December 1, 2015 TJ Library Newsletter


December 1, 2015 TJ Library Newsletter
 Some st ude nt s h av e a sk ed th e
qu est ion “C an y ou che ck o ut
li br ar y b ook s for Wi nt er Bre a k? ”
Th e an sw er is .… YES! ! As long as
you have no outstanding fines, you can
check out up to 5 books for
use over vacation. This is a
great time to fill up those
reading logs, and make up
for the ones you did not
get done. Perhaps your
teachers will offer some extra credit for
reading books over the break, and/or
passing the AR quiz when we return in
January. There will only be 98 actual
school days left when we come back on
1/12/16. Take every opportunity to get
your grades and GPA’s up. This is especially important for our 8th grade students. You don’t want to miss out on
the Promotion Ceremony in June.
December 1, 2015
December 21, 2015January 11, 2016
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Monday, January 18, 2016
TJ’s Top 10 Books
It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa’s in a
panic because he’s behind schedule. Now Rudolph the reindeer is
being a pain. He only has to work
one day a year, and what does he
do? He calls in sick! And it seems
that no other reindeer are capable
of filling Rudolph’s shoes, but that’s
okay, because Santa has someone else in mind: a dog named
Rover. Rover isn’t just any dog. He walks, he talks, and he
has a brain the size of Africa. The two children who live next
door to Rover, Robbie and Jimmy Mack, are super excited
when they learn about Rover’s mission, because they have
been invited to go along for the ride and spend Christmas Eve
traveling around the world in Santa’s sleigh. However, the trip
is nothing like they expected. It is plagued with obstacles
from the start, including a large group of machine gun toting
boorakooka birds, the persistent progress of the ticking clock,
and several moments of Santa self-doubt that threaten to
bring the sleigh tumbling out of the sky. But with a bit of
ingenuity that has the crew bungee-jumping down chimneys
and using a star constellation shaped like a monkey’s bum to
guide them, Santa prevails.......or does he? Come along, as
Rover takes Santa and the kids on the ride of their life.
Mi che l le V. and Arist ian W.
Kid Serie s--Kinney
T he Lost Boy --Pelzer
Escape f rom Horro r-
They have read
lan d--Stine
H.I.V.E ....Highe r I n
stitute of V il lain ous
Ed ucation --Walden
by Roddy Doyle
Diary of a Wimpy
Great Job!
Rise o f th e Wo lfJobling
T hro at --Nelson
Appl e and Rain -Crossan
T he B ook Thief-Zusak
De ad o f W in te r-Priestly
10. FREE Th adde us!-Gosselink
Would you like to see
The Pillar of Character for the month of December is….. Be Kind – Express Gratitude – Be compassionate and show you care – Help people in need – Forgive others. Show your character this holiday season! Well here’s your chance. The student with
the most AR points earned in the month of
December will win a movie pass to see
the new movie (or any movie you wish).
Only quizzes taken from 12/1-12/18 will
be counted. The winner will be announced
at 3:00 pm on Friday, December 18th.
Good Luck to everybody! And may
the force be with you.