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Document 6503729
 European Rover Challenge 2014 – How to
an extract from the Competition Rules
2. Teams 2.1.
The 2014 edition of the Challenge is planned for a maximum of 12 Student Teams.
The Organizer and the Challenge Jury will choose which of the registered Teams are
allowed to field their rover at the Challenge. The choice will be made based on
Reports that the Teams are required to send to the Organizer some time before the
Challenge proper. The Reports required are described in detail in section 5. The
deadline for their submission is July 30th 2014.The Organizer will announce which
Teams have qualified for the Challenge proper by August 7th 2014.
Team initiation in the Challenge includes two stages: Letter of Intent and Team
Letter of Intent is an e-mail sent by the team initiator to the following e-mail address:
[email protected], with a subject “LOI + proposed Team name”. The Team initiator
is not obliged to be a part of the final Team nor to fulfill the eligibility criteria. The email must be sent between January 15th 2014 and April 30th 2014 and must include:
team initiator’s name and contact, proposed Team name, country and city, and 3
sentences explaining the reasons for proposing the Team to the Challenge. Teams
can send the LOI e-mail on the same date as the Team Registration e-mail or
completely skip the LOI e-mail. Sending LOI e-mail as soon as possible entitles the
team to get organization support from the Organizer and allows better preparation of
the Challenge.
Team Registration will be open from January 15th 2014 till April 30th 2014.
Registration details must be sent to the Organizer in English, to the following e-mail
address: [email protected]. The Team Registration e-mail must include:
Name of the higher education institution with which the Team is affiliated (if
the Team is affiliated with more than one institution, please list all the names,
in descending order of involvement)
Team name
Rover name (may be the same as Team name)
Approximate number of Team Members who plan on coming to the
Challenge (i.e. appearing on site)
Team Coordinator name and surname, telephone number and e-mail address
Team website address
2 •
The following declaration, in English:
“By sending this message and registering the Team to the European Rover
Challenge we fully accept all terms and provisions of the European Rover
Challenge Rules and all final decisions of the European Rover Challenge
Student Teams must consist of higher education students and recent graduates only.
Specifically: undergraduate and graduate Masters-degree level students (with no
limitations), doctoral students (optionally, but no more than half the Team), and
graduates who have received their Bachelor or Masters level diplomas in the
calendar year in which the Challenge is held. Teams may ask their institution’s faculty
for help, but must prepare and sign all the required rover documentation themselves.
A Team may consist of students of more than one higher education institution. An
institution may also affiliate more than one Team. Team membership is exclusive –
each person can be a Member of only one Team.
Each Team Member is required to pay a registration fee of 10 Euro. The Fee must be
transferred to the bank account specified on the Challenge Website by 31.05.2014 or
paid in cash during Team Registration, at the Challenge location. Members who do
not pay the required fee will not be allowed to participate directly in the Challenge.
There is, however, no limitation on the number of persons who may support a team
from their institution’s campus or otherwise connect with them remotely. No
registration fee is required from such persons.
Each Team Member will be issued an ID with the following details:
Name and surname
Team name
Academic affiliation (name of their higher education institution).
Each rover may cost at most 15 000 Euro. If expenses are paid in another currency,
the exchange rate from September 1st 2014 will apply. The cost limit applies to
payments for rover parts, equipment and any paid work done on the project (e.g. paid
services, paid work hours). It does not include tools, volunteer work and team travel
expenses. Teams may have sponsors or donors who provide them with money, tools,
parts or equipment. Such donations and sponsorships must be properly documented
and included in the rover cost balance. If a Team receives tools, parts, equipment or
any other asset that is not cash, standard market value must be used when
calculating its worth.
For more information about technological and registration documentation, please check the
Competition Rules. Staytuned for moreupdates on