november 2009 - Town of Pilot Butte


november 2009 - Town of Pilot Butte
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craft or trade,
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[email protected]
 Article on Reuben Ross
 Correction to PHONE
 Halloween Cabaret—Oct. 31st
10 am to 4 pm
$40.00 for a
Pilot Butte Community
’re !
W web .ca
the tbutte S
w.p and vi
w ws
Page 2
Hometown Diving Athlete Continues to make Pilot Butte Proud
We would like to thank everyone from Pilot
Butte who has shown an
interest in Reuben's adventures in diving
and everyone who has asked about how
he is doing. We really appreciate the
support that has been shown.
stage of diving. It was so exciting to be
in the stands to cheer him on. It was
especially amazing to watch him
earn a medal at a world event
and to cheer for him as the medal
was presented and the Canadian
flag raised. We had a great time
It is hard to believe that is has been over a in Rome, got to spend some time
year since we were able to go to Beijing to with Reuben and were able to
watch Reuben compete in the Olympics.
We had no idea when he was a little boy
most of the diving events and to
jumping on the backyard trampoline that cheer on the other Canadian dihe would one day be in the Olympics.
vers - all of whom did very
Going to Beijing was an amazing and
well. Canada had finalists in all
surreal experience. 13 members of our
diving events.
extended family were there.
Since competing in the Beijing Olympics
The day after the diving events were
last August, Reuben has had an
finished at World Aquatics, many of the
excellent year in diving. He competed in
divers from all over the world put on a
the NCAA finals in College Station Texas in dive show at a pool near the
March and placed top 6 on all three
ocean. This was a fundraiser organized
boards, 1Meter, 3Meter springboards and by two of the Italian divers to
10Meter platform.
raise funds for a kindergarten that had
At the Canada Cup International Grand
been destroyed by the earthquake
Prix meet he achieved his first
in northern Italy last spring. We were
international gold medal on the 3M spring- able to go and watch, as Reuben
board. A week later he placed 2nd on 3M was one of the divers involved. It was
springboard in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at
fun to see all of these international top
the U.S. grand prix meet.
level athletes having fun putting on this
show and all being good friends with
diving career. How exciting for ReuIn July he competed in the World Aquatic each other.
ben and his family to enjoy so many
Championships in Rome. Again he
enriching experiences and to take the
had an excellent competition. He won a
Reuben is in his 3rd year of Engineering
time to
bronze medal in the 3M synchro event with (civil and architectural) at the
share them with us! We look forward
Alex Despatie. On the 3 Meter Individual University of Miami. His goals are to
to further stories as Reuben progresses
event Reuben place 11th and on the 10M keep training for the 2012 Olympics in
in this exciting sport!
synchro event he placed 7th with Riley
London, England. This year he will be
working towards doing well in NCAA
finals in March, World Cup of Diving in
Nat and I were able to go to Rome to
China and Commonwealth Games in
watch the competitions. What a thrill it
was to see Reuben compete on the world
My experiences in watching and being
part of these international events
shows me that sport is a wonderful way
to bring people of the
together and shows that
there can be peace and
friendship with all
nations. Being in Beijing at
the Olympics had the atmosphere of being at big
worldwide family picnic people from all over the
world having fun, talking,
milling around the Olympic
grounds, playing in a spray
taking photos with people from other
countries (The Chinese loved having
their photos taken with us crazy Canadians).
It was the same in Rome.
The athletes compete against each other
at the events, but they are friends as
well. Reuben has friends from all over
the world. In the stands, we talked,
laughed, joked and congratulated each
other (people from Italy, Canada, Austria,
Britain, etc) as we watched the events.
Hope I haven't written too much, just
thought I'd like to share this with
the people of Pilot Butte. Reuben is still a
"hometown boy ".
Mary Ross
Thanks to Mary for writing such an
inspiring account of Reuben and his
Local Family Business Wins Award
Congratulations to the Cruson Family of Dutch Industries on being chosen as
the 2009 CAFE Regina Family Business of the Year.
