Raincape Folding Guide


Raincape Folding Guide
How to wrestle a raincape into
An idiot’s OSP&D’s guide
Courtesy of the Mid Section!
Please Note – the manufacturers recommend that storage
in the pouch is only used for short term, long term storage
should be on a hanger.
Step 1 - Lay jacket out “face down” and fold in flaps
Step 2 – Ensure all flaps are flat
Step 3 – Fold jacket in half –inside out!
Step 4 – Try to ensure coat is flat
Step 5 – Fold in bottom section to create a rectangular
Step 6 – Fold in top section to create a rectangular
Step 7 – Fold the folded sections onto each half (leaving
a hands width gap of between the two halves)
Step 8 – Fold the two halves onto each other (note
width is now close to bag’s width)
Step 9 – Fold and fold again to the middle (note size is
now same as bag)
Step 10
Insert the folded coat
into the bag – of course!
Step 11 – Relax & Recover