Work, Energy & Simple Machines


Work, Energy & Simple Machines
Formula Triangle Foldable
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Step 1: Cut out circle.
Step 2: Find center and lightly mark for reference.
Step 3: Pick any edge on circle and fold towards center of circle – make
a crease.
Step 4: Pick opposite edge of paper and fold towards center overlapping
edges and forming a cone shape – crease edge.
Step 5: Fold the final edge down towards center forming an equilateral
triangle. Glue into Scientific Interactive Notebook and fill in definitions.
©Erica L Colón 2013
Practice Problems: Work
Directions: Cut and paste the following work calculations into your Science
Interactive Notebook.
Use your Formula Triangle Foldable to complete the
following word problems.
1. A mule pulls of cart of milk 10 meters with a force of 50 newtons.
Calculate the work
done by the mule.
2. A box is pushed 40 meters by a mover.
The amount of work done was 2,240 joules.
How much force was exerted on the box?
How much work is done on a pumpkin with a force of 16 newtons when you lift it 1.5
4. What distance did the boulder with a force of 24 newtons travel if 240 joules of work
was done on it?
Mark pushed his stalled car with a force of 9000 newtons but was unable to move it.
How much work did Mark do?
©Erica L Colón 2013
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