CAFE is the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise. The Canadian Association of
Family Enterprise is a member driven National Association that is passionately committed to assisting families in business and building their pivotal contribution to the economy of Canada. Visit their website to find out more or how to become a member at
Irene & Izaac Cruson
Page 3
Tues. 3rd – SOUP Day – Noon Sharp
Thurs. 12th – EXECUTIVE Meeting – 1:30 pm
Sat. 21st – CRIBBAGE TOURNY – 10 am
Call Don Leir 781-4156 to register
December 12th
5:30 pm
Sign up sheets will be posted by the door.
Nov. 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26
1st: Lionel & Barb Robin
2nd: Dorothy Tilliotson & Liana Campbell
3rd: Doreen Singer & Irma Markel
4th: Ernie & Debbie Robins
Try Again: Ella Hamman & Loraine Brodt
7:00 PM
will begin in the Hall in
Pilot Butte LIBRARY
The hours are:
6 – 9 pm
6—9 pm
9—11:45 am
12:45—5 pm
1 – 5 pm
6—9 pm
6 – 9 pm
Closed Statutory Holidays
Hours effective all year round.
Call the Library at 781-3403 or
email [email protected]
ST. AGNES Catholic Church
Our new pastor is Msgr. Don Bolen.
Our school of religion registration was
held at the end of Sept. If you did not
get your child registered and would
like to do so, please contact Jackie
Peat @ 781-4495.
School of Religion – Jackie Peat 781-4495
I would like to congratulate Priscilla, our assistant librarian, on
her 15 years of employment with Southeast Regional Library.**
Thank-you to everyone who came in for Library week, it was a
great time.
We are looking for any local artists interested in displaying artwork in our Library. It would be great way to advertise.
We still have some of our old chairs for sale $3 each or 2 for
$5. They are great for outside and fold down for easy storage.
We would also like to remind everyone that we have an ongoing
book sale. We have a selection of children’s, junior and adult
books. Fill a grocery bag for $1.00 all proceeds go toward
purchasing new books for our Library. Thank-you to everyone
who has been donating gently used books to us, we have been
purchasing a number of new books from these sales.
Storytime for November will be Wednesday at 10am the
following days; 4, 18, & 25. We will be closed Wednesday
November 11 for Remembrance Day. Happy Reading 
Fr. Don - (St Joseph’s Rectory)
– 771-2387
Parish Chairperson – Marian
Zsombor – 781-4007
C.W.L.- Yolande Boyko
Knights of Columbus - Doug
Upcoming Dates:
November 22 – Coffee and
doughnuts after mass. Every-
one welcome
December 6 C.W.L.’s Christmas
Bake Sale –
proceeds for
Christmas food
Donations from
the Parish community
graciously accepted.
Mass time: Sunday 9:00 AM
Page 4
The News and viewS would like to thank the Pilot Butte Recreation Board
in conjunction with Sask Lotteries Assistance Grant, for their generous
donation to our newsletter. This is the second time we have received the grant
and we are thrilled. This grant will continue to expand our News and viewS
with still more local content, some advertising, more appealing and interesting to
read. The Town of Pilot Butte has always supported the newsletter and in 2008, we received financial funding as well as continued support
in other ways. The R.M. of Edenwold also supplies the newsletter with financial funding and we use a portion of these funds to send copies of
the newsletters to some R.M. residents. This financial windfall (for us!) is enabling us to produce a larger, more attractive newsletter for your
enjoyment. We hope that we can continue to provide a quality of newsletter that makes us the ―must read‖ item each month.
We truly appreciate the support.
Check us out on the web, IN COLOUR at
Council meetings are Open to the Public. Meetings are normally held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Unscheduled Special Meetings are advertised in advance for public attendance. Your Council Members who represent your interests are
Mayor Ed Zsombor along with Councillors, Sid Bowles, Gerhardt Ernst, Norm Halipchak, Don Kistner, Don Leir,
Jerrilynn Rebeyka.
Our Council meetings for 2009 are as follows (but are subject to change with appropriate notice as per our Public
Notice Policy):
November 12 & 26
December 10
You can contact us at 306.781.4547 or [email protected] and we are on the web at The
site is still a work in progress so your support and patience is appreciated. If you have any suggestions or comments on our
new website, please feel free to let us know. We welcome any and all feedback.
