Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli


Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli
Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli
the epitome of cool
• Artist relocation program is
national model
• innovative financing
through local bank
• Extends to other
community projects
Success Themes Among Cool Communities
Cultural Effort Are Not Overly Contrived
While successful communities are actively pursuing
cultural economic development activities, their efforts are
genuine, often organically-driven by creative individuals
within the community
Winona Lake, Indiana
• Home of conservative
Christian college.. “Dry
community where dancing
was frowned upon.
• Local entrepreneur invest
$20m to create “artist
• Artist came. Town is now hip
and happing place to be.
Three Oaks, Michigan
• Reopened downtown movie theater
to show classic films
• Two guys converted old factory into
a live theater
• Another couple converted bowling
ally into upscale eclectic furniture
• Established a town poet
• 6 art centers
Other examples
Fort Atkinson, WI
Easton, MD
Bellow Falls, VT
Fergus Falls, MN
Arts & Youth
• Connect youth with arts, culture and
• Create positive memories
The 3rd Place Factor
Community Gathering Spot
Intrinsic to Community Engagement
Serves as Social Condenser
1. Strong engagement between citizens, community
organizations and government
2. Successful approach to land use opportunities
3. Willingness to adapt zoning regulations for new
4. Actively pursues cultural economic development
5. Deliberate effort to connect with youth and/or
younger generation within the community
Findings (con’t)
6. Attention to natural amenities
7. Local entrepreneurial investment
8. Willingness to seek help from outside
9. Conviction in the long run that you have to do it
10. Lessons are learned from setbacks, success is