Mary Lou Rountree - Northminster Church


Mary Lou Rountree - Northminster Church
Narthex Artwork Featured Artist:
Mary Lou Rountree
December 2013
In December 2013 was an exhibit by local artist and church member, Mary Lou Rountree. The
paintings on display are from two separate series. One depicts icons and the other is series of high horizon
landscapes. The icons are classical works adapted with portraits of the artist's family. The landscapes are
made-up scenes with an emphasis on color. The artist would like to think that her work is provocative and
open to interpretation. Once finished, it belongs to the viewer. She wants him or her to react within his/her
own imagination and experiences.
Mary Lou Rountree is a charter member of Northminster Church and teaches Talented Art at
Wossman High School and Martin Luther King Jr. High.