The Town of Pilot Butte accepts UTILITY (SEWER) payments by various methods:
PAY IN PERSON: The Town Office is open from 9 am to noon and 1 to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Statutory Holidays. The Town Office
is located in the Pilot Butte Recreation Complex at 222 Diamond Place (2nd Ave & 3rd St). Interac debit card payment is available.
AFTER HOURS: There is a 24 hour mail slot to the left of the main Lobby Doors on the east side of the Pilot Butte Recreation Complex for
after hours drop off. Payment must be in the mail slot by the due date, or it will be considered late and penalties will apply. Payments are
due the SECOND TO LAST BUSINESS DAY of the month.
VIA INTERNET AND TELEPHONE BANKING: It is important to ensure the utility account number you have set up on your bank bill payment
menu is the same utility account number that appears on your utility bill. The utility account number is linked to the property not the owner.
Look for ―Pilot Butte, Town of - Utilities‖ or some similar variation when looking for the Town as a payee. Allow a minimum of 2-3 days for the
bank to transfer payment to the Town. Payment is current to 11:59:59 pm of the due date.
Send a cheque or money order payable to ―Town of Pilot Butte‖. Do not send cash.
£ Write your roll number or your property address on the cheque and enclose a copy of your utility bill.
£ Please ensure your cheque is signed and completed accurately, as the Town of Pilot Butte is not responsible
for errors and/or omissions.
£ The effective date of payments mailed to the Town of Pilot Butte will be the date of the postmark of Canada
Post, which must be on or before the due date to avoid late payment penalties.
£ If the postmark of Canada Post is absent or illegible, the effective date of payment will be the actual date
of receipt by the Town of Pilot Butte. Please allow ample time for your payment to be postmarked by Canada
Post on or before the due date.
£ The imprint of a postage meter is not accepted as proof of the date of mailing.
Mail payment to:
Town of Pilot Butte, Box 253, PILOT BUTTE, SK. S0G 3Z0
The Town of Pilot Butte will accept post-dated cheques for the utility bill payment. To avoid penalty, the cheque
must be dated no later than the second to last business day of the month the utility bill is due. Post-dated cheques are accepted by mail, in the
24 hour mail slot and in person.
CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: This service is not available for utility payments to the Town of Pilot Butte.
2% per quarter (March, June, September, December). Any outstanding sewer amounts are added to the
taxes at December 31st and subject to the year end tax penalty.
The Town of Pilot Butte accepts TAX payments by various methods:
Page 5
The Town Office is open from 9 am to noon and 1 to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Statutory Holidays. The Town Office is located in the Pilot Butte Recreation Complex at 222 Diamond Place (2 nd Ave & 3rd St).
Interac debit card payment is available.
AFTER HOURS: There is a 24 hour mail slot located to the left of the main Lobby Doors on the east side of the Pilot
Butte Recreation Complex for after hours drop off. Receipt by due date is required excluding Statutory Holidays.
It is important to ensure the tax roll number you have set up on
your bank bill payment menu is the same tax roll number that appears on your tax notice. The tax roll number is linked
to the property not the owner, so if you have moved your new roll number must be referenced on your bill payment
menu. Look for “Pilot Butte, Town of - Taxes” or some similar variation when setting up the Town as a payee with your
bank. Allow a minimum of 2-3 days for the bank to transfer payment to the Town. Payment is current to 11:59:59 pm
of the due date.
If you pay PIT (principle, interest and taxes) to a bank or mortgage company, they receive a copy of the tax notice (1) and you receive the original tax notice for your records. The
name of the bank or company on record appears on the tax notice. If the Town has not been advised, in writing, that
your bank or mortgage company is to be responsible for payment of the taxes, then the tax notice will ONLY be sent to
YOU the owner. You can call the Town Office anytime at 781-4547 or email [email protected] to ensure your
bank is on record as being responsible to pay your taxes.
If you believe you are paying PIT but the bank or mortgage company name does not appear on the notice, contact your
bank or mortgage company immediately. If a bank or mortgage company is named on your tax notice and this
firm is no longer responsible for your tax payment, you are responsible for paying the taxes on or before the
due date to avoid penalty.
Send a cheque or money order payable to “Town of Pilot Butte”. Do not send cash.
