Make an Origami Bullet Train


Make an Origami Bullet Train
Make an Origami Bullet Train
Origami is the Japanese craft of making
objects by folding pieces of paper.
Have fun making an origami Japanese
‘Bullet Train’. All you need is a square
piece of paper or thin card and some
colouring pens.
Step 1
Fold your paper in half to make a crease,
and then flatten out again.
Step 2
Fold in along the
dotted lines so you
can see the white
underside of the
Step 3
Fold your paper in half along
the crease in the middle.
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‘Make an origami Bullet Train’ continued...
Step 4
Fold inwards along the
dotted line to form a pocket.
Step 5
Fold the bottom corners inwards
along the dotted lines.
Step 6
Draw on cab and passenger
windows to complete your
origami Bullet Train.
Step 7
Why not decorate your
origami Bullet Train with
some Japanese letters?
Thank you to The National Railway Museum for sharing this fun activity.
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