Kimsooja, The Needle Woman Who Weaves the World



Kimsooja, The Needle Woman Who Weaves the World
A Needle Woman, 2005, video still from Patan(Nepal), 6 channel video installation, silent, 10:30 loop
Kimsooja is an internationally
acclaimed conceptual
multimedia artist. Her work
combines performance,
video, photo and site-specific
installation using light and
sound. She investigates
questions concerning the
conditions of humanity, while
engaging issues of aesthetics,
culture, politics, and the
environment. Kimsooja brings
together a conceptual and
a structural investigation
of all art media through an
exploration of materiality/
immateriality, mobility/
immobility by non-making
and non-doing, which inverts
the notion of the artist as the
predominant actor. She takes
us on her journey that evolves
with the continuous unfolding
of her concept of bottari
(Korean word meaning bundle)
and the notions of needle
and mirror. Kimsooja’s work
provokes seminal questions on
our existence, the world, and
the major challenges we are
facing in this global era.
Public lecture
by Korean artist Kimsooja
The Needle Woman
Who Weaves the World
Korean Speaker Series 2015
Worldling Korea
Thurs, Oct. 8, 6:00-7:30pm
Tisch School of the Arts,
721 Broadway, 6th Floor, Room 612
Sponsored by
NYU, Dept of East Asian Studies
Chaired by
Yongwoo Lee
For more information, please contact: [email protected]/(212)998.3829
Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow

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