 Write your tax roll number or your property address on the cheque and enclose a copy of your tax notice.
 Please ensure your cheque is signed and completed accurately, as the Town of Pilot Butte is not responsible
for errors and/or omissions.
 The effective date of payments mailed to the Town of Pilot Butte will be the date of the postmark of Canada
Post, which must be on or before the due date to avoid late payment penalties. Please allow ample time
for your payment to be postmarked by Canada Post on or before the due date.
 If the postmark of Canada Post is absent or illegible, the effective date of payment will be the actual date
of receipt by the Town of Pilot Butte.
 The imprint of a postage meter is not accepted as proof of the date of mailing.
Mail payment to: Town of Pilot Butte, Box 253, PILOT BUTTE, SK. S0G 3Z0
The Town of Pilot Butte will accept post-dated cheques for the payment of current
year’s Property Tax, but to avoid penalty the cheque must be dated June 30, or earlier. Post-dated cheques are accepted
by mail, in the 24 hour mail slot and in person.
This service is not available for tax payments.
Where taxes and penalty remain unpaid after the 30th day of June in the year in which they are
imposed, a penalty of 1.5% per month (1st of the month – July to December) shall be added thereto. A 25% penalty will
be added to all amounts unpaid as of January 1st in each year.
EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, if you suspect you have a sewer blockage, the line MUST be checked
by the Town Maintenance Staff with the sewer camera FIRST. Payment may be refused (at
discretion of the Public Works Superintendent) if this condition is not met. A maintenance man is on
call after hours and is available by calling the Town Office at 781-4547 and listening to the
message. Thank you.
From NOVEMBER 1 to APRIL 30, No person shall park a vehicle on any highway at one place for any period of time exceeding seventytwo (72) consecutive hours.
The Town of Pilot Butte Rodeo Grounds will be closed for disposal of trees for
the winter. Stay tuned to the News and viewS and for details
of re-opening in the Spring!
Page 6
That the Lions Club donated funds to the Town for the
reusable bags? Many thanks to the Pilot Butte &
District Lions Club for their generous donation.
Town of Pilot Butte
Gift Shop
Call the Town Office at 781-4547
That the Town website is under construction to make
it more user friendly and updated? Check it out @
Men’s t-shirts:
White, Grey, Black, or Brown $8.00
Women’s t-shirts:
White, Turquoise, Black, or Pink $10.00
Pins $3.00
License Plates $15.00
History Books $40.00
Notecards $10.00
Reusable Shopping Bags $5.00
That the School Division Poll was abandoned in Pilot
Butte? Ed Geall got in by acclamation.
What an Urban Reserve is? URBAN RESERVE
in the Town of Pilot Butte is a zoning area. The
purpose of an Urban Reserve zone is to hold
unsubdivided and/or undeveloped land within the municipality
for future development. It is not Federal owned land that is
eligible for ―First Nations Reserve Status‖. In the City of Regina, this similar zoning term is called ―Urban Holding‖ zone.
Residents, give yourself a PAT ON THE BACK !!!
Household Hazardous Waste Day in Pilot Butte was a
huge success. Over 125 vehicles dropped off items that included paint, computers, prescription drugs, light bulbs, pesticides and even fire extinguishers and that number doesn’t
include the people who came back two or even three times.
The three technicians from Envirotec who were collecting the
material were overwhelmed with the response. An extra Envirotec employee and truck were sent for. Many thanks to the
volunteers from Town Council and from Town Staff who
worked so hard that day: Ed Zsombor, Sid Bowles, Don Leir,
Don Kistner, Gerhardt Ernst, Maureen Robinson, and Andre
Cote. Thanks also to
volunteer Scott Robinson for his hard work that day and to
Country Lane Care Home for providing muffins, coffee and
lunch for the volunteers.
This day, the cost of which would be anywhere from $8,000 to
$10,000, was paid for by the GoGreen Saskatchewan program. The following are just some of the materials collected:
47 propane tanks
750 paint cans
100 Kilograms of household batteries
500 Kilograms of car batteries
600 Kilograms of computers and parts
30 Kilograms of prescription drugs
95 Fluorescent light tubes
50 Kilograms of aerosol containers
150 Litres of antifreeze
100 Kilograms of pesticides
Thanks to everyone who took part for making this day such a
success and for
keeping all this material out of the landfill.
