DyDeeBaby Diaper Folding Guide
Gusset explanation - Gussets are designed into the angel diaper fold
to prevent blow outs. This becomes important once your baby starts
eating food. Food makes babies bowel movements change (and it isn't
pretty!). Here are some specifics about gussets that may help you.
A. The gusset design starts by having the baby's bottom in the correct position for the 1/3
folds to start. The folds should start at the crotch, not before.
This portion of the diaper was
flat on the table and will now fit
tight on the side of the leg.
Notice the back fold over. This
helps prevent leaks.
• When you are going to feed
them, place the fold at the
back to catch BM.
• When you know your baby is
going to wet heavily, you can
place the fold at the front.
See also the Double Diapering
B. This is a picture of a proper gusset. The diaper is snug around the side of the leg, and
tucked into the bottom portion, with the 1/3 folds going up toward the "wet zone". This
design helps create a pocket to capture anything that attempts to go outward at the leg
This part is where the angel
"wing" part of the fold starts to
create the pocket.