compose/reply/forward e-mail. You may want to set up different signatures (an option
with some email services) depending on who you are sending e-mail. Below are directions for
setting up a signature on some of the popular e-mail services.
Click on Options link located in upper right corner; Choose More Options.
Under Customize your mail, click on Personal e-mail signature.
Click into the text box and fill this in with your name, etc.
Make sure to click the button Save, located at the bottom right of the page.
Open/Send Attachments
Kids send you a photo of junior via e-mail? Need to send your resume to a potential employer?
You’ll need to know how to open and attach files.
Open a file
 E-mail with attachments will show a little paperclip icon when you view in your inbox.
 Open the e-mail and click on the document name (it’s in orange/reddish text) underneath
the paperclip/attachment message in the header of the e-mail.
 You will get a windows prompt to Open or Save the attachment in question. Save to your
hard drive, flash drive or view if on a public computer in the library.
Attach a file
 When you compose a new e-mail, click the Attach link/word at the top of the mail form.
 A box with a Browse button will appear under the Subject field. Click the Browse button
and locate the file you want to attach.
 Double click on the file you want to attach.
 You’ll see it now as part of the e-mail.
Address Books - Create Contacts and Distribution Lists
Store friends and family e-mail addresses in one place. Set up groups of email recipients so you
can send e-mail to a group of people at once.
Contact/Address for Individual
 Click on Contact list link on the left menu.
 On the top menu, click New link.
 Fill out the contact details and click the Save button (name and personal e-mail is
 Now when you go to your contacts/All contacts, you’ll see the contact there.
Contact/Address for Group
In order to create a distribution list/category in Hotmail, you must first make members contacts
in your address book. So follow the directions above for creating contact/address for individual,
then proceed with the following.
 Click on Contacts on the left menu.
 Click on the little arrow to the right of the Categories link at the top of the screen.
 Select New Category.
 Name your category (Bridge Club, for example) and input e-mail addresses and/or names
from your already existing contacts; NOTE: To put multiple people in a category, just hit
the enter key after you type in each individual e-mail and you can then type another email address.
 Make sure to click on the Save button.
 Now when you go to send a New mail, you can just put in the name of your category and
all of the individual contacts you added to that category will receive your e-mail.
Organize Your Mail
After you’ve read your e-mail, you can keep it as read, mark as unread, delete it, move to spam,
etc. If you end up wanting to keep a fair number of your e-mails, you’ll want to consider saving
it into folders and/or labeling under specific subject headings.
In your inbox, you’ll note across the top (above the e-mails themselves) that there are links for
Delete, Junk, Mark as and Move to.
 If you select an e-mail and choose the Mark as link, you can keep it as unread, read or
mark it as a Phishing scam.
 If you select an e-mail and choose the Move to button, you can move it into folders
labeled/set up by Hotmail (Junk, Drafts, Sent, and Deleted).
 You may want to create other folders and store your mail under headings that make sense
to you, i.e., travel-related e-mails like airline e-tickets, put in a folder labeled “Travel.”
 Look at the left menu, under Inbox and you’ll see links to folders labeled Junk, Drafts,
Sent, and Deleted. Click on the link that says Manage folders.
 In the Manage folders mode, click the link New which is at the top of the folder listings
(to the left of Rename and Delete).
 Name your new folder. For example, Travel. This folder now shows up in your folder
 Now when you read e-mail that is relevant to your travel plans, you can click on Move to
and stick it under the label Travel.
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