Wanda Lang and Lionel Robin were the winners of the compost bins.
others from influenza. See the
recommended protocols below. People with
questions or concerns are encouraged to call HealthLine at
1-877-800-0002 to speak to a registered nurse.
Page 7
November 14, 2009
Cocktails at 5:30pm
Supper at 6:30pm
At the Pilot Butte Rec Hall
Grand Prize– Dinner for
2 at Golfs Restaurant
including a bottle of wine
and limousine
transportation to and
from your place of
All proceeds will
go to help fund
activities in the
Community of
Pilot Butte
For Tickets Call
supper, and a chance
at the grand prize.
Page 8
RECREATION Communication
Public Skating
Monday, Friday 3:30- 4:45 pm
12:45 -1:45 pm
Stick and Puck
Tuesdays, Thursdays
Parent and Tot
Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Friday
10 am- noon
Early Stick and puck will be opened at 1 pm when school is
not in session.
THANK YOU to the Pilot Butte Rodeo Committee & the
Pilot Butte Oldtimers for their financial contributions
towards the purchase of an AED defibrilator for the Pilot
Butte Recreation Centre.
Helpful Healthy Hints for the Month of October
Obstacles to succeeding with exercise- and how to overcome them.
I really don’t have time. Put it into perspectivephysical activity takes just 60 minutes of your
waking hours each day. An option is to half hour
segments a day. Exercise can boost energy so
you can do more with your time in general
I feel embarrassed in public. Rather then a club
environment, consider private options, such as
in-home videos and exercise machines. Ultimately, improved fitness may boost your self
I find it boring. Do something fun like dancing, biking or tennis. Join a walking group or exercise
with a buddy- partner, friend or dog.
I find it uncomfortable. Choose activities to fit your
interests and comfort level. Safe effective starter
may include walking, swimming or a stretching
I don’t know how to start. Do something you do
everyday- walk. Start with a 10- 15 minute walk
every day and lengthen your walks as you gain
strength. Or consider investing in a few sessions
with a personal trainer
Finally on those days when you’re just feeling lazy- and
we all have them- try recalling the benefits of physical
I have no energy. Being out of Shape contributes to
fatigue. Yet the more you exercise the more energy activity to get you motivated.
you gain. On days when you’re very tired, exercise
for 10 minutes then if you’re still beat, you can quit Health Hints provided by BODY BULLETIN CANADA
Happy Halloween everyone! It’s
definitely been a “freaky” October
this year---most especially with the
weather. Unfortunately our much
anticipated trip to the Pumpkin Hollow had to be cancelled due to the
rain and snow but we plan to give it
another shot next year!
If you ask the preschoolers who to
call if a germ is out and making you
sick their overwhelming response
might be “Germ Busters!”. They
might also tell you that those germs
don’t stand a chance if you remember to wash your hands. We had fun
washing the germs “down the drain”
during week two at preschool and
learning the importance of “catching”
our sneezes and coughs in our elbows
instead of our hands.
Week three found us exploring a
much loved theme at preschool-Apples. We tasted different types
of apples, apple juice, dried apples,
apple pie filling, counted apple seeds
and the most fun of all was making
applesauce—a preschool tradition!
We are looking forward to our upcoming Halloween Costume party at
preschool! I’m not certain where the
preschoolers disappear each year
but we definitely have many surprising guests! See you next month!
Mrs. Marshall
Parent Tip: Working with your child in
the kitchen can open the door to discussions about what is safe and what isn’t.
While some parts of cooking are for only
grownups, other parts can be done by
children. Cooking helps develop vocabulary, math concepts of volume, numbers
and measurement and children can see
firsthand that heat can make some things
soft—a basic principle of science. Happy
4 medium apples, ½ cup
water, ¼ cup sugar, pan,
spoon, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, potato masher.
Peel core and slice apples. Put the apples in the pan with
water, sugar and cinnamon. Simmer
15 minutes and mash with potato
masher. Cool and enjoy plain or on ice
The Green Way
Way to go Pilot Butte
(and area)! Our Household Hazardous
Waste Day was an overwhelming success, with huge quantities of waste
diverted from the landfill. To see a list
of the items dropped off, see the Town
website at .
