Document 6505090


Document 6505090
How to make a Journal Response Three Quarter Book Foldable£*
1. Fold a piece of 8 ½” x 11” paper in half horizontally
(like a hamburger).
2. Fold it in half again horizontally (like a hamburger).
3. Unfold the paper (just once so that it is still folded in half) and cut up (along the edge of the
paper at the center where you can see the crease) to the mountain top.
4. Open flat, lift the left-hand tab.
Cut the tab off at the top fold line.
*Foldables are 3D Graphic Organizers created by Dinah Zike.
The Foldable£ in this activity is used with permission from Dinah-Might Adventures, LP
5. Write the journal question(s) on
the front of the right tab.
6. Record your
7. On the left, sketch or glue graphics,
write what you wonder about,
new vocabulary, or something
extra you want to share.
8. Glue your Three Quarter Books “side-by-side” as you
complete them. When you have finished reading and
responding to the literature piece, make a cover and spine
and bind all of the Three Quarter Books together.
A GetReal! Project