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Document 6434212
Origami envelope
Here are instructions to make an origami envelope; simple to fold yet complex
enough to self-seal. It is possible to write on one side of the page before folding up,
addressing and adding a stamp to the outside.
*Do check with your mail carrier before trusting to the vagaries of the postal service! A rectangle of paper with roughly the same proportions as an A4 paper or
American Standard Letter. For the step-by-step photographs I used a page from an
old book but you can use any paper you like. Just think about what you would love to
see on an envelope!
A ruler
Scissors (only if you are cutting your paper out of a book or larger sheet)
A bone folder
A pen or pencil to write your letter with
Some love to fold up 1. Fold in half lengthways (also known as the ‘hot dog’, as opposed to the
‘hamburger’ when you fold it the other way!)
2. Open out 3. Fold the bottom right hand corner up to align with the centre crease
4. Bring the top right hand corner down to align with the centre crease 5. Repeat at the left hand end of the sheet, so that all four corners have been folded
in to the centre line 6. Fold the bottom edge up to the centre crease
7. Fold the top edge down to the centre crease
8. Fold the left and right hand triangles in. They should each nestle snugly into the
exact right space. Now to turn this folded strip into an envelope….
9. Flip the paper over to the plainest side
10. Fold the left-hand end in, just under a third
Here’s a view from the side, mostly because I love the shadow and light of it… 11. Bring the right-hand end in to meet the other crease
12. The right-hand end neatly slides under the two corner triangles to neatly
complete the envelope
…I said ‘neatly’ not ‘easily’….take your time to coax the square end in between the
sides, as far in as possible It can be opened by gently tugging on the triangular flap which points down the
When you are ready to send it you could whitewash one side of the printed paper in
order to write on it, then add a sticker to the outside to make room for the address of
your lucky recipient.
And don’t you think that the triangle which you tug to open is just crying out for a
heart shape to be added? Show us what you made!
We’d love to see your envelope. What kind of lovely paper will you use? What
secrets will you tuck inside? Please take a photo and share it with us:
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