I found time in October to visit the
Crown Shred and Recycle plant in
Regina, and was extremely impressed
by the amount of product which they
process. The recycled paper is sorted
on a very fast-moving conveyor belt
by a team of workers, then split into
newsprint, cardboard, and a mix
thereof. Plastics are processed by culling the garbage which some people
toss with it, and plans are in the works
to produce plastic fence posts. Metals
are sent to another plant for recycling.
In the near future, they will be able to
Page 9
by Sid Bowles
receive and process Styrofoam waste.
The Styrofoam will have to be
dropped off at their plant, and a small
fee paid to make it viable to bulk and
ship to Asia for re-use. Crown Shred
and Recycle help the workforce by
employing several dozen dedicated
staff in their Regina and Prince Albert
As you have likely noticed, our Post
Office no longer has a recycle bin in
the lobby. The staff were voluntarily
removing the recycling and driving it
to the recycle bins, at personal expense. Unfortunately, the postal staff
were finding it very difficult to handle
the volumes and heavy weight of paper from the bin, and no other solution
could be found. It is therefore now up
to us as responsible citizens to take all
our mailbox contents home, and recycle it with our personal recycling. I am
sure postal and
will thank you
for not leaving
mailbox contents
on the floor of
the lobby.
I leave you with
this Gardening
Be the first person to
guess what this is and
When weeding, you will win a Pilot Butte
the best way to T Shirt. Call 781-4547
make sure you
are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes
out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.
Sid Bowles, for your Sustainable Planning
Buffalo Plains TAE KWON-DO
Have you ever watched
Jackie Chan in action??? Want to learn
some of those moves? Please come
out and see what Tae Kwon-Do is all
Tae Kwon-Do is a recreational family
orientated program that increases your
fitness, coordination, flexibility and self
-discipline but also teaches a very important skill - self-defense. Our Head
Instructor Mr. Shannon Phillips is a 4th
Degree Black Belt, a seven time Canadian champion and has numerous
medals from Pan Americans, Can-Am’s
and World competitions. He makes
the class fun and enjoyable while the
participants are learning kicks and patterns, learning how to spar, and are
getting into better shape.
Where: Balgonie Elementary School
All ages are welcome to join.
Regular classes have started, but you are
still welcome to register and join us. Registration fees will be prorated. Classes are
immediately available after you have registered so please come dressed appropriately (eg. sweats and a t-shirt, or a dobok
for colour belts).
Contact Information:
John Barabe 781-0132
Mr. Phillips 565-8144
Pilot Butte Community Association, Inc.
Pilot Butte Rec Hall
Tickets $15 each or 2 for $25
Doors open at 8:00 pm
Live Band – THE BREAKDOWN – ID required
Door Prizes
Page 10
Pilot Butte Community Association, Inc.
Saskatchewan Lotteries
Gold’s Gym
Synapsis Clothing Ltd.
Fries Tallman Lumber
CISE Travel Info Radio
Benjamin Moore Paints – East
Chuck E. Cheese’s
Little Niko’s Family Restaurant – Balgonie
Inland Aggregates
Air Liquide
Stormy’s Mechanical & A/C
Partylite by Michelle
Gymnastics Adventure
Toys R Us
Herbal Magic
SCI Sustainable Concepts Inc.
Office Depot
Balance Massage Therapy
Your Dollar Store With More
Smokin’ Okies
The Cookie Lady
Dave Markus Century 21 Real Estate
Giant Tiger – East
Country Lane Care Home
Brodt’s Meats
Word to the Wall
Dashing Dishes
Aschera Rose Dance
Pilot Butte Senior’s Club
Northgate Bakeries
Nicole’s Preschool
Morrow’s Welding
Dairy Queen
Burger Baron
Peavy Mart
Capital Ford Lincoln
Alpha Uniforms and Shoes Ltd.
Pumpkin Hollow
Block’s Saw and Cycle Ltd.
