Santa Barbaraw Gigi Ha`did | returns hoiYie. |


Santa Barbaraw Gigi Ha`did | returns hoiYie. |
Santa Barbaraw
Gigi Ha'did
returns hoiYie. |
T h e Santa Barbara Channel is h o m e to numerous sea creatures—whales, dolphins, seals, sea otters,
sea birds, and sea lions t o name a few. It's also rife w i t h k r i l l , w h i c h makes is a popular spot t o
w a t c h gray, blue, and h u m p b a c k whales migrate and feed f r o m February t h r o u g h mid-September.
The Condor,
damaged Condor Express,,
trips o n the 50-foot The Double Dolphin
is c u r r e n t l y operating on behalf o f t h e fire-
the S a n t a B a r b a r a S a i l i n g C e n t e r , 805-962-2826,,,
catamaran, and the quiet, w i n d - d r i v e n Sunset
offers exciting w h a l e - w a t c h i n g tours f o r kids and adults, -G.Z.T.
Whether it's SURFING, STAND-UP
or WHALE WATCHING, our shores
offer a plethora of WATER SPORTS for
OCEAN LOVERS of all ages.
Do It Yourself
Minding the traditional
"reduce, reuse, and recycle"
eco-catchphrase, Bici Centro
was f o u n d e d in 2 0 0 7 by Ed
France as a gathering spot for
bicycle repair and education.
At its new d o w n t o w n Santa
Barbara location, France—also
executive director of the Santa
Barbara Bicycle Coalition (a
c o u n t y w i d e s u p p o r t and supply organization that urges
bicycling as an o p t i o n for safe
- ,,
transportation and recreational use)—provides a space
for locals to get in t o u c h w i t h
their creative side and learn
to fix their o w n bikes. Stocked
w i t h d o n a t e d bikes and parts,
Bici Centro furnishes all the
necessary tools and assistance
to get your bike fixed the
" g r e e n " way. - J U L I A N N E K U S K E Y
B I C I C E N T R O 5 0 6 E. Haley St.,
Santa Barbara, 805-617-3255,