Intramuscular Injections How to Give Yourself STEPS:



Intramuscular Injections How to Give Yourself STEPS:
How to Give Yourself
Intramuscular Injections
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• Wash hands with soap and water; Gather your supplies and
place them on a clean, dry surface
• Remove plastic top on vial and wipe with alcohol swab
• Remove needle cover and draw air into the syringe by pulling
the plunger back to the correct volume, _____ mL
• Insert needle straight into vial through the rubber top and
inject air into the vial by pushing down on plunger
deltoid (see diagram to the right) –
do not use the same area for each
injection, but instead be sure and
rotate sites
• Spread the skin at the site between
your thumb and index finger using
your non-dominant hand
• Invert vial and be sure the needle is in the vial below the
fluid level
• With your dominant hand, hold the
syringe like a dart at a 90 degree
angle to the site
• Draw back plunger to the correct mark, _____ mL
• Insert the needle straight into the skin with a quick firm motion
• Remove air bubbles in the syringe by flicking the syringe
with your finger; if the air bubble is at the top of the
syringe, push gently on the plunger so the air goes back to
the vial
• Inject the medicine slowly until the syringe is empty
• Before removing the needle, be sure you have the proper
amount in the syringe
• Intramuscular injections are given into the muscle. To give
yourself an injection you will use your thigh, buttocks, or
• Take the needle out quickly at the angle in which it was injected
and place gauze at the site with pressure to avoid bleeding
• Throw away the needle in a sharps container or any hard-walled
container. You may purchase a sharps container from any drug
store. The King County Public Health website
( has more information
on sharps disposal. If you live outside King County, you may visit for more options.

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