Class Handout in PDF


Class Handout in PDF
MM340 | Digital Illustration
Week 4 | Tuesday 9-19-2013
Jon Measures
[email protected]
What we will cover
Students place files in to the drop box
All the 5 characters should be together on one 8.5” x 11” file.
Files should be named FirstnameLastname_project1.pdf
On screen critique
1. Tracing
2. Image Trace
Lab time to refine characters project and print
Do thumbnails and rough sketches for poster project.
Project 2
Find a photographic image of an artist or illustrator and then do a tracing of the artist.
The artist should be someone of some importance that you can talk about when you
present the tracing.
The website for artist and designer Shepard Fairey
Nancy Stahl, Illustrator
Plakatstil on International Posters site.