Old Dutch
SaskTel Pioneers
Supreme Office Products
Sugar Plum Parties
Wooden Treasures – Peter Wollf
The Dosu Wok
Pilot Butte Confectionary
Pilot Butte Tempo
A-1 Rent-Alls
Kaela Gilchrist Photography
Coloring contest Winners in 3
separate age categories:
1st prize winners: Elizabeth, Annika
and Kaitlyn
2nd prize winners: Willam,
Amanda, Bryn
3rd prize winners: Allie, Tate,
Guess How Many: Alex (The number of candy corns was 507!)
Funhouse Door Prizes Winners
1. Isabelle
2. Aiden
3. Karlee
4. Dawson
5. Maddison
6. Megan
Pilot Butte STORM
The Junior B Storm has had a great
start to the 2009/2010 Season with a
record of 8-0! The Storm would invite
fans to come out and support this
great brand of exciting hockey. We
encourage you to bring your children , grandchildren, friends for a
great afternoon or evening of Junior
hockey. Two of the League’s best
players played their minor hockey in
the Prairie Storm Minor Hockey Association. Garrett Ferguson and Branden Sentes and are local players who
are truly gifted and exciting!
Storm upcoming home games!
Wednesday November 4th at
8:00PM Ochapowace Thunder
Wednesday November 11th at
7:30PM Assiniboia Southern Rebels
Wednesday November 18th at
8:00PM Regina Capitals
Saturday November 21st 7:45PM
Prince Albert Ice Hawks
The Storm could really use your
support. Season tickets and corporate sponsorship packages are
available by calling Joanne at 7814569.
Pilot Butte SOCCER
If you missed the registrations previously, please note this is your last chance to register
your child. We really would like the children participating and getting into shape. You can
help your child do that by registering them in SOCCER. It is fun, fast action with the opportunity to make friends. Ages 5—12 welcome. Deadline is October 31, 2009.
Call Glenn to register or for more information - 596-5147.
Page 11
What The Pilot Butte and District Lions are up to.........
The Pilot Butte Lions would like to
thank all people involved with the success of the 2nd annual Gettn Yer Kicks
Show and Shine this past September
In all 47 vehicles were registered with the lions for the show.
Truth be known there were closer to
57 vehicles on show that day. I hope
that all the residents of town that took
the time to stop by, enjoyed the free
show and appreciated the hard work
and determination of the vehicle owners/builders. Man what a display of raw
power and artistry. I was proud to be
a part of giving these people the stage
to show off their exceptional craft.
Many of these cars were built right
here in Pilot Butte. Who knew? The
Pilot Butte Lions would like to thank
coordinator, Larry Hornung for putting
together the band for the evening as
well as volunteering his services during
the day for registration, thanks Larry.
Also thanks specifically to members
of our community who provided their
vehicles for show, Thanks Helmut
Schick, Andy Folk, Ryan Heckerman,
Andrew McGill, Doug Adams, James
Seccuur , Kent Zummack, and Blair
and his son Scott Baller. Special
thanks to Kent for allowing us to use
his car on our poster WOW what a
poster. The car from the furthest
away belonged to George Chow from
Moose Jaw. All in all a good time had
by all, and we have already started
planning next year’s ―Gettn’ Yer Kicks
on Route 46‖ Show n Shine to be
held on September 11th 2010.
Thanks again
Project Coordinator
Jim Boychuk
The Pilot Butte and District Lions would like
to invite you to help us provide for the needs
of the community by participating in our annual Grey Cup Pool fundraiser. Tickets are
only a loonie and the prizes are substantial.
Tickets are now available from any Lions
member or from the Local Pilot Butte Library.
The Library will be receiving some of the
profits from this year’s GCP fundraiser.
Project Coordinator
Jim Boychuk
PILATES Registration
Pilates is again being
offered by the Pilot Butte Recreation Department.
Call Chad at 781-4547
to register or email pilot-
Session to
November 4 to
December 9, every
Wednesday at 7 pm.
[email protected]
Space may be limited so re-
run from
serve your spot
Cost: $22.50 for 6 weeks
LITE UP Pilot Butte!
Once again, it will soon be time to LITE UP PILOT
BUTTE and make our town the most merriest and
brightest in all of Saskatchewan!
Do you have lights and decorations and the Christmas Spirit? If you do, we look forward to seeing
your home lit up for Christmas!!
Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
More details to follow in the December issue of
the News and viewS.
Dates will be noted for judging times and there
are plans to organize sleigh rides around Town
to view the holiday beauty.
and make our town
Page 12
U n C l A s S i F i E d
C l A s S i F i E d S
Items For Sale ~ Lost & Found ~ Help Wanted
What do we do? If you are like most of us, finding time
to prepare a healthy, exciting and delicious meal for your
family isn’t always easy. We help simplify your life, while
you enjoy socializing with others and being productive at
the same time.
How? By helping you assemble 8 or 12 delicious and
healthy entrées (each entrée feeds 4-6 people) in 2 hours
or less! We do the planning, shopping, chopping, dicing,
and cleaning up for you. There is no cooking involved at
the session. You move from station to station until you
have assembled 8 or 12 different entrées ready to go home
and freeze.
Where? Sessions are held at Community Halls and
Locations throughout Regina and area. Private parties can
also be arranged per request.
Other Options: Individuals and smaller families have the
option to split each item into two smaller servings. And if
you can’t make it to a session, let us know and for $25, we
will assemble it for you.
And? Our menu changes every month so come back and
see us!
Telephone: (306) 502-1169
E-mail: [email protected]
Register at:
or Offered ~ Business’ in Pilot
November 2009 Menu
BBQ Chicken Drumsticks
Black Bean & Corn Stew
Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken Quesadillas
Chicken with Lemon Oil
Fish Italiano
Home Style Beef Chili
Marinated Flank Steak
Mouth Watering Pork Spareribs
Plum Glazed Pork Chops
Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry
Tex Mex Pasta Bake
Thai Shrimp with Noodles
Tomato Roasted Pork
Next Pilot Butte Session
Monday November 16th, 2009
Gift certificates available for purchase
online at:
Page 13
Schedule of
 November 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29—Mass—
9:00 am St. Agnes Catholic Church
 November 3rd—Soup & Sandwich
Day—Golden Sunset Club
 November 12th—First Council Meeting
of Newly Elected Council
 November 14th—Ladies Night—
Supper—Entertainment—$25—Call 7813402
 Nov 4—Dec. 9—Pilates—7 pm Wed.
 November 11th—Remembrance Day
 November 22nd—Coffee and Doughnuts
after Mass at St. Agnes Catholic Church
 November 27th—Pilot Butte Insurance—
25th Anniversary Celebration—1– 4 pm
 November 28th—Craft Sale—Pilot Butte
Recreation Complex—Hall—10 am —4
 Library Hours—See Page 2
FOR SALE: Blue oversized couch
and chair. In good condition. Asking
$250 for chair and $300 for couch. To
see pictures or any inquires please
email Sara at
[email protected]
Some time during May approximately around MOTHERS DAY
Some ignorant persons decided they should STEAL my moms ceramic
angels from her flowerbeds.
These angels were given to her each year after my brother passed away
and some persons have also decided to continue to kick over my mom
flower pots and vandalize her yard. This is unnecessary.
SO MOMS OUT THERE if you received a ceramic angel for mothers day I
would APPRECIATE if you would RETURN them back to my mom JUDY
500 Meadow Road— 781-4161
Kindly appreciated
Karen Pare
Adult Curling Clinic will be
offered Nov. 14th, 10:00am to
Cost - $10 per person; must be
16+ years of age
To register or for more information contact Tim Baber at
FREE: 2 Image/YourLink
receivers with remotes. If you can
use these or know of anyone who
can, please call 781-4225
Page 14
Pilot Butte Recreation Centre Concession
Our new hours for fall will begin October 1st with the installation of the Ice!
Mon – Fri 4:30pm-10pm*
Sat & Sun 8am-10pm*
*Subject to change depending on rink & hall scheduling
We serve beverages, snacks, meals, candy, and daily specials!
Hope to see you soon!
Is Celebrating
In Business
Please join us on
from 1—4 PM
306 Hillside Drive
Pilot Butte, Sk.
(306) 781-4685 / Cell 530-7768
Now serving Pilot Butte and
Please call Roger to set
up a time
Call 781-4685
Page 15
(306) 502-1169
Pilot Butte School

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